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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nash123nash123 Posts: 82

    I think it is a great price. Glad it worked out for you. Which dealer was this?
    Also, if you do not mind me asking, how much (approx) your downpayment was, I do not know if it makes any difference if you put in too much or too little, but would be good to know.

    What color is the car? Is it the color that you wanted or did they give you a good deal on a relatively "unpopular" color?

    And I know exactly what you mean about the Corolla... in the dealership it looks good but when you drive it, it drives like a cheaper car for some reason. And I really did not like the quality of the interior, especially the CD player etc. I think you did great.

    I was waiting until after 5th of July - most of the online quotes I got said the prices are good until then, and I am wondering if they will get any more desperate to sell the 05s to make room for the 06s. Let's see if it will make any difference.

    Thanks for the update.
  • nash123nash123 Posts: 82
    By the way, you dodged the sales tax hike in Chicago (well, if you live in the City of Chicago) which went into effect today. 8.75% to 9%.
  • suicycossuicycos Posts: 3
    I wish I would have found this site sooner looks like I could have possibly saved some more money.. what do you guys think of the deal I got?
  • nash123nash123 Posts: 82
    Hard to say. Depends on how much they charge for the tinted windows and the other misc stuff. I say you could have done a bit better but is still good. Regional inventories might be a factor too. Also coupes might be more popular in your area.

    Personally, I like the Coupe much better than the 4dr but we are getting this car for our newborn, so we do not have much of a choice. If you ask me, I would never give up my 99 Civic EX Coupe, stick shift.... oh well.
  • bluelotusbluelotus Posts: 6
    I am in MD, the tax here is 5%, probably different from Chicago.
    I put downpayment around 20%, but it doesn't matter to the APR
    I got the exact color I want, silver, they actually didn't have this color until I arrived there, they traded one from another place for me yesterday. Brand new with all the paper on the body, 18 miles only.

    Definately they can sell Civic EX w/front side air bags at around 15,500 (including destination), the other dealer gave me that price yesterday, silver too.
  • nash123nash123 Posts: 82
    I am thinking about looking at Accord LXs too. My insurance company quoted me less for insurance compared to Civic EX. It is a bigger car w/160hp. If I can get a good deal on an Accord LX, I might do that too.
  • bama3bama3 Posts: 1
    I just bought a civic LX auto. The price OTD was $15,600. The quoted price of the car was $14,300 + $515 (freight)=$14,815. The rest included tax, title, and a $299 "processing fee." Even if you included the processing fee, the price of the car was just over $15,000. This seems about $500 below Edmunds invoice listing of $15,500 (which includes freight). I feel like I got a more than fair deal, but I have the feeling that there was some money "left on the table" so to speak.

    That brings me to my question. Edmunds still is not showing any rebates for this car. How are the dealerships selling them below invoice? I know the 06s are coming out, but it seems unlikely dealers are selling them at a loss. Are there hidden incentives out there? It might be helpful to know that I bought the car in the DC area. I also got quotes from dealerships in AL (back home) which were much more in line with Edmunds TMV's, as the lowest OTD price in AL was $16,500 and the highest $17,500 (tax rates don't account for the difference, they are the same).
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    I felt the same way when I test drove this car. My '96 Corolla seemed to be an overall nicer car. The wife drove the Civic LX but ultimately decided to get the Mazda3 S, which we'll pick up this afternoon. Got the car at invoice minus the coupons I had. They even took out their "processing fee" as we dealt with the internet guy.
    Zoom Zoom y'all!

    The Sandman :)
  • cooldoccooldoc Posts: 5
    I saw that many people were managed to get Honda Civic LX AT 4 dr Sedan with OTD of $15500. I wanted to buy at this price but no dealer is ready to sell it on this price in Connecticut near Hartford area. All dealers are giving a magic figure of $16200 OTD price. I am wondering if all the dealers are shaking hands under the table of sell at this rate. I tried to negotiate with them but no one is ready to lower. I have not enquired the rates in another state for example MA which is also close to Hartford.

    This is my first purchase and I donot have all those skills to bargain etc. I will appreciate if anyone who has recently purchased can share his experience and comment on my prices.
    Thanks a lot
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    Go to the Honda website and put in another city that is within driving distance of where you live. Get the dealers to give you an internet quote or a quote over the phone. If you find a price that is acceptable, have them do the paperwork before you make the drive. Know what the out the door price is. Driving a couple hundred miles to save a few hundred would be logical to me.
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    Honda does rebates through the back door. They are giving incentives to the dealers based on their number of sale for the month. Don't worry; they are not losing money at the dealership. The incentives vary with the number of cars sold. Also, Honda, like other makes, has a 3% holdback. Most dealers will not bargain with the holdback but they will bargain with the incentives.
  • freewillyfreewilly Posts: 8
    Dear All-
    Is this a good price for 2005 Honda Civic LX in NJ?
    15,500.00 Include Tax 6%, Destination and DMV
    I will be buying it tomorrow on 4th July
    Pl let me know if this is the best deal

    Thanks in advance
  • freewillyfreewilly Posts: 8
    The base price is 14,500(Include Destination) + 1000 Tax DMV etc
  • jiimmmjiimmm Posts: 15
    Try Curry Honda, Put in an internet request, They have dealerships in chicopee, ma and Yorktown ny.
    I got a great deal for a VP coupe w/side airbags for 12, 175 and their doc fee is only 124.
    I bought at chicopee but they did a vehicle swap with their yorktown dealership.
    Good luck
  • freewillyfreewilly Posts: 8
    Is it a good deal???
  • fblackfblack Posts: 26
    For new 2005 Civic Sedan VP this dealer is charging $12,495 + $515 Freight, + $100 processing fee, + local tax and tags. Bottom line $13,110 + tax. It's in the Washington DC area. Is this a good deal or could I do better?

  • freewillyfreewilly Posts: 8
    Is this a good price?
    I am also thinking of EX as this one doesnt have ABS. I am not sure if the LX has ABS???
    What is a good price in NJ for EX AT?
    Any experts have any suggestions about ABS?Currently I live in NJ but may be moving to MN where you get tons of snow

    Is ABS really worth if you are in heavy snow states?

  • dhondadhonda Posts: 2
    Just helping out fellow civic shoppers. I didn't get any reference so this will hopefully help some one.
    Just bought one over the weekend for $14K includes destination but before TTL. This is the normal price around the Bay Area, CA. You should start targeting $1500 below invoice or more. If I had known earlier that would have been my target.
  • bj1879bj1879 Posts: 1
    What is a realistic price on the EX sedan automatic nnow that we are in July, I have been shopping and have been quoted at 16,300 (said 200 below invoice). What can I do or say to get this price down into the 15,500 range if that is possible. I am in Ky if that helps. Are any new dealer incentives coming out on the 5t5h, what are they if so? Thanks guys and gals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • mbell2mbell2 Posts: 1
    I found a 2001 Civic LX, auto with 47000 miles that looks great. The Honda dealer was asking $12995 which seems way high based on my research. He came down to $11K pretty quick but I was thinking he has $8500 in it so I should go $10K. What do you think? WHat is a fair profit for the dealer on a used car?

    I found a 2003 that had just sold for $11K with lower miles so the 2001 seems high.

    Thanks :confuse:
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