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Honda Civic Accessories and Modifications



  • :confuse: I'm looking to change out the alloy wheels on my 2008, does anybody know of any websites that might have the same comparable weight so as not to affect gas mileage?
  • g4illag4illa Posts: 2
    I'm looking into getting a new aftermarket sound system for a 1998 Honda Civic EX. I don't want to spend more than $200. What is the best combination of speakers, deck(head), etc. that I can get for $200? Thanks
  • My son has an '07 Si. I am concerned that he spends too much time fiddling with his IPOD. Is the $375 Honda upgrade to link to the audio system worth it? Are there other altenratives?
  • kork13kork13 Posts: 90
    I also have the '07 Si, and I'm 21 so I completely understand what you're talking about. However, the honda link is definitely not worth the money, IMHO... I've also heard that they have recently developed problems with it, due to updates Apple have made to the iPod and iTunes software.

    What I do (and would recommend to him) is to set his iPod in the little space between the stick and the cupholders. You can place it in there so that it'll stay firmly in place even when you press the buttons, and you can easily see the screen from the driver's seat with just a quick glance.

    From there, if he makes a favorite playlist and sets his iPod to play that while he's driving, he can listen to all of his favorite songs, still drive with his attention on the road, and if he doesn't want to listen to a specific song, it's a quick (<.25 second) glance and a button press to skip to the next song.
  • how much would it cost to change the engine of a honda civic hatchback 1991
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Uhhh, it depends upon whether you want a factory new engine, a rebuilt engine, have your own engine rebuilt, or are using an operable used engine from say a bone yard, I'm thinking that you can probably do the bone yard engine for well under $2,000 (including the cost of the engine).

    Best Regards,
  • schwindtschwindt Posts: 1
    I just bought a new 2008 Civic LX Coupe and am looking for sheepsking seat covers - the seat material on the bolsters looks like it will wear out pretty quickly. Does anyone have any experience or recommedations on covers that will work with the side air bags? In Google searching, it looks like seems to have a good product, but not much in the way of colors. I particularly like that they use straps and buckles to attach the covers - I have had two sets previously with the standard bungee hooks under the seats, and the elastic wears out pretty quickly. If anyone has any recommendations, I would love to hear your opinions. Thanks!
  • I bought my 2008 Civic Hybrid the end of March, and I am still very happy with my choice. The only thing the Prius has over the Civic is the hatchback, which I really wish Honda would consider. I am getting consistently over 47mpg actual (computed when I fill up), while my gauges tell me somewhat less. I commute 40 miles each way, and the guys at work seem very curious about my new ride. Most of them drive macho pickemups like I used to, and seem envious at my cheap gas budget. When I first drove it into my garage the day I bought it, I saw my little homemade sailboat standing in the corner and realized I would have a tough time getting it to the lake 1/2 mile away without my old truck. I asked the dealer about using it to tow a 4x8 light trailer like you would find at Home Depot. He referred me to our local Toys 4 Trucks, who found a hitch for "all" civic models to 2008 for $165 which I could bolt it on myself. I intend to use a trailer infrequently for taking yard waste to the dump, my sailboat to the water, picking up and delivering antique furniture for my refinishing business or dragging my dead motorcycle home if I need to. Nothing more than 1000 lbs including the trailer. There is a plastic pan under the rear which I would have to remove or modify if I were to attach the hitch. I certainly don't want to void any warrantees. Has anyone had any experience towing with a Civic Hybrid?
  • mycle1000mycle1000 Posts: 10
    in my 07 civic manual, it says not to add seat covers to the car. the side airbags would be covered up and not work.
  • redflearedflea Posts: 16
    Where do you guys buy your Honda parts/accessories, aside from the dealer?

    I'm looking to get some door guards for my son's '08 LX sedan, and am looking for a reputable vendor w/good prices.

  • redflearedflea Posts: 16
    Oh, and when I get the door guards, is installation as simple as tap them on with a rubber mallet, or ?
  • redflearedflea Posts: 16
    Itchy fingers, couldn't wait, ordered from Manchester Motorsports.

    Four door guards: $55
    Trunk cargo net: $32
    Trunk cargo tray: $87.50

    Looked like good prices
  • I got my hitch from Browns if Two Rivers about $120
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,786
    As another member has posted, make sure that the seat covers are certified to work with side airbags inside the seats. Otherwise you will cover them up.
  • sparklandsparkland Posts: 108
    One of the best places to buy accessories for your Honda is Handa-Accessories. They combine Honda and Acura parts and accessories. Here is the link:

    They have one of the best combinations of great prices and reasonable shipping.


  • dromandroman Posts: 18
    Just wondering if anyone has seen door sill scuff plates for a 2006 Civic Ex. I found some for sedans, but none for the coupes.
  • I have been looking for door sills for my 2007 Si coupe and have yet to find a supplier. According to College Hills Honda podcasts (pretty good source of information), the Australian company that makes after-market sills for the Civic sedans doesn't make a version for the coupe because the Civic coupe is not available in Australia. The sedan sills are too wide to fit the coupe sills. I have seen aluminum door sills (check, but they are currently out of stock. In e-mail exchange, I was told they plan to have more next month. I'll let you know... In the meantime, I'd appreciate hearing from other searchers. It is hard to believe that with all the Civic after-market suppliers, there apparently any after-market suppliers for the coupes.
  • dromandroman Posts: 18
    Thanks so much for your quick reply. Let's hope we find something soon!
  • Ive had engines replaced many times, honda are cheap engines from a pick an pull yard Around $150 for the block and labor can be any where from around 10 hours to what ever they want, now if you know sombody who works at there own place on vehicles or if you know sombody who will fix it at your house then its going to be cheap. I had one put in an 88 civic hatchback, from a yard, engine and laybor was atotal of $500.or another way is a crate motor from japan,, they have 30,000 miles on them.Useing a crate motor is like buying a brand new motor it can be any where from about $1800 to $3800, depends on motor, then laybor on top. i would say it could Be any ware from $800 to $2500 used motor. and at least $3000 for a crate job
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