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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Can someone recommend a vendor on-line that sells Honda accessories?


    also: I read a post from February where a buy thought he had less than good credit with a score of 720! That should qualify you for the best rate out there imo. If the dealer said you have less than sold credit with a score of 720 - he's lying to you.
  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    For all-season floormats I recommend WeatherTech DigitalFit FloorLiners if you plan on keeping your car for a long time (since they're more expensive) -- have them in my '11 Civic and like them a lot (I keep them in there all year around)

    For accessories you can check eBay for OEM ones -- here are some discounted online websites but you'll have to price things out on your own to see who's the cheapest with shipping: (they also have PDFs on how to install) (they also have PDFs on how to install) (they also have PDFs on how to install)
  • ksternosksternos Posts: 14
    Have some questions.... OTD means out the door w/ tax, destination, etc? Does everyone's base price include destination?

    Please let me know how this compares to others:

    The price I got was $17,100 (including the $770 destination).
    I added $198 for the window etching
    7% tax was 1,210.86
    299 mandatory 4 yr registration & plates
    299 document fee
    GRAND TOTAL $19,114.36
  • ksternosksternos Posts: 14
    Does the $16,990 price include destination? I was just quoted $17,100 including dest. for an LX Auto in Northern NJ.
  • ksternosksternos Posts: 14
    Can you give us a breakdown of each item that added up to 23,995. That would be most helpful.
  • The $16990 price included destination.

    I got a couple quotes with true car and they were $16233 + 770 destination, which is about the same ($13 more).

    But yesterday one of the dealers that sent me the quote offered to lower their price by another $250. So shoot for $16750 including destination, but not including doc fees (about $160 in IL), tax, title, and license.
  • ksternosksternos Posts: 14
    I assume you are in the chicago area?

    I did make a deposit last night, seems your price is $350 less. On second thought, after reading comments about the poor design reviews, I'm going to cancel the purchase.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
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  • patkarpatkar Posts: 1
    Hi Everyone,

    I have leased a 2012 Civic in 2011 Nov for 24 months (Seattle, WA). The car has done 1650 miles only. The monthly payments are $363 and the current payoff amount is $18500. There is now a problem. I wish to leave the country in November 2012 as I am not from the US (better job back home). Therefore I wish to get out of the lease. What options do I have? I know that I could complete the 18K payoff on the car and sell it again. What else? Honda does not allow lease transfers. Could I just pay the remaining lease payments ($368 X remaining months) and get out of this? Are there any penalties involved? How much of a mess am I in?

    Looking forward to everyones responses

  • ilovelailovela Posts: 3
    Hi guys.. I just completed this deal

    Civic EX
    3 year - 12,000 miles/year
    Residual 62%
    Money factor .0013
    Monthly payment $200 (incld tax, license, and fees)
    Down payment $1500 (incd tax, license, and fees + 1st month pmt)

    What did u guys think?
  • Got a new Honda Civic LX. End of the month deal and on the last day of the month.

    Final Price: $18,159 (no trade-in)

    LX Model - $15,882
    Destination - $770
    Mass tax - 6.25%.....$1041
    Title, registration and doc fee - $465
  • Bought White Civic EX-L with NAV on April 2 and picked it up yesterday in Dallas. Price Paid 21905+TTL which included window tint, splash guards, wheel locks, cargo tray, and some protection package for door handles, rear bumper etc. Traded in a 2000 Acura 3.2TL and dealer paid fair price for the trade in based on craig's list postings for similar cars in Dallas. Another competing offer was for approx 21400+TTL without any dealer adds, but the dealer was 30 miles away. Also a warehouse store that has a car service offer was 500 below invoice, again with a dealership about 20 miles away. My dealer is about 5 miles. Also took the Honda financing for 36 months to get the 500 "rebate" on 1st months pmt. Dealer add-ons were about 1700 at full price.

    I called the dealer to make sure the car was inside due to hail storms in dallas. Our area got hit very bad. luckily it was in the shop for window tinting when the storms hit.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,687
    You can't just pay the payments and drop off the car...

    You can solicit offers from dealers on the car.. The advantage is that you won't have to buy the car (and pay sales tax) before then selling it to someone else. The disadvantage is that a dealer won't give you as much as a private buyer..

    You might still take a bath, but late model Civics hold their value extremely well.... even if you don't break even, you'll likely be out a lot less than the remaining $6500 in payments on the lease.. There are plenty of Honda dealers in a city the size of Seattle... shop it around, and see what happens.

    If the Honda dealers aren't playing ball, try CarMax.

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  • randrx2randrx2 Posts: 1
    edited April 2012
    In Hampton Roads, Virginia.

    Just picked up a 2012 Honda Civic EX for $19,250 + TTL (price includes destination and $250 dealer processing fee). No trade.

    Included dealer added "Appearance Package" (wheel locks, mudguards, pinstripe).
  • Got my new 2012 Honda civic lx tody....out the door for $17000. all taxes title and fees down...and fully financed through American Honda at 1.9% ..$297/mo for sixty months. Cincinnati
  • Forgot to mention that its an automatic
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
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  • That's very good deal. may I ask how much is sale tax in your area?
    Is it a sedan or coupe?
    Here's in Bay Area, CA that they have a sale for 16.9K for LX auto sedan+ tax and doc. fee. Almost the same with your OTD.
    Could you tell us what's exactly price? tax? doc. fee?
    Thanks for sharing.
  • Got a new Honda Civic LX. End of the month deal and on the last day of the month.

    Final Price: $18,159 (no trade-in)

    LX Model - $15,882
    Destination - $770
    Mass tax - 6.25%.....$1041
    Title, registration and doc fee - $465

    In Bay Area, CA more expensive than your area. Thank you for sharing.
  • hedmundshedmunds Posts: 5
    you got a very good deal on your civic lx. could you please share your experience on how you managed to get this OTD price of $17000 with the dealer? the dealers around my area won't even consider below invoice price. Thank you very much!
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