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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • abchin486abchin486 Posts: 78
    it's fully possible....but they may charge a fee for it and you will be responsible for getting your state's inspection sticker. You have to ask the dealer.
  • poopah17poopah17 Posts: 1
    What are people paying in upstate NY for LX-S....just quoted $17239 by two different dealers plus tax and licensing. Is this a good price or can I get it for less.
  • venzie99venzie99 Posts: 8
    Unfortunately Chicago has a home rule tax of 1.25% that seems pretty much inescapable if your driver's license lists a Chicago address.
  • kareninmakareninma Posts: 4
    We just bought a 2009 Civic Hybrid, basic, no leather or nav for $19,668 (before TTL) from Atamian in Tewksbury, MA. Pretty happy with that deal, weren't many 2009s left, in fact the rest of the dealers completely ignored my online request for a quote on a civic hybrid. It was the last one on the lot, the one we test drove at Peters of Nashua was also the last on their lot (didn't like the interior colors though, navy blue and tan yuk).

    One of the salespersons we passed in the lot while waiting for the car to get gassed up said they were selling them for $3K over MSRP a year ago, and we got nearly $4700 below MSRP, so it felt like a good time to get a hybrid.
  • kyaaakyaaa Posts: 4
    I bought Civic LX-S auto sedan at 18000 OTD.
    16100 + ttl (tax 9.25%)

    Chicago and new plate.
    I'm satisfied with this deal.
  • myami3myami3 Posts: 2
    I received two OTD quotes from Miami, FL dealerships for a Honda Civic LX 4dr A/T.

    Here is the first:
    Msrp $18925.00
    Selling Price $17188.00
    Batt/Tire $6.50
    Tag Processing $27.00
    Doc $55.00
    Tax $1086.59
    Tag Transfer $100.00
    Total $18463.09

    And here is the second:
    799.00 fees
    $ 1110.65 tax
    177.00 transfer
    $18374.65 total otd

    Based on what I saw in this forum, I would have expected the OTD's to be $500-$1000 less than what was quoted.
    Is this a good deal?
  • voltron12voltron12 Posts: 13
    Look at the post directly above yours. Someone is getting an LX-S for 18K OTD. Based on that and your forum research, I would say, no, you are not getting the best deal.
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 2,626
    The deals aren't that great down here in South Florida actually and most have a very high dealer fee which they usually won't budge on. Guess since we're so "car crazy" down here like California, the dealers have some clout. Funny though, the Nissan dealer made it go away on my kids car in January. Better prices can be had out of state if one is willing to drive. I wasn't and am very happy with my LX despite several warranty issues.

    The Sandman :shades:

    2014 Hyundai Tuscon SE/2005 Mazda 3s/2008 Hyundai Accent GLS/2009 Nissan Versa SL hatch

  • myami3myami3 Posts: 2
    I just got two more OTD for quotes for the Civic LX 4dr AT at $17,639 and $17,739.
    That's more in line with what I expected.
  • mstvmstv Posts: 1
    Black Honda EX Coupe Automatic: $17,775 + TTL.

    After watching the forum for some time I filled out the dealer price quote on Edmunds for my area, which went to 5 dealers. Got back several in the low 18s for this model, but only one for this price, which was from Thousand Oaks Honda. Internet manager made it painless, honored the price no problem (several dealerships hinted that he wouldn't). Told him on my way to finance manager wouldn't buy extended warranty or any "extras"- no pressure. Financed for 3 years at 2.9%. Exactly 4 charges were added: $8.00 Ca Tire fee, $55 doc fee, the registration fee, and Ca sales tax. OTD is at home, but considering MSRP is 20,105 and invoice on Edmund's is 18,515, I figured $750 below invoice was a good deal. Car looks absolutely amazing.
  • jukordsjukords Posts: 14
    I got internet quote from Cologe Park Honda in MD today.

    Civic LX-S Auto Sedan

    Extras - all season mats, mudguard, and wheele locks, door guards, and w/ extended warranty ($100 deductible)

    OTD $18,553

    Ill check it out tomorrow.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Please folks, again OTD can vary from $200-$1900 additonal to the purchase price depending on your county and state.

    The lx and lx-s autos seem to be going for between the high 15000s,-high 16000's

    The ex auto around the mid-high 17000s

    Including all dealer fees (sans taxes and tag of course-- ttl)

    Thats about it. To get 4 stars and perhaps a smiley face from teacher you may perhaps be able to knock off $500 or more last few days of the month.

    good luck
  • atlkep1atlkep1 Posts: 4
    Just picked up my 09 Civic LX Sedan and feel pretty good about the price.
    Since I got so much good information from this group, I wanted to post my
    info for others.

    Request for bids went out on Tuesday, 19MAY.
    Replies were: (these are base prices, no freight/delivery charges included)
    $16206 Nelson Honda, Martinsville
    $15983 Woodson Honda, Roanoke
    $16118 Duncan Honda, Christiansburg
    $16368 Covington Honda, Covington
    ?????? Billy Craft Honda, Lynchburg

    All replies were received by 22MAY, except Billy Craft Honda.
    Second request for quote sent to Billy Craft Honda on 22MAY.
    No response to second request, Billy Craft Honda was eliminated from consideration.

    On 25MAY, sent offer to purchase car for $16600 OTD to 4 remaining dealerships.
    Replies were: (base prices, no freight/delivery charges included)
    $15449 Nelson Honda (16983 OTD)
    $15434 Woodson Honda (16900 OTD)
    $16368 Covington Honda (18250 OTD) eliminated from consideration, refused to lower price

    Duncan Honda would only respond to a quote that I had received from another dealer, so I sent them copies of the 2 quotes that I had received.
    Duncan Honda called and agreed to match the $16900 price and include mud guards, pin striping, and floor mats. They also had one of the cars on the lot, which neither of the two remaining dealers did.

    Final price $16900 OTD breaks down as: (numbers rounded)
    Base price 15397
    F/D 670
    VA Tax(.03) 489
    Bus Lic Tax 45
    T/L 58
    Accessories 240

    I dealt with the Internet Sales Manager, and the process was excellent.
    Took a little over an hour to get everything done.

    Thanx to everyone who makes this group such a great resource for purchasing a Civic.

    Keith :shades:
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    I think you might get even better deal if you emaled at least 10 dealerships and narrow them down.
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 2,626
    Great price on the LX...better than South Florida. Wish they'd had the LX-S version back in '06. That's my choice, now...and then if it had been available.

    The Sandman :shades:

    2014 Hyundai Tuscon SE/2005 Mazda 3s/2008 Hyundai Accent GLS/2009 Nissan Versa SL hatch

  • apx43apx43 Posts: 1
    Thanks for your posting sdarling.

    We just picked up an 09 Civic LX Sedan from Wittmeier Honda for the Special Internet price of $15,600. The OTD price was $17,377 (incl 9.25% CA sales tax + DMV fees). They gave this quote by email and stuck to the price and it was just a pleasant buying experience; we also financed half the car at 3.9% thru Honda Finance.

    The other dealers(Roseville, University Honda, Davis) we contacted were not even close and University Honda even implied that we were lying to them. Carmichael Honda would not give us a quote, but claimed they would match any quote; we just told them don't bother !

    BTW the Civic LX Coupe was offered to us also at $15,360. They did try to push the Honda care extended warranty, but backed off once we said no.
  • Hi All,
    I just picked up My 09 honda civic Lx,Coupe,Manual from El Cerrito. Honda
    Sale Price : $16,660 (Incl destinations)
    9.25 tax,dmv and stuff
    OTD $16,340
    This forums was really helpful. thanks to every one who posted their prices on the board
  • jukordsjukords Posts: 14
    Is this Automatic?

    Very nice man.
  • dukedvldukedvl Posts: 1
    I received a quote that "could not be beat" today:

    MSRP $22, 775
    Invoice $21,020

    $20,127 (Offered Price Including Destination)
    $449 (Processing)
    $59.50 (DMV)
    $658.43 (Tax)

    $21294 OTD

    There are not too many post on here for EX with Nav (See a few EX-L w/ Nav) but from what I see here, it looks like I can do better than what I was offered. Any thoughts?
  • atlkep1atlkep1 Posts: 4
    Sorry, forgot to mention that.

    Yes, this was an automatic.

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