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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi ,

    I got a price quote of $15700 (inc. destination charge) + 6.25 taxes, documentation charges with 0.9 % APR.

    Dealer also offered that if I co go for other bank loans of 2.45% APR, he is ready to give me further discount. Really not sure, what does this dealer provided auto loan is and what are all the catches..

    Want to close the deal...Pl. suggest whether it is good deal in MA..Or any other room for negotation.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    As long as the dealer loan is simple interest with no set up fee and is the same term in months then it should be no problem. Also see what your bank or credit union is doing for new cars. CapitalOne online is doing 3.07% for 60 months.

    You can plug the numbers into the Edmund low apr VS cash back calculator here at this link and see how it changes things. If you use $1,000 as the customer cash, 0.9% and 2.45% as the APR, and 60 months as the term the 2.45% wins out by $6.47 a month (tax included). Change the rate to 3.07% and the difference goes to $2.17 a month.

    You are not going to save a LOT doing this, assuming the dealer gives you all of the $1,000 dealer money for taking the higher rate and does deliver on a 60 month 2.45% simple interest loan.
  • karsankarsan Posts: 1
    One of the dealer's in my area (WA) is quoting $17,588 (does not include any fees) for a used 2010 EX Coupe. Is this a good buy?
  • Can someone Help me with the Edmunds TMV calculator while pricing with the 2010 civic 1000 dollar cash back offer?

    For example, a simple 2010 LX 4dr Sedan in the TMV calculator comes out the be $16’978 TMV. But, The TMV calculator “does not take into account Manufacturer-to-consumer rebates”. Subtracting another thousand dollars from the TMV price does not seem correct after reading the LX OTD price posts here. Can someone get me pointed in the right direction, thanks in advance.
  • I am in Vermont and have been pricing out dealers throughout the state, upstate NY and in NH. I'm not finding any dealer that has negotiating room below $17,500 before incentives. Any advice/thoughts?
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    It probably depends on the ZIP you use, but for me the LX auto Civic sedan comes up $19,155 $17,706 $17,028 (MSRP, invoice, TMV). I am pretty SURE the TMV takes into account the $1k in dealer money. So if you take the 0.9% financing your TMV would be $!k higher.

    Everything is negotiable and you may find a dealer that will give a much nicer deal, a lot of the pricing is timing and location. So if you may not can replicate what someone else claims they were able to do - since you are not there at the same time as they got their deal.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Did you check to see that in your area there is a $1k dealer incentive?

    $17,523 is invoice for a coupe LX w/auto, so your quotes are all for invoice? Then if you take the 0.9% financing that would be your price, don't take the cheap money and your price should go down by $1k. Not the worlds best deal, but getting a new Civic for invoice or less is never a bad deal. If could be that is the best you can do in your area...
  • Yes, zip code will differ and yes I have the offer in my area. Going for a cash deal no financing. The TMV terms say “does not take into account Manufacturer-to-consumer rebates”. It also says the same for Tax. But like dynne, I was leaning to the same conclusion, that the TMV price posted does include the thousand dollar cash back. Even though the Edmunds TMV price terms say otherwise. Strange. Cash back car buyers would have to know the answer before they walked into a dealer with their Edmund TMV price in their pocket. If you take another grand off the TMV price quote it seems too low to be true.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    “does not take into account Manufacturer-to-consumer rebates”.

    There is your answer, right there. This is factory to DEALER money not to consumer. Honda never has consumer rebates.

    From the edmunds incentive page:

    Marketing Support
    $1000 Cash to Dealer start: 07/31/2010 end: 09/07/2010
    $1,000 Dealer Cash available towards the retail purchase or lease of a new 2010 Civic (excluding Hybrid and GX). Cash can be combined with Special AHFC Lease/Purchase Plan or Zero Due at Signing Lease, but cannot be combined with Special AHFC APR Financing. See participating dealer for details.
    Comments Dealer participation may vary. Incentives and Rebates are provided subject to the terms of our Visitor Agreement.
  • Great thanks for the feedback. TMV quote does indeed apply the Manufacturer-to-Dealer, not the other way. I have, in the past, used Both the cash-back to dealer or to Customer in negotiations. In my experience, the sales person did not care either way. So hopefully others can use this to their advantage. Good luck everyone, appreciate the help dwynne.
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 2,626
    Sat in one of these today and really liked the sport seats and the leather steering wheel...absolutely worth the extra $. If my '06 LX didn't have such low miles, 28k, I'd be tempted to do a swap possibly. But nothing wrong with it, so why trade into another Civic. Am eyeing a C Class MB I test drove this morning! Awesome car with exceptional seats for my worsening spinal issues.

    The Sandman :sick: :shades:

    2014 Hyundai Tuscon SE/2005 Mazda 3s/2008 Hyundai Accent GLS/2009 Nissan Versa SL hatch

  • ruru1ruru1 Posts: 1
    Ventura CA Vista Honda listed a 2010 Civic LX Sedan including a VIN number under new cars on Edmonds. When I called they said that this was a preowned vehicle. And that a new one was $2000 more than the one listed. Just wanted to alert you shoppers.
  • ywuywu Posts: 6
    This sounds a good price. venky_rk, would you please tell us the dealer's info?
    Thank you.
  • rrbhokiesrrbhokies Posts: 108
    How many miles? I bought a brand new EX Sedan for under $17K complete with fog lights, window visors, chrome exhaust tip, mud flaps, pinstripe, and door edge guards, all installed. I'm in Virginia.
  • rkjindalrkjindal Posts: 12
    edited August 2010
    Here is the best quote I got in Northern VA

    100 Processing Fee
    90 Tittle/Registration
    462 3% VA Sales Tax
    15,942 OTD
  • At what Civic sedan model level is Vehicle Stability Assist with Traction Control included? Thoughts on the cost / benefit evaluation? Thanks.
  • Well I am starting to look at a new car. My current lease will be up in the next few months so I'm starting to do my homework now. I live on Long Island in NY. Went to a local Honda dealer today just to get some ballpark #'s. I have been driving MT cars for the last 10 years or so and don't want an AT. Was told at the dealership that they are impossible to find on Long Island and that I shouldn't even bother looking. Was told that if I really want to go that route I will have to wait for at least a few months and that they would charge over sticker. Can anyone chime in on this and let me know if this is normal? I understand that the Si might be hard to find but I'm looking at an EX coupe.

  • Picked up car today in Long Island, NY in polished metallic with gray interior. After about 30 minutes of negotiating, here's the deal :

    $150/month for 36 months, 15000 miles /year
    Up front costs totaled $ 2395 including tax, destination, bank fee, documentation fee, set up fee, tire management fee, and registration fee for 2 years.

    Sticker was $19,155 but cap cost of car after $1000 rebate was $15477.

    You really need to stay on top of these dealers to make sure that the prices do not change. At one point the up front cost was over $2620 but when I made them go over each fee, they "discovered" that one fee was a duplicate.
  • rkjindalrkjindal Posts: 12
    If I am reading this correctly you have to step up to the EX-L for the 2010 model year.
  • vitullvitull Posts: 2
    I am planning to buy an EX this week. Where did you get this offer in VA?
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