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Honda Civic Accessories and Modifications



  • hoshi4hoshi4 Posts: 1
    Hi I recently had the Viper 850 XV alarm installed on my 2003 civic, it came with keyless entry but I was told since I don't have power doors they could not install the keyless entry. Does anyone know of a cheap way to get power doors installed. Thanks.
  • dudkadudka Posts: 451
    I think the most efficient way to add power door locks is to trade your DX for LX. With LX you not only get the power door locks but power windows and A/C for a $1000-$2000 on top of the DX.

    Check out They have aftermarket door locks. It may be a pain to install them. But it is worth a try.

    Another venue is to find a junked LX or EX and swap the doors intact (you will get power windows on top of power locks) Theoretically you can remove the regulators from the junked LX or EX and install in the DX. But the complexity may be beyond the scope of average DIY. As far as I know, Hondas come pre-wired for everything, so theoretically the wires for the power door locks and windows are in the doors. Realisticly, I don't know.
  • Does anyone know where I can find a tan colored front bra for my 03 civic sedan. Honda sells a black one and I havent been able to find one on the net. Thanks for the help, Bob
  • mjklmjkl Posts: 1
    Hi Fellas,

    I hail from Singapore and stumbled upon this website. Excellent source of information, I should say!

    Any one out there driving this vehicle? In Singapore, the 1999-2000 Civics are known as EXi, VTi and SiR. The SiR is the most powerful, with 170 horses for manual and 155 horses for auto versions. The former two are 1.5L while SiR is 1.6L.

    I drive an auto Civic SiR and am enjoying every minute of it!

  • I own a 1993 Civic Milano Red and i recently decided to get rid of my econobox 1.6L sohc d16z6 motor in favor of a nice beefy dohc b18c1 (acura gsr). anyways just wanted to say that if anyone is in the market to get a swap for their honda i definately support the idea. its is much cheaper to buy yourself a 5th gen civic and buy a motor (around 7500 all done) then go spending 18k on a new Si which looks like a mini-van and is slower than the older Si's (99-00 all the way!) however i do like the styling of the 2004 Ep3-R but now the regular old boring ep3 that we get here in the states. oh and the DC5/R kills the new Si anyways in styling and speed so if u want a waranty with your honda get an integra...ooops sorry rsx. heh
  • I was a little dissappointed by the soft suspension on the 2003 Civic. I just purchased a set of Eibach proline springs for my 2003 Civic EX and it improves the handling of a car by a lot without sacrificing the ride quality. On top of that it improves the appearance of the car by lowering it 1.5 inches and getting rid of that nasty wheel gap that makes it look like you have a truck suspension on your car. Anyone looking for an inexpensive improvement to their vehicle, this is the way to go! The handling and response just feels so much more secure and you can hug the corners a lot better without the excessive body roll (especially where I drive the speed limit in downtown detroit on freeways are only 55, however the speed limit the people make it are a good 70-75 with plenty of 50-55 mph curves!). Anyhow the modification cost me just over $300 installed with alignment.
  • I was wondering if any body knows if the leather seats in the Acura RSX will fit in the 2004 Ex Civic Coupe and do if so what should be a good price for this mod with labor included. Is it possible to have fog lights with the factory aero kit and in you guys opinion what is the best security system with remote start on the market I am looking to upgrade. Thanks in advance.
  • I don't know about the seats. I have never heard of that mod before but its possible. You may also want to check out getting the current seats redone in leather. I believe its possible to put aftermarket fog lights in with the aero kit but the factory ones will not fit. Your best bet for the security system in my opinion would be to go with the factory. After market security systems especially the ones with remote start can screw up your electrical system and cause malfunction. If you install one and have other problems with your electrical system, you can kiss your warranty goodbye. Electrical systems can be very expensive to fix so just keep that in mind. Honda already has a decent anti theft system in their vehicles. You may also want to consider that most car alarms these days are considered more of an annoyance and are often ignored. After market security systems are also fairly easy to disable.
  • Once again thanks! The reason I thought up the RSX seats as a mod was because of the racing style seats that they have. I know may be able to purchase a brand such as Momo and then I can get them done in leather along with the rear seats, that might be cheaper than the RSX mod. I wish Honda would come up with an aero kit that would fit the factory fog lights. What a tuff choice Fog Lights Vs. Aero Kit, it's Safety Vs. Style.
  • dudkadudka Posts: 451
    If you want racing seats, check out the Si seats. Generally all of Honda parts are interchageable, so the seats should fit. Maybe some minor modifications will be needed. Check out ebay for seats. But be carefull, alot of Honda stuff on ebay is Hot, and probably has the original owner looking for it. The Si seats are about $1000 a pop at the dealer, so you are better off getting Spearco's or even labeled (unlike the Si seats which are not lebeled as Recarros) Recarros.
  • I recently installed an AEM Short RAM air intake system onto my 2003 Civic LX with great increases in horsepower and a moderate increase in gas milage.

    But will this aftermarket add-on void the warranty on the engine?
  • dudkadudka Posts: 451
    "I recently installed an AEM Short RAM air intake system onto my 2003 Civic LX with great increases in horsepower and a moderate increase in gas milage.

    But will this aftermarket add-on void the warranty on the engine?"

    Do you have dyno results for the "great increases in horsepower"? The most increase I have seen was when someone installed cold air intake instead of replacing a clogged and dirty filter. If you don't have a by pass valve and it rains where you live, you are looking at hydrolocking your engine pretty soon.
    Also, alot of so called "cold intake" systems are just short ram intakes that take the air from the engine compartment which is even worse than the stock intake.
    And yes, it will void your manufacturer's warranty as the aftermarket filters may allow more particulates in.
  • A) He bought a short ram, not a cold air system, to flood that would require submerging the engine in water up to the windshield.

    B) It would be very difficult for a dealer to void your warranty because of an aftermarket air filter, especially one that is carb certified - most AEM intakes are.
  • Not sure what a "dyno result" is, but I can tell when a car has significantly increased its horsepower.
    And as Muffin Man stated above, it was just a short ram I was talking about. All I wanted to know was whether it would void the warranty, not read a lecture about cold air intakes.
    Thanks for your input, Muffin Man.
  • I would like to know if the installation of lojack would void the honda factory warranty? Also, what is the price range with installation included?
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,163
    I just checked my invoice and the Lojack installed price was $550 at Boch Honda in the Boston area.

    As far as I know your warranty is NOT voided if it is installed by the dealer. Look out, however, for the $99 warranty on the Lojack unit itself.

    The insurance break is very minimal, it is only about a $30 premium reduction.
  • barisbaris Posts: 6
    Thanks a lot for sharing ncampbell2002. I have a '03 EX sedan and am also disappointed with the handling.

    I dumped factory tires and bought Potenzas, it helped a bit but not enough.

    I was considering dumping my steel wheels and getting 16 inch alloys, but it was too expensive.

    Please keep us posted on how your springs hold up. Did you hit the bottom of the car to any bumps,etc yet? Do you have to be extra careful now that you are 1.5inch lower?

    Do you think alloys would really improve handling btw?
  • So far so good on the springs. I have put about 10,000 miles on them so it is still a little early to tell on the longetivity of them but they still act like new. If you are going to do this go with an Eibach set. I have a couple other friends that have done this and have been very happy with them. I have yet to bottom out the car and I drive on some pretty terrible roads here in Michigan. The vehicle clearance is still about 5 inches above the ground. The tires never hit the top of the wheel well either. To improve my handling further, I have a 17 inch wheel and tire package for the summer along with an upper front strut bar underneath the hood to reduce engine sway around the corners. Alloy wheels will really not give you a noticable difference in handling unless you go with a bigger wheel and a lower profile tire.
  • barisbaris Posts: 6
    What do you think of Honda Factory Performance package exclusively available at the dealerships?

    "Pre-assembled spring/shock/strut system", wheels that are "manufactured with hubs machined to perfectly match Honda suspension components" for a smooth ride, "Wheel Offset matched to Honda vehicle suspension design" for long life of wheel bearings, suspension joints...

    I don't care about the cosmetic upgrade, and I would seriously negotiate only for the suspension components if I were to buy it. But even then, do these statements above have merit? Being an engineer (not automobile), I fall for that kind of talk. I'm curious to hear from the experienced.
  • I have 03 civic. I want to make a spare key. Dealers told me it costs a about $40 to $60 and I have to make an appointment with Service dept so that they can "PROGRAM" the key. The price seems high and I don't think it is that difficult to PROGRAM the key.

    Is it the right price?

    Does any one know how to "PROGRAM" the key?

    Thank you
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