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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ks03ks03 Posts: 1
    Hi ashjaw.. I too looking for civic LX in NJ...can you pls mail me those price quotes ks_rajs at yahoo dot com....thx
  • Wow looks like a good price in MD for Civic EX at 20,100!

    Please email me the dealership and salesperson
    to bdkelly1 at

    the internet price for one baltimore area dealer is 18617 plus tax 6% plus tags $350, and dest 790, and processing 200.

    Looks like I could be at ~20100 if they would wave the dest and processing...

    Hoping to buy this weekend
  • I paid 17,200 cash price (18200 OTD) for my 2013 LX... I hate taxes and registration/DMV fees, but whatcha go9ing to do?
  • iwannagr8leaseiwannagr8lease Posts: 42
    edited April 2013
    Still receiving emails from former dealer and they claim a $3000 NatGas credit card in addition.

    Honda Cars of Corona. Listing twelve at that price, one at 23417. Hope this can help someone out.

    Need deals in my new region (East/Northeast) for a 2013 Civic (or Accord). Thanks in advance!
  • Paid $17k + TTL

    Another dealer offers "Lifetime Powertrain Warranty" but they wouldn't budge from $17.8k so it wasn't really free. Plus I normally don't keep cars over 200k so wouldn't need it anyways since past experiences have shown that Hondas are extremely reliable cars.
  • Sorry, here is the detail:

    $16999 vehicle price including destination
    $ 1239 Sales Tax
    $ 41 Tag/Registration/Lemon Law
    $ 699 Dealer Doc Fees
    $18978 out the door

    Price is excellent but $699 doc fee?????? Wow, you got hosed there. Is it negotiable? Thankfully, it is capped at $80 in my state.
  • nelcarnelcar Posts: 1
    edited April 2013
    I am planning to buy a 2013 Honda civic EX auto in Chicago IL . Can you suggest where to get the deal and the best out the door price? Thanks in advance!
  • GR8 number... any dealer/region you'd like to tip your hat to? ;)

    Also, was this a March deal or April? Honda finance or other? Thank you.
  • luisdg17luisdg17 Posts: 2
    edited April 2013
    Bought a 2013 Civic EX 2 weeks ago in the SoCal area, black on black exterior/interior

    21,600 OTD (believe the price for the car itself was around 19,700, 9% sales tax). I got them to include tinting for the back three windows ($400 value w/ lifetime warranty), the trunk tray, all-weather mats, and wheel locks; all of which I was planning on getting anyways. Factoring in the cost of the accessories ended paying about 21k for the car itself.
  • kasey88kasey88 Posts: 1
    Is this a ok deal or can i do better? I work for a supplier so i get supplier discount.

    Selling Price 22,566
    Doc 250
    Fees 33.50
    Tax 1597
    Total Price 24446
    Down Payment 1000
    Amount Financed 23,446
    1.9%---5 year loan---409.94 a month
  • mnooralimnoorali Posts: 1
    I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area...please let me know what prices people have gotten in that area so I can go in to the negotiating table with some reasonable numbers.

  • $18,970 + TTL @ Honda City Chicago.
  • $22,267 at Superior Honda.
  • Could've bought for $18.9k.
  • So Cal.


    Honda Finance.
  • iwannagr8leaseiwannagr8lease Posts: 42
    edited April 2013
    thanx lakerskobe for the reply.

    Going back over the last two months of posts it seems that March was good for a purchase and HF's So.Cal. interest rates and OTD's are going to be hard to beat in the NE in April.

    You saved me a bunch of time chasing a few hundred $ numbers alltold paid out over 60 months. Much appreciated.
  • luisdg17luisdg17 Posts: 2
    $18.9k for the car itself or OTD?
  • jiimmmjiimmm Posts: 15
    Paid $16,986, price included both destination and doc fee......
  • bagotrabagotra Posts: 1

    This is a great deal . Could you please send the details . Which vendor and break for OTD for fincance or cash down
  • iwannagr8leaseiwannagr8lease Posts: 42
    edited April 2013
    Look in the Accord & CRV forums... without a template type of post the predominant number of these OTD Civic posts are not useful for us all here.

    We need numbers in a logical manner.........
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