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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 436
    If they are factoring in flex cash, 17,490 is a so so deal. That's 500 below invoice plus 500 flex cash. As I said in my first response to you - shoot for 12-1500 below invoice plus any incentives you qualify for (i.e. flex cash would bring you to 17-2000 below invoice). As far as financing, if your credit score is around 700, you should be able to get Honda Finance's best rate.

  • Hi Bill,

    Thanks for your responses.

    I'm not too familiar with flex cash. Does that mean there's a flexible in that $500 amount that dealers either keep for themselves or pass on a little more discount to me, lowering the cost of vehicle purchase?

    Also, for my specific car in interest, a white 2013 Honda Civic LX 4dr sedan -automatic, Edmund is listing the TMW for this particular configuration (quoted from my zip code) to be at $18,445 (w/ destination) but without TTL. Are you saying I should try to get the quote 12-1500 or 17-2000 lower from $18,445 depending on if there's s flex cash or not? But even without flex cash, I go 1200 below $18,445, that is 17245. So is this the actual quote for the vehicle I should aim for?

    If so, let's just pretend that also TTL is another 10%, then my OTD is just right under $19,000. It will be $18,969. Think that is a fair OTD for Southern Cali?
  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 436
    Flex cash is a Honda supplied dealer cash - not sure it's still available - the 18,969 OTD in SoCal is a good deal if no flex cash is factored in - that's about 1500 under invoice.

  • Bill,

    Thanks for your reply. If you think the above Otd price was good, what range do you think would be considered great?
  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 436
    If the dealer has flex cash available, an additional 500 off is possible.
  • 16206 Price of Vehicle
    250 Doc Fee
    16456 Taxable Amount
    1144 Tax

    Total 17600 OTD

    Cincinnati, OH Jeff Wyler Honda
  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 436
    Congrats on the new car - were there any incentives involved? Your stated price is around 2000 below invoice - a very good deal indeed!

    Enjoy the car!

    Bill G
  • There was a $500 dollar "Loyalty" for having another honda. But they added $500 onto the car so they would get reimbursed by Honda for it. So it was really a wash.
  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 436
    That is one odd loyalty incentive where they give it to you and take it back - puzzling to me. But you still got a great deal - congrats.

  • Hi everyone,

    Thanks all for your info. Help me a lot. I have a question.

    A dealer offered me a fair price 19,070 via an email so far and I used this price to ask B dealer if B could offer me a low price. But B was asking me to show him A's price in writes and seems B doubted I threw a fake price to him (It might be called low-ball price? I am not sure).

    Could you guys give me some suggestions?


  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 436
    You need to go back and read the last couple months posts in this thread - that quote is not competitive at all. Is that an out the door quote? If so, please post a detailed breakdown of selling price and fees.

    Bill G
  • ssspb13ssspb13 Posts: 2
    edited October 2013
    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for your message.

    This is OTD.
    Invoice price: 17,290
    total: 19,053

    BTW, I am in Orange county CA. I did read the last couple months posts and OTD 19,000 seems a good deal, isn't it?

  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 436
    I guess I was confused by your original post - you stated "fair price" and said nothing about out the door. Invoice price for this car is around 18,300 incl destination, so if you are saying you paid 17,290 incl destination, before ttl (I'm still not sure what you paid due to lack of itemized listing), then that's a good price. Others are reporting 1500 below invoice but 1000 below is pretty good too.

    Congrats and enjoy your new Civic - they are great looking cars.

  • I think 19K out the door is still high considering they 2013 model is almost a week old. by now, it should be between $17-18K. I got my 2012 civic lx sedan on april 26th, just a week or two after the 2012 model was introduced. no coupes available yet that time. i was actually planning to get a 2011 model but all dealershipe i went to only have few colors which I didn't like. i got an offer of 17.5K out the door. but was talked into getting the 2012 model for less than $21K otd. i really had to get a new car that time since family was visiting in less than 3 weeks and my old ford focus car was acting up and needed frequent repairs. i could have gotten a bit lower otd had I haggled. but the sales guy was professional and we both understood that there's no need for number games. I got a lower APR because of the Honda graduate program. It would have been 0% APR had I gotten the silver 2011 lx sedan at $17.5k. But since I took the "week-old" model they can't give me 0% APR. i got 5% APR which isn't bad for first-time car buyers. teh car i got was delivered to them on a monday and i drove it home 2 days after.

    Some advice when buying new cars:

    1. Get online quotes from at least 10 nearest dealers. Ask for OTD. Some will respond, some will just give you the MSRP.

    2. Visit at least 3-5 dealerships in person after knowing the lowest number.

    3. Tell them right away not to run credit check. Negotiate first and ask them to print a copy of their number

    4. Once you are convinced with their final number, ask them to add extras like free oil change, road side assistance, window tint, accessories, etc..

    5. It might be a good idea to shop around the end as much deals as possible.

    Hope this helps.
  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 436
    Not sure I understand your "week old" concept but to get a 2013 Civic LX for $17-18k out the door in CA, the purchase price would need to be around 2-3000 below invoice. That just is not going to happen. I'm not sure how you came to the conclusions stated in your post, but you might want to reevaluate your source/s.

    Bill G
  • At the end of September I purchased a 2013 Civic LX Sedan - Automatic in Richmond, VA as a cash purchase as follows:

    Vehicle: $16,923
    DMV Fee: $61
    Proc. Fee: $399
    Sales Tax: $728
    OTD: $18,111

    I emailed the Internet sales managers at all dealers within 50 miles and the above price was the lowest I was quoted. The highest was about $900 more. I believe developing a specification for the model you want and emailing it to all the dealers in your area is the best way to get a good deal on a new car. I learned to do this on this forum - thank you all!

  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 436
    Congrats on the new Civic Charlie - pretty good deal at 1100 below invoice when you factor in the 399 dealer doc fee. Your sales tax rate is pretty reasonable - about half of what we pay in CA - really helps your ultimate out the door.

    Enjoy the new car!

    Bill G
  • muki1muki1 Posts: 5
    Just picked up a 2DR Civic Ex for $18227.80 OOD. Below is the breakdown so it might help others:

    Purchase Price: $17270
    Dealer's Fee $ 200
    VA Tax $ 742.80
    Temp Reg Fee $ 15 [VA Resident buying in MD]

    Total: $18227.8

    Dealer: Shockley Honda
    Sales Person Jon Price (Highly Recommended)

  • betty65betty65 Posts: 5
    edited October 2013
    Just walked out with 2013 Honda Civic LX automatic in Atlanta OTD $18,300.
    MSRP $19755
    Purchase price $16,500
    Doc fee $599
    Tax $1,228

    Gwinnett Place Honda.
  • muki1muki1 Posts: 5
    Sticker Price (MSRP): $21,605. Automatic Transmission.
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