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Honda Civic Accessories and Modifications



  • currincurrin Posts: 2
    hi everyone, i really would appreciate any info. ive got a 93 del sol with a 12 inch sub in the trunk. problem is unless the stereo is blaring u cant tell i have it back there. id really like to keep it and get some use with it. any ideas about where to mount it inside or should i just blow it off and get smaller ones for in the car? any help is great, thank you
  • Is the sub amplified? If not then buy an amp for it. You will get a lot better power out of it and you will then notice the difference. If it is amplified and you can still barely hear it then you either have a very weak sub, weak amp or something is wrong with either 2 or both. I have a system in my car with a sub in the trunk and it hits pretty hard with only a 350 watt amp. If you have any other questions email me or put it up on the board.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    hi everyone, i really would appreciate any info. ive got a 93 del sol with a 12 inch sub in the trunk. problem is unless the stereo is blaring u cant tell i have it back there. id really like to keep it and get some use with it. any ideas about where to mount it inside or should i just blow it off and get smaller ones for in the car? any help is great, thank you

    I highly doubt that you have OEM sub in the del sol, since I was not aware of Honda offering a 12 inch sub package in 1993. The the question becomes very specific to your set up. Like Ncampbell said, it could be the amp, the sub, the wiring, the way it is hooked up.
    You didn't give enough details to just guess what it wrong with the set up.

    Is the sub hooked up to the stereo's sub output, or just rear speakers? Is it connected to the speaker level inputs or "line in" inputs? Does your stereo offer sub out put settings that can be adjusted? What cut off frequency is used on the crossover for the sub? Is there a cross over, or just simple inline filter?

    The possibilities are endless.

    It is like me saying: "I have this grocery bag in the trunk, it has been there for a while and sometimes it makes noise, and it stinks to high heaven. What is the probelm?"

    No one but me knows what is in the bag, and how it got there, so no one can give me a constructive answer, except to take the bag out and see what's in it, ot just toss it.
  • currincurrin Posts: 2
    thanks for all the input everyone that replied, sorry for not giving enough info, ive never really done this before and im trying to post this stuff at school which doesnt give me much time to think about it, now i have lots of ideas to consider so thanks!
  • jordynjordyn Posts: 1
    Does anyone know how to take off the rear shelf of a 2001 civic to change the speakers?
  • I notice that on that there are 2 types of wheel locks available for the 2005 Civics, 1 for alloy wheels where lug nuts are exposed and another type for steel wheels with hubcaps.

    The dealer gave me the wheel lock kit and I believe its the "hub cap" type if I compare it to the photo given on the HandA website but when I check the back of the package, it says "WHEEL LOCK, EXPOSED" P/N 08181-SF0A2AH
    I have not yet installed them yet.

    I have an EX, so I have no hub caps. Can I still install those wheel locks the dealer gave me or do I specifically need the one made for alloy wheels? Are they still compatable with each other? Im confused.
  • oferofer Posts: 1
    These seats are the most uncomfortable I've ever been in. Are there any aftermarket easy replacements?

  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    These seats are the most uncomfortable I've ever been in. Are there any aftermarket easy replacements?


    Civic is modifier's dream because of the large aftermarket support. There are seats from a number of suppliers that will fit, search and thy shall find. Most of the replacements are racign seats. But other Honda seats will fit as well. Acura Integra/RSX's parts are a direct bolt on for the most part. CRV/Element seats may fit as well , as long as the rails are modfied for height. Accord seats should fit with some fitment.
    The most coveted Honda Civic Si seats are a direct bolt on. But they are not for the overweight people, as they are molded into a rigid bucket that holds the driver in place. They are Alacantra (sp) (faux suede), which in my opinon is much better than leather.
  • tnoriotnorio Posts: 1
    I just installed keyless entry system for my 2001 civic which you'll need for LX, GX and HX for the security system, but not need for CX and DX. it took about one hour just plug in few things behind the aux. plug and take out one of the plug in at the fuse box to connect harness, relatively simple.I am planning to install OEM alarm next,I think it is more simple than what I just did except I need to drill hole behind steering wheele. if you have late model honda, I'll recommend (which I think it is a dealer) and gives pretty good discount and prompt service for parts. as well as online instructions which is pretty helpful. good luck.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    These guys ar ebetter for the east coast

    HandA takes a week to ship to East coast, Fair honda is next day to most of the northeast.

    I think is out of business, as the website no longer works is also good, but I have not dealt with them personally.
  • vtekk00vtekk00 Posts: 3
    lets save u sum money.install the header, and install the piping that is missing between the header and cat, very simple. i installed my own header in my civic00 wit no sweat and 98 lx w/o vtec i went to a muff shop and had them weld the cat to the header. they just installed about 2 1/2 inches of piping. if u dont feel comft doin this u can get a cheaper header(only 1)which makes it for your car or get an 800 cat back, your choice
  • vtekk00vtekk00 Posts: 3
    alright fellas help me out. i got a skunk2 manifold and want 2 install it in my civic 00 ex vtec, sum people say ill gain horse, others say ill lose horse, som say i only gain hp if i do a cam swap... whats the real deal? should i do it guys? wut r the pros and cons
  • I have just bought a 95 civic ex vtech 2 door with 136000 miles. I am just wondering what some of the best upgrades such as engine performance, suspension and what the best short shifter is. The car is 100 percent stock right. Let me know what is recommended first. Thanks
  • If you want seroius engine performance, then you should go turbo. For your engine you can get a GReddy package for about $1700. However you should then consider upgrading the internals to beef up the bottom end so you don't blow up your engine from the extra boost. The best route would to just swap out the engine for a B16a or B18c1. I have an AEM V2 intake and a GReddy EVO 2 cat-back exhaust and while I noticed some gains, it didn't increase by that much. I have lowering springs on my car (Eibach Pro-Kit) and love them and would recommend to anyone. I also have a DC sports Strut tower bar and a DC sports short shift adaptor. Good upgrades all the way around. Have fun with that car. That generation you have has tons of mods available on the market.
  • sixpachsixpach Posts: 1
    I'm buying a '76 Honda Civic. It is in fantastic shape with only a little over 77,000 miles on it. I've been looking on line for resources for parts and other mechanical information but haven't had much luck. My primary question at this point involves the lack of air conditioning. I live in Texas and it does get hot. What I'd like to know is if it is possible to add air conditioning to one of these little guys and if so, is there a resource to beat all resources for old school Honda's?
  • :confuse: I think highly of these forums. I can't wait for the final versions of the '06 Civics to go on sale. Have grown to love wife's '04 Civic EX auto sedan (only Exotic Wood Dash and Honda leather steering wheel cover), and am thinking of an '06 Si or a slightly modified Rallye Red LX manual coupe at some $4,000 less.

    If the LX, I'd keep the steel wheels but remove the wheel covers, and put on 205/50-15 Falken Azenis tires, saving the 195s as spares for the sedan. Also would put a K&N air filter and catback pipe with just one muffler. (Actually, I bought such an exhaust system for the sedan but went too far and it was so loud as to be physically painful, so I removed it. Would use it including the chrome tip but with a less aggressive muffler.)

    I live near great mountain roads and with autocross experience have learned that a lot of fun can be had with light weight, good suspension and tires - even without a lot of horsepower.

    All thoughts, suggestions, and ideas would be appreciated.
  • scottjscottj Posts: 1

    Has anyone installed a set of these?

    link title

    Are they of decent quality, fit, and etc.?

    Or should I just go ahead and spend the extra 100 or so and get the genuine Honda items? I appreciate any information. For a 05 civic coupe by the way. Was not sure how to put a title on the link, sorry first post :)

    Thanks, Scott
  • velozveloz Posts: 1
    same as #170, but 2002 Civic Si sedan , speakers are screwed from the top, but how do you get access ? How can you easily take off the rear shelf/lid ??
  • flyviper69flyviper69 Posts: 1
    I recently bought a 86 crx si for 800$ forom original owner. great condition and all but I feel the need to make it a tuner. The problem is that its an 86, most of the current mods are for 88 and higher. Anybody know of places were i can get some stuff? Any help would be appreciated.

  • soldr1versoldr1ver Posts: 1

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