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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ashleyrm1ashleyrm1 Posts: 1
    Bought 2009 Honda Civic Coupe - LX automatic yesterday at Piazza Honda of Drexel Hill (Pennsylvania). Excellent buying experience. I had bought my Acura at Piazza Honda of West Chester several years ago and also had a great buying experience. Priced car at 6 or 7 dealerships over the internet (in both PA and DE), and Piazza was best price offered. $16065 (inc. destination). Delaware title fee (we don't have sales tax) - $435, Doc fees/temp tags - $130.00. Got $4500 for my 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE (cash for clunkers) and $50 salvage fee. Total paid: $12080. My daughter is one happy camper...
  • jikjik Posts: 118
    Getting offer of --
    LX auto
    16278 incl destination without tax, license, doc
    LX-S auto
    16828 incl destination without tax, license, doc
    is that good ?

  • redrover1redrover1 Posts: 16
    Hi jjh220,

    My daughter picks her car up tonight so I'll update you by tomorrow on how good a job they did on cleaning the car.

    I'm curious, when you posted your experience you mentioned all the car dealers that sent you internet quotes but Jim Coleman was not mentioned. Were you saving them to go to in person in hopes they would beat out the other dealers?

    I must admit that with this site and with your template and your "how to" guide on dealing with the internet quotes this was the least stressful car buying experience we have had. thank goodness we live in an area with an abundance of dealers!

    As for the pinstriping, she does not hate it but would have preferred not to have it. It is probably best to just leave it on instead of tempting fate that they screw something up.
  • redrover1redrover1 Posts: 16
    By reading back many pages on this thread you will see what others have paid. People have done better. If there are other dealers in your area you might get a better price because of competition. We got $15,700 (and then they took off another $100 because a friend had bought a car there recently). I have seen I think as low as $15,5 something. Our dest charges are either $670 or $710 depending when the car came in. I don't know what they are in Indiana. My price above includes the freight.
  • Hi, anyone buy a '09 Civic LX automatic sedan in the NYC or Long Island area? So far, I see the local ads quoting them around $18,900. I really didn't want to spend that much. I'm planning on trading my husband's old truck ('97 Ford Explorer) on the Cash for Clunkers program which I was told at a dealership yesterday is eligible for $4500. I'm not too experienced with buying new was looking for advice. I'll try to read back and see if I find anyone whose bought in my area.
  • hxzzhxzz Posts: 7
    bought 09 civic coupe LX, 1.8L 4cyl. 5A with $17500 drive off lot price for our daughter. the dealer is Eatontown Kay honda (NJ). the dealer threw in 6 free oil changes valued at about $200. with Obama's clunker cash ($4500, we will miss our lovely 95 ford windstar with 200k+) and scrap back $100, our out off pocket cost is about $12,700. not too bad considering NJ's sales tax rate of 7%.
    bottom line: cost before tax is about 15900 (dest. incl)

    good thing about this is no back and forth negotiation.
    went costco car program, submitted for quote, get one quote back from Danny of Kay Honda, that's it. $17500

    the list price for sedan is about $200 above coupe, but Kay honda give the same price (lots of LX sedans in the lot)

    great buying experiences. i recommend Kay Honda of Eatontown NJ, Danny is the guy to contact.
  • hxzzhxzz Posts: 7
    1hr 30m drive from NYC, NJ Eatontown Kay Honda, I bought Civic LX coupe for my daughter for $17500 drive-out price. (destination, 7% sales tax, $7.5 NJ tire tax, document fee $199, DMV 4 year new plate and registration fee all included)

    don't forget to ask scrap back (about $100 to $150) for your clunker. free oil change at the dealer propabably does not make any sense to you but you can ask for something else (about $200)

    I was told both LX sedan and Coupe are tha same $17500 drive away.
  • jikjik Posts: 118
    I am surprised at the price you got considering SE AT Sedan has

    -- invoice incl freight 17528
    -- factory to dealer 1000
    -- 2 % holdback 380
    = 16148 which is the dealer cost.

    What am I missing here ?
  • redrover1redrover1 Posts: 16
    Read through many pages on this thread of posts throughout the month of July and you will see others paying similar. I don't know what you mean about SE as I don't know what it stands for but my daughter got a 2009 civic sedan LX AT. With the manufacturer to dealer incentives you can get it for less than $16000 which includes freight. They are hurting right now and have a lot of cars that are unsold and sitting on the lot taking up space. New cars will be in soon and they need to make room. Lots of good deals to be had.
  • redrover1redrover1 Posts: 16
    Ok, we went to pick up the car. Her sales person was off but we dealt with someone else plus the financing guy. We looked over the car and it did not look like it was washed today. there was even bird dropping on the roof. They had a clean up guy come (they are outsourced and work for a different company) with a can of something and a soft cloth. He started cleaning up the spots. The bird dropping however he had trouble with. At one point I saw him take his finger and try to scratch it off. I did hear a little noise. When he was done, my daughter, who is tall (I am short) looked at it and could see little scratches. We notified the sales person who was helping us and he got the customer relations lady out . Also the 1/2 owner in the company (I don't know his name but very personable and we chatted with him for a while on Saturday. It was her sales person who said he owns 49% of the company) came out. Because we are selling her car to carmax and have til Saturday we just left her new car there and will pick up tomorrow after their guys buff it out and fix it . It was disappointing. We will try again tomorrow and I will update how it went. Lucky my daughter is tall as I would not have been able to see it for myself.
  • zman1021zman1021 Posts: 2
    I was quoted $16,525 (incl dest.) plus tax, title, license on a LX-S manual. Would it still be reasonable to ask for it at $16,000?
  • jikjik Posts: 118
    sorry meant LX AT not SE. Still in accord mind :)
  • lindy4lindy4 Posts: 1
    Just bought a Civic LX sedan Saturday $16,750+ tax at Babylon Honda NY. Two weeks ago Edmunds had $1000 cash to dealer. This week it isn't on Edmunds. I beleive it it going away the end of the month but I still got it after it dissapeared from Edmunds. Luckily I had an old jeep and the govenrment gave me an additional $4500, so the cot to me was $12,250 + tax. Thank you all you taxpayers.
  • jjh220jjh220 Posts: 12
    Hi redrover1,

    Jim Coleman was one of the last dealers I sent a quote request to (it was somewhere above $16k + tax + tags). Based on what I've read on this forum it seemed quite a few people have reported getting good deals from them so I was unwilling to discount them so easily. I emailed Jim Coleman with the 2 lowest quotes I had by then and asked them to beat them. I got a reply from the internet manager saying that he will beat both of those quotes but no actual numbers.

    After my visit to Pohanka, I've had a list of 4 dealerships who (I was reasonably confident) would be ready and willing to sell me a car for $15,600 with everything but the tax and the tags included. I still believe that a visit to a dealer in person is very helpful in order to get the very best price possible. I saved an additional $400 over Pohanka (and a free pin stripe that I actually got to like now) with Jim Coleman so I guess it was a trip worth taking for me. So to answer your question, I wasn't really "saving them" but I had a hunch that they would be willing to meet my terms. My original plan was to go to Sport Honda in Silver Spring after Pohanka but they've closed earlier on that day.

    It's too bad your daughter's car suffered the same fate at the hands of the cleanup guys as mine did. I too was offered a free detailing if I made an appointment to come back later but I won't be taking them up on their offer. I have tons more confidence in my local detail shop in Rockville.
  • jimin327jimin327 Posts: 15
    Just bought a Civic LX-S last night. 16,700 negotiated price. Minus clunker rebate of $4500 and $50 salvage scrap value = #12,150 + TTL

    How did I do compared to those who got the same model?
  • Interesting lindy! I just got basically same price quote from Babylon Honda for same car. Now I talked to another dealer that would be maybe 25 min. drive away, and they said they could do $17,965 out the door including everything, with regular NYS tax, because I said I didn't want to be paying more than 18k with taxes and everything. I wonder if that was the right thing to say? I'm new at this! I would just have to pay the DMV pricing on that. I'll go to Babylon Honda later and see what it would come out to with taxes.
  • redrover1redrover1 Posts: 16
    Just a suggestion - negotiations should be price of car + destination = price you are willing to pay. taxes are a percentage of that price. the lower the price the lower your taxes. Don't muddy up prices with extra fees. Also, get internet quotes and negotiate off of those. Read through at least 10 pages of notes on this thread to see what others have paid and how they went about it especially look at conversation 8735, 8736 and 8804. Lots of useful information if you look. good luck.
  • redrover1redrover1 Posts: 16
    Hi jjh220,

    She picked up her car today and all went well. they fixed up the scratches where the bird dropping was so you could not see anything. We did notice that the driver's side door mat had a grease spot on it so her salesman (he was there tonight) went and got another one from a different car.

    About 30 minutes later I realized that no one mentioned about the wheel locks and where are the little devices to unlock the wheels? the salesman was not available so my daughter left a voice mail. He calls back a little while later and says we got the LX and that does not have alloy wheels so therefore no wheel locks. However he does remind us that he told us we were not going to be paying for the "extras" the dealership adds on. I was actually glad she has no wheel locks because years ago we had them on a car and once forgot to leave them with our mechanic when he was going to rotate the tires.

    All in all they were very nice there but are lacking in cleaning up the car. Nobody even goes over all the features and how to use them . Luckily we live in Columbia so the extra trip back the next day was not bad. I see that for you living in Rockville it would not have been a good thing.

    I must say that even though things could have been much worse they also could have been better.

    Enjoy your new car!
  • pivzpivz Posts: 1
    Very informative thread.
    I live in Atlanta, GA and want to know your opinion on the following deal: 2007 Civic LX Coupe, 32000 miles, clean carfax. Priced 11900$. Took it to the mechanic today - everything seems to be fine besides the rear tires, which are weared off. They made some noise when driving, but the dealer agreed to put new tires. The car is still on warranty.
  • jikjik Posts: 118
    There are some here who claim to get around 15500 which would be 648 below dealer cost almost 2000 below invoice.

    LX auto sedan
    -- invoice incl freight 17528
    -- factory to dealer 1000
    -- 2 % holdback 380
    = 16148 which is the dealer cost.

    What am I missing here ? Anyone?
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