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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • akhtar1akhtar1 Posts: 19
    Bought Civic LX Silver with Black Interior yesterday June 29.
    $16573 (including destination)
    $17543 (OTD) -$500 (honda financing)
    Final price $17043.

    Pohanka of Fredericksburg in the Washington DC area. No other dealer came within $500 of that price
  • micrainmicrain Posts: 2
    edited July 2013
    So, I just got the car yesterday. I bought a red civic sedan lx from San Francisco Honda. I managed to get the promotional 0.9% APR through Honda so didn't even put a down payment. OTD was $19,033 (sales tax is for Santa Clara county) with the breakdown being $17,100 (incl $500 financing rebate and destination fee) for the car plus doc fee ($80), taxes, title and registration.

    I negotiated solely through email & phone by contacting the dealerships in the area. They were typically beating each other's prices by $100 every time I called/emailed. Eventually, I decided it was time to stop negotiating and buy the car since I need it to commute to work now :)

    I must post a warning for the shoppers in the Bay Area. Please avoid the Victory Honda dealership in San Bruno. After getting the $17,100 quote from SF Honda we saw them on the way and decided to check if they could beat it. They claimed that I didn't qualify for the promotional financing rate and the lowest they could give me was 3.9% APR which was a flat out lie. They also tied the sales of the car to our purchase of extra services such as extended warranty, etc. I understand that the price might be too low for them but why lie? I will give a call to Honda to complain about them. Let's see how it goes.

    Anyway, good luck to everyone else out there!
  • finbar127finbar127 Posts: 4
    2013 Civic LX Auto - no other options. Silver w/Black Fabric. 0.9% Honda financing.

    MSRP: $19,755
    Invoice: $18,423
    Sale Price: $17,538 (includes $790 Destination and $75 Doc Fee)
    Tax: $1,462.53
    DMV Fees: $203 (Title, 2 year reg, inspection, NY waste tire fee)
    OTD: $19,203.53

    Contacted 12 dealers in my area. Most wouldn't come anywhere near this price. One came within $300.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 7,395
    Which Dealer?

    2001 Honda Prelude Type SH/ 2011 BMW 328xi / 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L w/ Navigation

  • kewlajkewlaj Posts: 3
    edited July 2013
    Hi Akhtar1,

    Does your price include any rebate like recent grad or military and did you get 0% APR.

    I'm shopping for Civic LX in norther virginia and trying to get some quotes.

    Thank you.
  • finbar127finbar127 Posts: 4
    Honda of New Rochelle. I sent an e-mail and received an email response with the quote from the Internet Manager. I brought the e-mail with me when I went to finalize the deal. The salesman reviewed the email, checked the computer and sold me the car for the quoted price. No problems at all. A surprisingly stress free experience.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 7,395
    Cool. Good to know. They advertise a ton in the papers. The lease on my current ride isn't up until next summer, but I might buy another Honda because there is nothing out there that wows me. If I do, it would be the 4th Honda in my stable. My current 3 are my 2001 Prelude Type SH, my wife's 2011 Pilot EXL W/ Navigation, & my 160 CC lawn mower;). I live in Stamford, CT but am willing to travel to Westchester or LI for a smokin deal.

    2001 Honda Prelude Type SH/ 2011 BMW 328xi / 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L w/ Navigation

  • ashu10ashu10 Posts: 2

    Has anyone bought the 2013 Honda civic LX in NJ area. I am planning to buy one. The dealer quated me 18400 base price. I guess i can go lower. Can anyone please help.
  • ashu10ashu10 Posts: 2

    Did you buy Sedan or Coupe? I am intrested in 2013 Honda civic sedan automatic, they quoted me sales price 18,423(includes $790 destination)

  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,963
    A reporter would like to speak with a Baby Boomer who recently (within the last year) purchased a compact or subcompact car. If you can assist, please contact with your preferred contact information by July 17, 2013

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  • What is the best deal in the Bay Area on a 2013 Civic LX (auto)? Has anyone gotten 18K or lower OTD?
  • tendency,
    Could you share more details, please?
  • kitty0315kitty0315 Posts: 1
    Initially I was looking to buy the LX model. I went online and received three different Internet quotes from honda dealers in the northern Virginia area, which ranged from 19,100 to 19,500 (the out the door price). Then my dad just happened to stumble across Pohanka Honda in Fredericksburg website. The saleswoman I spoke with said that they one had one LX model left and it was a manual (i cant drive a stick shift,so that wasn't going to work), but said she could offer a competitive price for an EX model. Since we were chatting online I wanted to hear this competitive price and she came back and said the out the door price with taxes, fees and tags was 19,287.15. I took her up on the deal. Drove 40 miles to Fredericksburg, signed at 19,287.15 with 0.9 financing and drove home with my new Honda Civic Ex :) Feels good knowing I got a great deal. Hassle free buying experience would buy again from them!
  • mike_homemike_home Posts: 17
    What prices have people been paying for a 2013 Civic EX or EXL sedan? I am interested in the price with destination charges but before sales tax.

    I am also interested about the buying experiences of any Honda dealers in the central New Jersey area.
  • kitty - could you give the breakdown please?
  • emilemaemilema Posts: 4
    I bought a 2013 Civic EX today for 19800 OTD in Maryland. Not the lowest price on the forum, but this was the lowest price I could find in MD and VA.
  • finbar127finbar127 Posts: 4
    Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I bought the sedan. $18,423 is the invoice price for the sedan. You should be able to find a lower price.
  • jk2009catjk2009cat Posts: 1
    Hi Emilema,
    Which dealer did you use? Did OTD include DMV fees?
    Thx, Jen
  • emilemaemilema Posts: 4
    Yes, DMV fees were included in the OTD price. I used Criswell in Germantown.
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