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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sam151sam151 Posts: 1
    Location MN.

    I received a Honda warranty for $900 with a 7yr/100K back in April on my 2009 Honda LX AT Sedan.

    I paid a similar price for the vehicle of $17,500 OTD or just above $16K before taxes/license and fees.
  • kaiotes1kaiotes1 Posts: 9
    thanks for the info. since i need to go get car detailed (for free) i'm going to need to do some haggling else i'm returning the pkg!! :)
  • kaiotes1kaiotes1 Posts: 9
    I just did a google search
    i found the prices from this particular honda to be even cheaper than what you got.
    both of us got ripped
    7 yr 100k was listed at 860.
    8yr 100k is at $940
    College Hills Honda">link title

    i'm definitely going to do some negotiation in person!!
  • ernst2ernst2 Posts: 3

    I ended up paying $19300 with an otd price of $20212. Easy negotiation over the internet and phone. My dealer is Duncan's Hokie Honda in Christiansburg Virginia. My sales representative was awesome. Her name is Julie Felix. The car is a beauty and we are now happy to be a complete Honda Family, (1 2004 Odyssey EX-L and now a 2009 Civic EX-L). Thanks for your tips and advice.
  • lucky15lucky15 Posts: 72
    I recently purchased a new civic, I had a 2004 Hyundai 350 as a trade in, when I purchased the 350 in 2004 I also purchased an extended warranty from Hyundai for $800.00, the factory warranty was still in effect when I got rid of it, I never even had the opportunity to use the extended warranty, I applied for a refund and after 3 long agonizing months trying to get the refund I finally called Hyundai Consumer Affairs, they contacted the dealer and I had my money the next day, only trouble was that the dealer kept half of the $800.00, so in actuality I had purchased an extended warranty for $400.00 and the dealer got the rest in commission. They tried to sell me an extended warranty when I purchased my 2009 civic for $800.00, I told them the reason I am buying a civic is I won`t have to worry about a lot of break downs because they are one of the most dependable cars on the market. If you read the extended warranties fine print you will see that they don`t cover everything like you are led to believe, in summing this up, cancel your extended warranties before the time expires, there is an excellent chance you will never use it. if you don`t believe me, just check with Consumer Reports, they say the same thing.
  • rmur23rmur23 Posts: 1
    Just got a black 09 EX civic coupe in Albany, NY for $17,980 ($1200 under invoice) + tax & fees. Came to about 19 even, minus $9K i got for trading in my 05 accord LXSE coupe with 46K miles. Was exactly $10K total out the door. Civic price was good, accord I may have gotten a little more for, but it needed tires, had some scratches, plus I had taken out the factory stereo/speakers for aftermarkets. Overall don't think I can really complain.

    Love the new civic, moonroof and stereo system are terrific.
  • jukordsjukords Posts: 14

    I think my civic has AC problem because its not cooling enough.
    Air coming out of the louvers are not cool until I turn the knob near full or when put in max AC.

    I will not be charged if I let the dealer fix it right?

    3 weeks old Honda civic lxs.

  • kaiotes1kaiotes1 Posts: 9
    they better fix it cuz u bought a brand new car that's < 1 month old
  • kaiotes1kaiotes1 Posts: 9
    i met up w/ my long trusted mechanic this morning. he urged me to get the refund as well. he's like civics should be good for the first 100k, after that, it aint guaranteed...
    so yea i'm getting the refund.
    thx for the input!!
  • crazyflycrazyfly Posts: 61
    Honda dealers usually sell the extended warranty for $1600 so comparatively you did get a decent deal on warranty. If you read through other forums on Edmunds you may find that people are having a lot of issues with civics lately. Perhaps the quality of the product/ brand has gone down.

    With that said, my $0.02 would be to consider keeping the extended warranty but negotiate a lower price for it. Warranty can come in handy if you are planning to keep the vehicle for up to 100K miles. I know you are not thrilled about the price charged for the warranty, but instead of lower price or refund, you can ask the dealer to convert your standard warranty into premium warranty to cover everything, and/or ask for zero deductible on claims.

    My current vehicle came with extended warranty and it has more than paid for itself.
  • crazyflycrazyfly Posts: 61
    One option to try would be to turn *off* the fresh air flow and run the AC with air on internal circulation only. This seems to increase the fan speed and cooling on my vehicle. I hope this helps.
  • crazyflycrazyfly Posts: 61
    Civic is a very dependable vehicle that provides great gas mileage... and I love it for this. But dependability is only a relative term, and for civic all it means is that civic is more dependable than its peers. Which means things are still going to go wrong with the civic, its just that its not going to happen as much as it does with other comparable cars. When things do go wrong the owner is going to be on the hook for fixing it. And thats cash (or credit) out of pocket...

    I am just your average consumer who doesn't like throwing the hard earned money away. Based on my experience with civic & extended warranties I would recommend:
    * Get an extended warranty for 7 yrs / 100k miles
    * Not all extended warranties are the same.
    * Do not get a standard 'Extended Warranty". Chose "Premium Package" that covers everything
    * Opt for $0 deductible for warranty claims
    * Extended warranty prices starts at $2K. Negotiate it down to ideally less than $1K
  • jcabrera4jcabrera4 Posts: 34
    Hi All

    I was quoted a price on a Civic EX auto for $17885. This price includes destination.
    All they need to add is tax and dmv fees.

    Do you think I can do better?
    My bro works at the stealership and says, I am going into the holdback.
  • I guess you are referring to LX. I got my car 2 door/coupe LX,Manual for 14,600(incl destination charges). OTD: 16,340
  • In this recession I think you should get that car for no more than $18,700 OTD
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,593
    What more do you expect?

    If you really think the place is a "Stealership" why would you even want to buy a car there?
  • jcabrera4jcabrera4 Posts: 34
    You must me a salesman.

    I'm buying there because my bro works there
  • kaiotes1kaiotes1 Posts: 9
    Agree on the relative to other vehicles. The reason why i got it was i can afford it, i thought of it as a couple hundred a year over the course of 8 yrs. i'm buying it for the piece of mind
    the warranty is the warranty offered by honda w/ a 0 deductible. the finance guy blatantly lied to me when i asked him if i can buy this the next day as opposed to on the spot. He is going to get it just for the lie. i'm all for selling xxx at the highest price and earning the most commission. but if he is going to tell me how he never lies to his customers for the past xxx years, he is going to pay. as in... selling it to me for like < 700 as the collegehillshonda is selling it for 9xx. i need to make sure he makes as little money as possible (for revenge). if he comes back to me w/ a BS number, i'm just gonna return it. i got plenty of time to decide...i have nothing to lose, he's got a 500 commission check that he won't be seeing if he throws me BS.
  • lucky15lucky15 Posts: 72
    In your particular case the extended warranty worked to your advantage, I`m saying nationwide the amount spent on repairs during the ownership of said vehicle is less on a (national average basis) than what you would spend on a extended warranty so in esence they are not worth it, and as I said in my previous post if you so decide to sell the car or trade it in before you even use the extended warranty, good luck in getting a return on your purchase price of the extended warranty in a reasonable length of time without having to call Honda consumer affairs as a last resort then setteling for app. 50% of what you paid for it. Also, as I said earlier all of this information against extended warranties is reported by Consumer Reports magazine.
  • frank04frank04 Posts: 1
    My best price right now including destination is 17640 in Roswell, GA. Is this a good price?

    He mentioned something about including the 100k certified warranty as well. I definetly want to confirm that.
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