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Honda Civic Accessories and Modifications



  • Has anyone purchased / installed the XM Satellite Radio Kit on a new 2006 Civic that is "XM-Ready"? If so, how much did you pay (parts and labor)? Is it possible to buy parts for this that are not Honda parts (i.e. cheaper)? If so, where? Did anyone have someone other than their dealer install it (e.g. Best Buy)? I want to add XM directly to the navigation unit on a new 2006 Civic Sedan EX with navigation, but most dealers want to charge around $700-800!!! What a rip-off! Price should be no more than half of that! Please let me know. Thanks.
  • :confuse: :confuse:
    Hi all. My name is Cait. I'm nineteen and I am looking to buy my very first car. When researching the Honda civic, I realized that, besides the year, manual or automatic transmision were NOT my only options. Can someone please tell me what these different "trims" are all about (a.k.a. these extra letters and numbers and price differences)? Thanks again (please forgive my ignorance)...
  • I just bought a 99 Civic LX with the stock AM/FM radio. I would like to upgrade to a CD player. Can I use the AM/FM/CD radio out of an EX model? Do these radios require an external amp or other equipment, or would it just be plug and play? I'm considering obtaining one from a slavage yard or from eBay. Most of these radios don't have the anti theft code available, but they claim that it can be obtained from the dealer. Will a Honda dealer give me the code if I have the radio in hand, or do I need additional information? Thanks for your help! -Brian
  • jofu74jofu74 Posts: 4
    Just got my civic and I love it...except for the stereo - which is not bad - but I would like to replace the back speakers with a brand that can produce a little more bass, not deep hip hop thumping bass, but a decent sound without getting too technical; no amps, just good speakers. Something I can install on my own - pop off, replace, etc...Any suggestions?
  • College Hills has good installation PDFs see this link:

    Can't be installed with fog lights on lX and EX,
  • Anyone installed exhaust and intake on a 2006 Honda Civic Si yet?


    soon to be double sixes,

  • Hi:

    I replaced the rear speakers in the 2006 civic lx with pioneer 6.5"
    *coaxial* speakers but not because of bass response. This otherwise
    excellent car is tainted by crappy speakers which have
    high-frequecy rattle or buzz or jingle on female voices or music
    with cymbals. I am surprised that no honda review has mentioned this

    The factory speakers have a plastic frame with a tiny magnet. Even
    the dirt cheap speakers from wal-mart have a metal frame with hefty
    magnet. Do you see where this is going?

    The factory speakers have only one mounting screws and two plastic
    tabs to place them in the mounting hole. To access the mounting
    screw you have to pop a plastic cover from inside the trunk and
    then unscrew from the back seat.

    Since the mounting hole is horseshoe shaped, no aftermarket speaker
    will fit. I had to cover the hole with a ring cut from 1/4"
    polystrene to adapt to the round speaker.

    If you want solid bass, you need an amp and enclosed subwoofer.
    If the woofer is not contained, the trunk lid and plastic panels
    in the civic will vibrate giving loud, cheap sound.

  • aznazn Posts: 14
    can comeone answer me,
    i just got a performance camshaft for my 1.7L civic si. does my engine require any upgrades in order for my aftermarket camshaft to work properly? plus so far i have changed the following, cold air intake, header, and full exhaust i believe everything from air intake to exhaust is well balanced (correct me if im wrong) i am now thinking of changing my factory pulley system with a AEM pulley system or something, with the new pulley would there be anything say "unbalanced"? any help or repley would be very helpfull!!! thanks
  • i just got a 97 civic vtec head and i was wondering if it could swap right on to my 89 crx si with the D16A6 motor? if so, what are the steps that must be taken to complete it?
  • HONDA CIVIC 2002 EX Coupe. I noticed a bright light, a blue coloured LED indicator that comes ON every time I step on the gas to accelerate the car. The light, even though unnoticable in the day, is very bright and irritating during the night time, specially when it comes on and goes off regularly. There is a small sticker on top of the light which reads "VTEC". This light is just next to the 12 amp socket below the AC control panel. Any idea what this light may be and if it is standard equipment? Thanks in advance.
  • I put an intake on my '06 last week but it's not SI, it's an LX Sedan. It's a Fujita and I'm happy with it. I think AEM is the only one that has one for the SI, but it looks like Fujita is coming out with one for SI soon(see

    For Exhaust, I found some universal exhaust system's, didn't know if I should wait if considering upgrading the exhaust on the Civic and what the best thing to do on it is....any thoughts? :)
  • Yeah, when I bought my '06 XL without Nav, I have a designated button that reads "XM Ready" and no one at the dealer told me that isn't really XM ready until I spend $700 to have it "ready". I was really ticked off and threatened to drive it back just on principle alone. They worked with me and gave me the unit for $400 which also included the labor. It is a labor intensive deal which takes 5+ hours to install.

    I could've done the best buy deal but that would've meant i would've had to have had the external unit and mess up the dash.

    someone needs to explain to honda what the word "ready" means and that $700 for XM is such a joke.
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    Those Honda lawyers must have worked overtime on the entirely misleading phrase "XM Ready" before marketing the 2006 Civics.

    You did very well getting your dealer to do the job for only $400. But when I read this 16-page installation procedure I decided that I wouldn't want my vehicle torn apart and possibly reassembled incorrectly.

    I was concerned about squeeks and rattles in the dashboard area and elsewhere after such major surgery. I also think that the inside-the-windshield antenna location is just plain dumb. See pages 11 through 14 here:

    I'll stick with my 2004 Accord with factory XM until Honda gets real about the proper way to equip Civics with XM.
  • joem5joem5 Posts: 201
    It cracks as my Type S did after 20k.You can't get good leather on a car that cost 20k. Your going to spend 2k for decent leather and heated seats don't drain the battery.
    You need to go to a shop that specialises in seat upholstry.
  • Hello,

    I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for achieving better MPG. I'm thinking about adding a cold air intake and I'm also thinking about adding a chip to my car. If anyone has any affordable modification ideas around 0-$500 that is practical I would love to hear them...
  • jonallenjonallen Posts: 30
    The commonest mistake made concerning efficiency modifications is that driving habits are not paramount. If you are not gentle with both the accelerator and the brakes, you are doomed to be disappointed. If you drive a Civic Ex, you are not going to do as well as less powerful models, but you can still do reasonably well by killing the engine whenever you're stopped for more than 10 seconds, keeping an above average distance from the car ahead of you so that you can safely coast as much as possible, and burning the lowest octane fuel specified by manual. Swapping the fuel injection IC might result in a leaner, more efficient mix, but driving habits and proper maintenance are bigger factors.
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 14,487
    Learning to drive SMOOTHLY, is indeed your best lesson!! The gig is to get the most wear and the best mpg for each and every one of your "driving conditions"

    You are much better off using the money you put into buying those items in the bank and investing and or drawing tax free interest. Neither will seriously aid you in your goals.

    Cold air intakes will actually let in more particulate matter than the stock air filter. This increases engine wear and if you are doing UOA's, point you in the direction of more frequent oil change intervals, which as you probably can deduce is oxymoronic to "saving" money. If you get an "oiled" filter, oil CAN migrate to your MAF and cause problems $'s....

    A chip will decrease your reliability, but more importantly actually encourage you to "FEEL" the new power on tap. So if you have a automatic transmission, a modest increase in HP and torque should not cause more engine/drivetrain wear. However, if you have a manual transmission, most are built and mated with very little room for upgrades in hp and torque. The application of the new hp and torque will actually accelerate clutch wear as a min. (Clamping issues)
  • Can anyone with an '06 LX Coupe tell me whether or not the MP3 input jack (that comes standard with the car) allows a person to control their Ipod with the stereo controls or do you have to have the Ipod music link that's advertised on the Honda site?
  • I have an '06 LX Coupe and I listen to my iPod EVERY DAY in that thing, but yea, in order to control the iPod through the stereo, you need the Honda iPod accessory. Technically, it's better to use the music link b/c it charges the iPod while it plays so for long trips you don't have to worry about your iPod going dead. However, for the price (installation isn't included in the figure on the website) in my opinion, you're fine off with just using your iPod controls.
  • 92dx92dx Posts: 1
    I have a 92 civic dx 1.5 sohc 4 dr with a 5 speed. i also have a 90 acura integra gs with b18a1 and a 5 speed. Will the 90 integra engine and tranny drop into my 92 civic?
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