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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Congrats!. Great price for the great car. Are you sure it is not 2013??? :)

    I am also in Philly are, do you mind sharing the sales person name?


    @jaysz said: Purchased a 2014 Civic EX today at Sloane Honda in Philadelphia, PA, bought the car for $19390 plus tax and tags with 1.9% financing. I have purchased 3 cars at this dealership and they are ok to deal with, this is my 3rd Honda from them. You do need to be pretty firm and they will give you a good price, they know me pretty well by now.

    Salesman told me the best price he could do was $19890 and then I spoke with the manager this morning and said I wanted to do a deal and I need a little better price. He gave me $500 honda down payment assistance, which means the dealership gets a portion of the funds from Honda. Although since they do not reduce the price of the car by that amount you pay tax on the $500.

    Drove a Camry and Corolla this morning before the deal and the Honda's were just so much better quality, the cvt on the Corolla did not perform well at all, oh well glad to help if I can, Jay.

  • jayszjaysz Posts: 3

    Nope it's a 2014, has all the new bells and whistles, so far loving the car :). Jay. I sent you a message with the salesperson, thanks.

  • Thank you..

    Does the price of $19390 include destination charge or any other fees?

    Just want to confirm that the break down is $19890 + Tax + Tag/Title - $500. Than you.

    @jaysz said: Nope it's a 2014, has all the new bells and whistles, so far loving the car :). Jay. I sent you a message with the salesperson, thanks.

  • jayszjaysz Posts: 3

    Everything but tax and tags, they shouldn't give you a hard time, if you need me to go with you I sent my number and I will gladly call them if not make the trip. Also no doc fee other than the $229 for the new license plate, I had Davis Honda down to $18999 but they have a $400 doc fee plus the registration fee. You should have no problem but if you gonna do the deal, do it now, month end is coming, the beginning of the month may have a new program and they are tougher to deal with at that time.

  • galdagalda Posts: 1
    edited May 1

    2014 Civic LX Automatic, no extras. Selling price (incl. delivery charges) $17,283. It's $1,220 below the truecar price for my zip code. Fees: $166 doc fee, $25 electronic filing, $120 plate transfer. OTD price $18,861. 3rd party financing, so they didn't get $500 from Honda. Honda on Grand in IL.

  • l1ndsayl1ndsay Posts: 2
    @geerod62‌ I have a question for you since you're from canada too! May I ask what you ended up purchasing and for how much? I JUST bough a 2014 Civic LX sedan w Manual Transmission for $19,200 OTD. I really hope that was a good deal... Cheers!
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