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Honda Civic Accessories and Modifications



  • aznazn Posts: 14
    Big question...everywhere i look, online and in mags, im told that the "civic si" arent the si in canada? that the si is the "Sir"? soo if i were to buy something for my engine i would look under ex/lx for my civic si? is that true?
  • i just got this on my o5 civic si and no its not to noisy DEFINETLY worth it :)
  • I just installed a aem cold air huge difference the install didnt take long 1 1/2 hrs. the by pass valve is not on my car
  • just added aem cold air to my 2005 civic si it is very throaty and makes anywhere from 10-14 hspwr. the v2 cold air is the best out there 14-18 hspwr
  • i just bought a honda civic si 2005 the dealer installed on my car will not void warranty and also helps insurance rates. the cost is anywhere from 850-1100$
  • i just bought a 2005 civic si i can tell you the first thing i did was cut the pipe off from cat back went from 1 3/4 to a 2.5 inch pie put a magnaflow muffler a aem cold air induction added about 20 horsepower headers are next GReddy makes a good header about 400+$. The air intake 353.00 the new pipe was 95.00 to install you may want to consider a silencer they get loud.GReddy turbos are really good at about 10-12lbs boost.
  • aznazn Posts: 14
    yeah they'll fit, even if the si tail lights arent factory theyll fit
  • aznazn Posts: 14
    I see...the only thing i keep in mind before i start buying bolt on for my car is that i think my civic is different from yours because mine from canada...arent the Si's in US the Sir in canada?
  • Hi, I'm trying to buy either some iridium or double platinum ngk spark plugs for my 1999 civic. Should i get the NGK iridiums over the NGK double platinums? I heard that the iridiums last as long and is about $4 cheaper than the double platinums at my local auto store. Thanks.
  • Does anyone know what size speakers are in the door panels and the size pf the speakers in the back as well in an 05' civic LX
  • Does anyone know what size speakers are in the door panels and the size pf the speakers in the back as well in an 05' civic LX

    The speakers are 6 1/2" round in the front and back in the LX sedan. The coupe has 6" X 9" in the rear.
  • I was wondering if it is possible to install rear disk brakes instead of the original drums that Honda putted on the civic? I know that the Acura 1.7 EL is almost the same car and it comes with rear disk brakes, but I dont know if it would fit on the Civic???
  • today i got a 92 civic cx with 16"american raceing rims but they rub but there isnt after market tires on it but it only rubs wen u put weight on it? theres dints on the inside of the fender but i was wondering wats the dif between a crx motor and a civic motor and wether id be better off swapping a crx motor into tha civic? i have no answerr to ur answer. :( but im new here and i just got my honda
  • aznazn Posts: 14
    i still have not gotten a stright answer about my model issue, i have a honda civic SI, 1.7 L engine. everywhere i look for aftermarket parts they ask if my models a ex,lx, or si, when i tell them mines an SI they look up the part for the SIR which is a 2.0 L engine, why do i keep getting this prob when dealing with U.S companys.
  • Hey there... I'm guessing that your rims offset is 42 or higher. I had my 92 hatchback cx for about 5 years so I'm a bit familiar with the car. I found that 15 X 6.5 rims with 40 offset work best in the EG models. They work great with the car's balance. If you have 16 X 7 rims use a 205X40X16 tire, that worked some okay with my set up. Also, find out from the previous owner if the car was hit. That could be another reason why. What kind of suspension are runing? Coilovers, camber kits and so on... About the swap, get a B16 from either a CRX or an Si (look for low miles), but for better results get a B18B bottom end from an Integra and put a B16 Vtech head, you get the best of both worlds, the 142 of torque (from the B18B) and the 160 HP from the B16. This swap is a lot cheaper than buying a B18C engine just make sure you get a good Honda shop to do the drilling for the oil pass, if you live in California, you should have no problems finding one.
  • khls97khls97 Posts: 15

    I'm in the Chicago area looking to add leather to my 2006 Civic EX when I get it.

    Does anyone have any pictures to show and/or places they've been for this? How much was it?

    Secondly, will heated seats work as well or will it drain the battery? Is it okay to have the interior illumination and heated seats?

    All help would be appreciated!

  • I just bought a 02 EX Coupe and the dealer has already washed his hands off the car. I noticed a bright light, a blue coloured LED indicator that comes ON every time I step on the gas to accelerate the car. The light, even though unnoticable in the day, is very bright and irritating during the night time, specially when it comes on and goes off regularly. There is a small sticker on top of the light which reads "VTEC". This light is just next to the 12 amp socket below the AC control panel. Any idea what this light may be and if it is standard equipment? Thanks in advance.
  • I am currently trying to install a remote starter/alarm combo to my 1993 Honda Civic. The device is an X-Sheild XS-800S. I was told by the manufacturer that it works for both manual and automatic transmission, although it only came with installation diagrams for automatic transmission.
    I am looking for some information on how to wire the remote starter part of the system for a manual car. I know that I must bypass the starter wire and somehow connect to the clutch switch, but I don't know how.
    If anyone can help me or has come across a good resource, please let me know.
    Thanks for the help,

  • khls97khls97 Posts: 15

    Has anyone here had the interior illumination installed on an '06 Civic? Any pics other than the one on Honda's site?

    Thanks! :)
  • I busted the right passenger side tail light on my 05' Honda Civic.. I wanted to know how much it should cost to repair one or probably replace. And there are some deep scratches on the bumper and I wanted to know if that would cost a lot to? Thanks.

    -Jess :sick:
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