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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 436
    Wow - one of the best prices we've seen in this forum - about 2000 below invoice. You should share the technique that got you this great deal - it will help others on the forum.

    Congrats and enjoy your new Honda!

    Bill G
  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 436
    What is the selling price minus the TTL (tax, title & license)? A total out the door price without an itemized breakdown is no help because TTL varies by location. A good price on this car would be around 21,300 including destination but before any fees and taxes. That's about 1500 below invoice.

    Bill G
  • Thanks Bill.
    Selling price is 23,505 and about $2000 is TTL and Dealer's fee.
    I too think it's pricy.
  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 436
    Your thinking is correct - that dealer has a lot of work to do on the price. Do you have any other dealers within a reasonable distance that you can get quotes from? I think you will see the price drop quickly if you get some competition going. Try to work with dealers who have good Internet mgrs/depts who are willing to negotiate through email.

  • Hi,

    Just wanted to share that the Honda Dealers seem to be more open minded to discounting the Civics give the new Corolla is quite a nice car and formidable competitor. I nearly bought a Corolla this week but was able to get a NEW 2013 Civic LX in my desired color combination with no dealer options. Dealers really seem to inflate the cost of basic easy to install options so I like to get the basic vehicle as I can install, mud flaps, floor mats and most accessories.

    Civic LX
    MSRP 19,755 (incl. Destination)
    Invoice 18,423 (incl. Destination)
    Selling Price 16,866 (includes $1000.00 of dealer and loyalty cash)
    OTD of 18,457.36 after Tax (7.0%) Title and Fees.

    As the math works you pay tax on the 1,000 (customer cash) as it's included in Selling price and backed out as a down payment customer cash or flex cash I think the called it. It was mandatory to finance through Honda in order to get a piece of that 1000.00 I think it was 500 loyalty and 500 flex etc.

    First negotiate and agree on a selling price via Email. Ask for best OTD pricing with detail. Many will reply with request for phone number. Just ask for OTD that you're evaluating on price first. If you have a trade get it appraised at Carmax if possible (clean it all up well first) and you have a low wholesale amount that most dealers should be willing and able to top. Check KBB, Edmunds, NADA website and others for used value and be reasonable to realize those services WON'T buy your car and don't sell used cars so you may need some flexibility. Remember it's all a negotiation and the dealer has an obligation to make the most profit possible. If you squeeze them on the selling price of the new car you leave little room or profit on a trade in. Straight Cash/finance deals are easier since no second negotiation on a trade it is involved. I've got to believe that the profit is still at least $500.00 on this deal, and maybe hidden in other elements and volume discounts and rewards that the bigger dealers get. Good luck to all you Honda Civic shoppers. The civic is a great car and I anticipate many years of good service and fairly low cost per mile of operation.
  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 436
    Congrats zackley - this is exactly how to go about a vehicle purchase to get a great deal - I hope vehicle shoppers in this forum heed your advice and employ it.

    Enjoy your new Civic!

    Bill G
  • Hi everyone,

    My 02 Impala decided to die after 12 years of faithful service. I looked into getting a smaller car and decided on the civic. I decided to get the EX trim for the added disk brakes. It is my first time buying a car, but I think I did alright.

    Civic EX

    MSRP: 21,605
    Dealer's Price: 22,200 with pro package
    Invoice: 20,450
    Sales Price: 19,400
    OTD Price: 20,800

    I might have done better, but I had been without a car for two weeks at this point. The dealership had the color combo I wanted, so I pulled the trigger. I was approved for the 1.9% 60 mos. Let me know how I did.
  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 436
    You did great - got a pretty good price and great financing on a fantastic car.

    Congrats and enjoy your new EX!

    Bill G
  • Bought mine in PA about 5 weeks ago:

    $21,735 plus TT.

    Walked out the door with 1.9% at $23,293.

    Had a Civic about 12 years ago. Now I have one to complement my 10 year old 180k Pilot.

    I absolutely LOVE this car!!!!

    Thanks to all for feedback and advice
  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 436
    Great job dagwave!

    Congrats and enjoy your new Civic!

    Bill G
  • Got the civic for an OTD price of $ 17,169. Got $1000 in dealer cash including $500 for loyalty.

    Don't have the exact breakdown in front of me, but thought I would share the bottom line price. This is at Hendrick honda in Woodbridge, VA.

    I don't think I have seen a better OTD price than this lately.
  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 436
    From what I understand, sales tax on vehicle purchases in VA is capped at $300. That's why it is difficult to gauge how good a deal is using out the door figures - not many states have that good of deal on sales tax. It looks like you got a good deal but it's hard to say for sure because we don't know your actual selling price. A great deal would be 1500 below invoice (including destination and any dealer doc fee) plus whatever incentives you qualified for. So if your sales price was around 16000 plus TTL, you got a great deal.

    Congrats and enjoy your new Civic!

    Bill G
  • mars86mars86 Posts: 1
    Hi All

    I just got a great deal for the EX-L. My out the door price is $21,353. I live in NY and am purchasing in NJ because my family has purchased from this dealer several times before.

    It would have been $22,853, but was able to get several incentives for dealer loyalty, having a graduate degree, and getting a approval for 0.9 % financing. This reduced my price by $1500!!

    I will be picking up my car this Saturday. I think this is the month to buy a civic!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,643
    I think that's South Carolina that has the $300 cap... Last I saw VA, it was around 3.17% ..

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 436
    You're right kyfdx - I should've remembered that since I lived in VA while in the military - I just looked it up and it went to 4% this past July. I'm still envious though because that's less than half what we pay in CA.


    Bill G
  • My quote:our Internet Sale Price is *19,375
    Special Monthly Lease Payment *210
    Special Financing - 0.9% up to 60 months with approved credit

    This does include destination fee but not tax, title, license and documentation fee. Does anyone have any advice on a good price to negotiate? Please help. I am new to this.
  • karhill1karhill1 Posts: 100
    Get the invoice price. Get the holdback percentage. Research incentives, both dealer and customer.

    Take invoice and reduce by he holdback and incentives. That amount is a starting point.

    Research these price posts to see if there is any relevant price info.

    Contact multiple dealers via the internet. Avoid dealers who do not provide a price. Research dealer reviews. Avoid Dealer Rater as they rate too high.

    Choose a dealer and start negotiating. Never, ever believe anything a sales person states. Example, just bought a new vehicle. Got a good offer which was $1,200 off my price estimate. Salesman assured me that was the best I would find anywhere. Left and went to the next dealer on my list. I got the price I wanted.

    Best thing to remember is to use your feet. If a deal is not right, just walk away. There is always another deal and you are always in control of the deal. Of course a sales person is highly trained to make you think they are in control.
  • Appreciate the good counsel also. Can you advise what a holdback is?
  • Also had a second follow up question. What source do you reference to identify the incentives for dealer and customer?
  • OTD price at $17,594 (including 6% taxes and 250 for tags). Is that a good deal?
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