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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • minimusminimus Posts: 9
    Purchased a 2002 Civic EX with side air bags and floor mats on Saturday from Autrey Locklear at Union Park Honda in Wilmington, DE for $15,000 including Dealer Prep and Handling. Tags, Registration fee and Document preparation amounted to $206.50. PA tax was $900.
    I think the negotiations started around $15,600.

    I spent about 1 week talking to other dealers such as Scott Honda in West Chester, PA - we were at $15,300 the last time I talked to them, so they seemed competive and still had a good selection of Civics.

    I visited one other dealer and emailed & talked to others. Just about each time I visited a dealer, they were willing to beat the other guy's price by $150 to $200. Just talking to a dealer over the phone or via email proved fruitless. I suggest putting up with the hassle of visiting more show rooms and talking to a salesperson.

    I'm not sure that I really hit rock bottom with my deal although Union Park said they made a mistake and were actually losing money on it. My guess is that this was just a way of "sinking the hook" into me. Who knows, but I was also getting a little concerned that finding a Civic with the right color etc. was going to get a little tougher. On the other hand, it sounds like the 2003 Civic is still 2 to 3 months off, so I think the deals will get even better in a month's time. I know the Dealer Cash of $250 is due to end in September, but I wouldn't doubt that it will be increased soon after. With the 2003 Accord due out next month, the dealer cash is $1000. Maybe this will happen for the Civic??? Good luck with your purchases!
  • 20exc20exc Posts: 16
    Great posting got me in the right frame of mind to get a better deal...Thanks
  • minimusminimus Posts: 9
    I was told that the list price for a 7 year, 100k mile extended warranty on a new Civic EX was $1,450. If I bought it in conjunction with LoJack (or some other insurance deal that I can't remember the name of) the extended warranty would be discounted to $950. (I think you can probably get it discounted anyway)

    With a young son getting ready to drive the car into the ground over the next few years, it seems like a bargain.

    The warranty is assignable, so if I go to sell the car in 6 years, we can pass along 1 year's worth (or the balance of mileage up to 100k) onto the next owner. It seems like this in itself would allow us to sell the car at a much higher price, maybe covering the $950.

    Another nice aspect is that if you wreck your car, or sell it, you can receive back the prorated, unused portion of your warranty. You don't lose it all. This certainly works in the dealer's favor for the first 3 years/ 36,000 miles, but afterwards, with a few covered repairs, I think it starts to swing the other way. Now, it seems real nice to put off purchasing the warranty until you're about to reach that 3-year/36,000 mark, but I doubt you'll get it discounted as much if at all then. Plus, you have to come up the $1,450 in cash or finance it some other way. I decided to do it up-front so that it would be wrapped into the 4.9% loan.

    Of course none of this makes sense if you are leasing and the term of the lease is less than or equal to the standard 3-year, 36,000 mile warranty. Even it the lease is a bit longer, I wouldn't expect repairs on a Honda in the 4th year to be anywhere near $950.

    Well, that covers my thoughts on the extended warranty. Anybody have some advice about the extended warranty or LoJack?
  • jfigueroa1jfigueroa1 Posts: 209
    Bought a new honda civic 2002 lx a/t. the warranty i got is the one with 10/1000,00 miles
    for $750.00 with $0 ded. it covers bumper to bumper 7/84,000 and 3/16,000 eng/trans/axels. they were good as for the price of the car so since the honda standard warranty is very (so not good).I know people talk about how good honda is but in ten years I KNOW SOME THING WILL BREAK.
    Greetings from sunny Miami.
  • 20exc20exc Posts: 16
    I was told you have up to one year to enter into the extended warranty program. If a Honda needs it sooner than that were in big trouble. Consumer Report says that the highest price is from the dealer. If you do a web search, like on Google the companies are rated, they have one site "Extended Warranty Review" good place to start. Try
  • danixdanix Posts: 19
    I will be getting prices today.
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    You can get a decent price on a Honda warranty from several dealers, post a question on the Odyssey thread and someone can direct you. I'd avoid buying an outside warranty.
  • danixdanix Posts: 19
    Best prices so far are from Local dealers are telling me to just buy it there for that price :)
  • Today I bought my first new car, the bullet-proof (knock on wood) Honda Civic LX. I bought it from Curry Honda and paid the following:
    Price: $13,500
    Destination Charge: $460
    Documentation Fees: $380
    Tax, Tag, Title: $860
    7yr./100,000 Extended Warranty: $1,250 (I don't want any problems for next seven years, period)
    Gap Insurance: $500
    APR: 4.9%

    Did I get a decent deal? Was the extended warranty and gap insurance a scam? Dealership was great. Highly recommended. Sidney Williams was the salesperson. It was the last black 2002 they will get. I think they threw in mudguards... I guess. Anyways, I'm happy and I am looking forward to some rewarding Honda ownership. I've bought a brand new Honda motorcycle before and loved it. Hopefully, the Civic will be the same. Any comments or post-sale thoughts would be appreciated.
  • theracoontheracoon Posts: 666
    Documentation Fees: $380

    You got robbed on this fee. It's what the dealer charges to prepare the paperwork involved with transfering title of the vehicle to you. I've been talking with 3 dealers about an '02 Civic LX Coupe. Initially the Documentation Fees quoted by each dealer ranged from $40 to $99. When I challenged the $99 amount that dealer dropped it to $70.

    Gap Insurance: $500

    What does this cover and why would you need it?
  • I need some help/education on getting the best deal in NW Washington state. I see most of you'll are located either out east, Texas or SoCal. What would be a reasonable offer to request on this vehicle? Cardirect shows $250 over invoice in my area, but they seems to blowing out the accords. Most likely due to the model change. It'll be very frustrating to be stuck having to by at this price knowing what others are getting. Help, thanks
  • minimusminimus Posts: 9
    Well I'm bummed out. I thought the HondaCare extended warranty that I bought for my EX was a pretty good deal at $950. But now I followed danix's advice and checked the web site. (www.HondaWarranty.Com) The web site sells the same coverage for 880.00 less a 75.00 promotional discount that they immediately send you in an email. So the dealer's discounted price was $145.00 over HondaCare's price. Plus, the penalty for putting this off for a couple of years seems to be virtually nill. I guess I'll have to run out of gas and call them for the free 4 gallons of gas a couple of dozen times to get even. ;)
  • danixdanix Posts: 19
    If you bought the warranty at the dealer, you can turn it in for full value within 30 days, and I think you can even do so for a while.
    Sure you can buy the warranty any time before the std warranty is up, but the hedge is that the warranty may go up if you purchase it later. I think they also prorate it if you have a certain amount of miles.
  • Sucks for me! Dealer after much negotiation refused to drop the documentation fee. I know what it is for but they simply wouldn't drop it. The Gap Insurance is to make up the difference between what I owe and what the car is worth in the event that the car is stolen, totaled, etc. and the insurance company only gives me book value. I've heard this is a good thing to have. As far as the extended warranty is concerned I am debating returning it. I am getting differing opinions on all sides as to whether I should even have it and as to whether I paid too much ($1250). Anyone have any comments?
  • theracoontheracoon Posts: 666
    As far as the extended warranty is concerned I am debating returning it. I am getting differing opinions on all sides as to whether I should even have it and as to whether I paid too much ($1250). Anyone have any comments?

    Return it, you paid too much for the extended warranty. shows the cost of 7 yr/100k miles/0 deductible insurance for a Civic sold after 8/29/2000 as $880.

    Whether you even need it is up to you. While Honda's are very reliable there are no guarantees that something won't break after the regular warranty expires.

    Personally, I carry mechanical breakdown coverage on my '99 CR-V through my auto insurance company. It supplements the Comprehensive & Collision coverage for 7 yr/100k miles with a $250 deductible for less than $45/year. Cheap peace of mind, even if I never use it.
  • jfigueroa1jfigueroa1 Posts: 209
    I bought my civic lx last satuday and i paid 780 or so and it cover 10/100,000 miles well 7/84,000
    the whole car but brake shoes,and 3/16,000 eng/trans/axels, with no deductible.I figured that in that time something will break, a car with so many moving parts sure it is going to break plus all will be done at honda dealer with honda parts.
    Greetings from sunny Miami.
  • dcd4dcd4 Posts: 1
    Congrats to those of you who got the 2002 Civic EX 4-door automatic for $14998, $16,400 out the door. Please answer me this: Does that $16,400 include tax? I was given a quote of $16,400 BEFORE tax, and I need to know if that's too much. And you did say you got it at Woodland Hills Honda, right? Thanks!
  • 20exc20exc Posts: 16
    We purchased the Civic EX, 4 door, automatic, with side air bags at McNatt Honda in Lewisville Tx. The sticker price was $18,520 same as Edmunds MSRP,Invoice $16,964, TMV $16,958 again from Edmunds, we gave $16,653 then add TTL. We did purchase the extended warranty at the dealership. 7yr/100k with 0 deductable for $725. I called every dealer went in person to at least 7 in the DFW area. McNatt did offer the best price on the model she wanted. The extendend warranty price was $80 less than Now when you post your better price be sure it's not a DX or a manual be sure it has side air bags and 4 doors. Please name your Dealership. I worked with Bryan Bergero and Ray Revees. I'll save you a step the number is 972-221-8611.

    Good luck hunting the right deal.

    If you talk to them tell them John the guy who really wanted the Hybrid and was a pain in the butt sent you. $25 to me for the referral. I'll split it. Boy am I cheap!
  • I just purchased an EX 2-door automatic with side airbags for $15,581 (destination charge included) before tax and licensing in Northern California. Invoice, according to Edmunds, is $16,508. So right now at least, I think I got a pretty good deal on the car itself.

    I got LoJack for $495 (after a good 45 minutes dragging it down kicking and screaming from the proposed $695), plus floormats thrown in with that.

    I also managed to get the 7 year/75,000 extended warranty for the same price listed on the web for $750 (down from a proposed $995). But after reading about the email discount offer after-the-fact, I am now mourning the additional $75 I could have shaved off. Should I go back and demand the extra $75 off? I found it awfully hard to get the F&I person to even meet the web's price.

    Did I get a good deal as it is, or should I be a scrouge and get another $75 off? This was my first time purchasing a car, so any further suggestions or criticism is welcome.
  • 20exc20exc Posts: 16
    You can cancel the extended warranty at any time. You should go back and ask to at least split the difference if not get the entire amount.
  • I'm looking to buy Civic LX 4D Auto in the next few days in NJ, anyone has any suggestion for the best deal around this area? Thanks.
  • I had a horrible buying experience this week. I contacted an internet buying service to get a phone quote for a 2002 4 dr Honda Civic Ex automatic MSRP 18270. The internet salesperson from David McDavid in Irving, TX contacted me Wednesday and told me he has been selling this car for $15,200 + TTL. I had an ad from another dealer in Ft. Worth for $15,995 + TTL. So I thought I was getting a good deal. After I showed up at David McDavid's (the next day) to test drive the car and negotiate the price the salesperson turned into a complete jerk. He refused to quote me a price and he performed the usual unethical tricks that I have experienced in the past. I finally was to able to submit an offer of $15,400 TTL. The salesperson stated that market conditions had changed overnight and the price of the car was $15,950 + TTL. I said goodbye and left.
  • I just bought my first Honda - a manual Civic Lx for $14200 (about invoice according to Edmunds without options)
    I had a great buying experience and I got the vehicle at the price I wanted without haggling. I purchased a 5 yr/100,000 mile extended warranty from the dealer for $900. A bit more what I have read other posters getting it for but I was basically concerned with the mileage on the warranty not the time since I drive 20,000 miles / per year.
    I got a great car at a fair deal. I intially considered the Elantra GT, Ford Focus ZX5 and the Nissan Sentra.
    I was impressed by the Elantra GT at the price offered but reputation ruled over the extras the Elantra offered with me.
    If you are in Eastern North Carolina, Bob Barbour Honda is the place to go.
  • I just purchased an 02 Civic LX sedan last night at Ralph Schomp Honda in Littleton, CO. I think I got a great deal on it but I'm interested in knowing what you all think.

    My price was $13,749 + $250 (tint) + $450 (sales tax) for a total of about $14,450. The original price on it "was" 13999, but for whatever reason they were offering $250 off all Civics yesterday *only*. I'm thinking it was because it was the last day of the month.

    I must say I was pretty pleased through the whole experience. No haggling policy and no hidden fees of any kind to worry about. The one negative on them I guess would be that I couldn't convince them to thrown in floor mats for me. :)

    It's interesting to note that I called Mile High Honda (Aurora, CO) to see if they'd do anything with their price and they even told me to go ahead and buy it.

    What do you all think?
  • After my horrible experience I went to Vandergriff in Arlington, TX. I showed the salesperson an ad from another dealer that was selling the 2002 Honda Civic 4 DR auto (MSRP - $18,270) for $15995 TTL and asked if he could beat the price. He said he could. I wanted ruby red car. The one I tested had side air bags (MSRP $18520) and some dealer extras ($565: tinted windows, appearance trim ?, and floor mats). The total price was $19085. The salesmen sold the car for $16,709. I could have probably negotiated another $100 off the price but the salesperson was honest and I didn't want to play any games. I felt like I got a fair deal.
  • I've been negotiating for a price on a new LX civic sedan. Automatic, standard features. Only extras are floor mats, mud guards and pinstripes.
    Total prices $15,061. This INCLUDES taxes (VA- $430), tags, and destination charges. According to the sales guy it's the lowest they will go and he says it's a "very good price". If I'm to believe edmunds it appears to actually be below invoice. Should I jump on it and buy it now or wait for the 2003's. My fellow civic owners and buyers out there opinions would be very appreciated.
  • I just took delivery of a 2002 Civic Si yesterday. I got the car for $17,500 which is under invoice, and then I stupidly believed the finance director who quoted the 100,000 mile Honda Care at $1500 and bought it.

    I haven't received any information on the Honda Care warranty yet. I think I'll take the refund if I can.

    Those of you who cancelled within the first month; can you tell me more about how you did that? Thanks.
  • Just took delivery of a new silver 2002 Civic 4dr Sedan w/ side air bags last night. Bought the car from Reagan Honda in Jefferson City, MO. Buying experience was very positive. MSRP on the car was $15,820, invoice = $14,501 - agreed on a price of $14,435 (with floormats) with the salesman via e-mail. When I showed up to pick up the car they had the car ready for me to test drive while they valued my trade-in, had the financing all ready also. I was there less than an hour to sign all the papers and have the salesman go over where everything was/how everything worked. They didn't try any tricks, everything we discussed via e-mail or on the phone prior to me showing up to get the car was correct and in place when I got there. All in all pretty satisfied.
  • mtyfmtyf Posts: 19
    Hi there,
    Sorry if you've seen this post on other discussions, just thought I'd try to reach as many as I could!
    I was wondering if anyone had recently bought an '02 Civic LX (auto, sedan, no extras) in Canada, and what they paid for it?

  • Assume the car you bought was an LX 5sp manual. I had to pay over $400 extra in VA state taxes on my LX automatic (see post #207). Was wondering what your total drive off price was with that INCLUDED?
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