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Lookout Ford, Dodge, Chevy: Here comes T150



  • If anyone needs ritalin it is you, calm down buddy. This is all in good fun here. The big picture is that there are other car manufacturers most of which are believed to make better cars then Dodge. Happy Thanksgiving
  • teaganteagan Posts: 15
    Webster says it best DODGE; TO AVOID!!!!
  • I think several people on this post need to relax a little. They sure get worked up over little, insignificant things. I sure love to push their buttons!!!!!!!!!!
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    Pyrodex- I wouldn't want you to have a dodge. You wouln't enjoy it. You're just a little too hung up on the toyota nameplate.

    606zpx- Exellent post! Finally someone who bought a toyota because it fits his needs instead of toyota being the best thing since sliced bread. I happen to like toyota in general and wasn't so much disappointed in thier tundra as I was in the fact that It didn't fit my needs well enough to consider.

    teagan- My grandfather thought that was old. You can do better. Or maybe that's your best,after all you did buy toyota.

    I took my 7,000# boat, loaded the back of the truck completely full, and and took my wife and two teenage kids in back on a 1,000 mile vaction this past summer. There is no way I could have completed this trip in the tundra. Different uses require different vehicles. If I had to tow a fifth wheel I couln't consider what I drive now.
  • Different trucks, different uses. Tundra has an image problem in some minds. Toyota, and most Tundra owners say it is full size. Most others say it is more like the Dakota. In truth it is somewhere between the two.

    The problem is one of image, and is of Toyota's making. They produced a full size truck that was 7/8 of full size. Now this is a niche in the market I am sure - 606zpx is a case in point. The problem that the Tundra will always have is that it is going to come up short as a full size workhorse truck. For this reason it will never be a mainstay of the construction sites etc.

    Lets face it we hear a lot about Tundra quality because that is the most easily perceived advantage over domestics. The Tundra doesn't measure up (literally or figuratively) in many other categories. That is not a problem, it was the way it was designed. What annoys people here (myself included) is when people won't acknowledge that simple fact.
  • Andy,
    Not ONE pro-Tundra person has ever said the Tundra is as big as a Silverado, F150, or a Ram. We have never said the Tundra's backseat is not smaller, too. We simply like the marvelous engine, refinement, quality build, and Toyota reliabilty. I don't understand what your problem is? I assume you feel the F150, Slverado, and Ram are "full-size" trucks. They are not all equal in size, however. Where, EXACTLY, does full-size begin? I have not found the official "full-size" specs listed anywhere. I am not the first poster to request this's just that there has never been an answer. Your help will be appreciated.

    The Tundra fits my needs just fine.
  • Here them specs folks be askin on:

    Wheelbase Length Width
    Chevy : 143 227 79
    Ford : 138 224 79
    Dodge : 138 224 79
    Tindra: 128 217 73
    difference -15 -10 -6

    Use your eyes on this one now. Them tindras not the full sizer, its plain for all to see. Good luck on this one now!
  • rs_pettyrs_petty Posts: 423
    But Andy, your Dodge won't measure up to a 3/4 Ton diesel at a construction site or down on the farm either. The manufacturers know that most 1/2t trucks built today are being used for personal transportation - not a work truck. Comfort, safety, convenience are more important than pure guts. I get a kick out of Chevy's new commercial for the Silverado showing it hauling a Hereford bull out to the herd. It'll do it, but probably not for years without problems, and not as good as 3/4t's (or my personal favorite of a Allis-Chalmers and cattle trailer). We are so lucky to have 4 good trucks to pick from. The competition will make them all better over the next few years. Happy Trails!
  • pyrodex - I didn't say that you were claiming Tundra to be physically as large as any of the big three - nor did I suggest that you personally were saying anything. I said that Toyota and a good many Tundra owners (I mentioned NO names) were claiming Tundra to be in the category of trucks known as 'full size'.

    rs petty - I am sorry I think I must be missing your point - 1/2 ton won't comparre with 3/4 - well no of course it won't. I think you are trying to suggest that most trucks at construction sites etc are larger than 1/2 ton - I don't disagree. My point was that of the smaller trucks you do see there virtually all will be F150, Ram 1500 or Sierra / Silverado 1500.
  • Starts out with a game of poker. A guy throws in some chips, 2nd guy looks at his hand, then throws a warranty deed on the pile to call the bet.

    Next scene, Silverado towing away a house. Moral, a full house always beats three of a kind. Bob Seger strikes the chord, Silverado...The Truck.

  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113
    I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that most people consider a 1/2 ton and above to be a full size truck. Are the tow ratings, GVWR, and GCWR of the Tundra similar to the Big 3? My guess is that it is close in all of those categories, which means that it belongs in the full-size class.

    As far as the actual size of the truck, consumers will likely weigh those possible disadvantages against what is likely better handling (smaller wheel base equals easier turning ability). For me personally, I would rather have the larger cab size, but I'm very comfortable driving big pickups as every day drivers in heavy traffic.

    It seems a little unfair to question the Tundras reliability and durability based it not having been around long enough and then in the same breath fault them for not having many trucks showing up at the construction sites or in the fleets. It seems to me that most fleet trucks are 3/4 and 1 ton trucks. The 1/2 tons get worked, but not as hard and there aren't as many of them on the site. If the Tundra proves it's durability and reliability over time, and Toyota offers fleets a comparable price, I'm sure you'll see more of them showing up at construction sites in the future.

    Personally, I welcome Toyota to the full size pickup market. I hope the durability and reliability does prove to carry over to the pickups. I really hope that Toyota gets enough confidence with this foray into the 1/2 ton market to move into the 3/4 and 1 ton market. When there is more high quality competition, we benefit by getting better trucks from all of the manufacturers at better prices. The best thing that happened for pickup owners in the last 10 years or so was Dodge stepping it up several notches in the quality and design area, which forced Ford and GM to step it up. Look at how many changes have happened in the pickup market since Dodge introduced the new Ram.
  • I know you're a Chevy guy but do your specs mean the Ford and Dodge are not full-size because they are smaller than the Chevy? Does the F350 crew cab dually make your Silverado a mid-size truck? Please explain EXACTLY what dimensions/specs mark the beginning of the full-size truck market and why. Thanks.

    And ANDY,

    Please answer the same question. I am awaiting your response. Thanks.
  • pyrodex - grow up or shut up. You know as well as I do that there is no definition. As Brutus notes full size is usually considered to be 1/2 ton or above. Trucks4me, or whatever his name is this week provided measurements. The big 3 are SIMILAR, the Tundra is noticeably smaller. You knw it, I know it, everyone knows it.

    Brutus, you make a good point concerning newness of Tundra for construction sites, time will tell I guess.

    I wasn't knocking Tundra reliability, in fact my point was the same as yours - reliability must be proved over time. Unfortunately that is something that many Tundra owners refuse to accept saying that the Tundra must be reliable because all Toyotas are reliable. My point, maybe they are, but we don't know yet. This logic applies in any case. I jumped in a little while ago when someone attacked the Tundra collision ratings. I pointed out that they weren't yet available so wait and see. If I had followed the 'all Toyotas are reliable' logic my point would have been Tundras kill people in side impacts because Tacomas do. Anyway, I digress.

    In terms of where Tundra fits in to the 'full size' picture - Brutus your definition is as good as any. A maxxed out Tundra - the ones with the 7000lb towing capacity and the V8 compares with the V8s in the big 3 1/2 tons (in fact the numbers maybe somewhat better). The problem is that is where Tundra ends - it compares with a low to medium equipped 1/2 ton. As noted and accepted, the Tundra is also noticeably smaller in terms of dimensions.

    I guess a comparison would be between Ranger and Dakota. A well equipped Ranger can compete with a low to medium equipped Dakota, but that is as far as it goes. Dakota can do more. Would many people put Ranger and Dakota in the same category - no they serve different market sectors.
  • As to that size, don't really need them stick measurements I posted up some, just use your eyes on this one pyrodex. As far as the haul, that max for them tindras be 7200, them limited ones even less! The big 3 go 8600 out the door. Best compare them tindras to the S-10 and Ranger now, that be a more valid compare. Just take a look at that stumpy bed now, it only be about 15 inch deep at most! What good can that do the workin man now? That bed more for haulin the grocery bags home, than for workin now. That factory never should of called them the full size now, cuz it just isn't so. Good luck on this one now!
  • Got this one here off another toy topic:

    Just in case you are looking for a cap for your
    Tundra and most manufacturers are selling T-100s
    this is what I found for diminsions of the 2:
    Tundra SR5 Access SB (Toyota website): 76.5" l X
    61.2" w; T-100 SR5 SB (MS CarPoint) 76.1" l X 61.4" w. Don't really know how much difference that is when you try to fit one. The length difference is a little less than a 1/2 inch which is where any problem may occur. Sure wish SnugTop would make their Top Gun model for it!

    Looks like that factory re-used that same bed from that T100 for them new tindras now. Seems I remember that factory sayin that T100 was the full size one too! Good luck on this one now!
  • teagan , i notice you still only have that same page from the dictionary , i also just noticed that you changed your profile , i'm glad that a hemi challenger will never have to be molested by your sorry butt , will that supra have no sidewall tires , a chrome coffee can tailpipe and 15" subs thumping out your favorite hip hop sounds?
  • all i can say is your are hopeless and lost , but like all toyota owners past and present , you fell just because the toy company may have built one decent car that everything else is just a good
  • I havn't seen anyone post that the Tundra is as big as any of the Big 3's full size. Toyota is not trying to make YOU happy, they are trying to make money and are doing so by selling a DIFFERENT truck. Maybe they are smart enough not to jump into a flooded market, maybe they will wait and and gain some following with the Tundras and go one step farther in the future. It is no mistake that the Tundra is the size it is, they did not design and engineer this truck and then say "darn, its 10" shorter and 6" thinner, Oh well" The people who design and market all of these trucks are smarter then the people who buy them and they are all suceeding at the only thing that counts, MAKING MONEY. Why are you all so threatened by the Tundra?
  • 606zpx , as long as you feel you made a sound and thought out choice ,and if the toyota fits the bill , then buy it , but from my experience towing close to capacity is where you may get the feeling that maybe it could be better , that holds true for all trucks , as i have seen postings about even the mighty diesel powered rigs feeling a bit winded when towing near capacity , as far as comparing your 87 ramcharger to the latest magnums , i have also owned both and there is NO comparsion between the 87 which was probably about 180 hp and the latest 360 at 245hp , and if your ramcharger was a 318 it was even a bigger slug ,
  • I disagree with absolutely nothing you say.

    Unfortunately various topics here at Edmunds have copious posts from people who do see the Tundra as direct competition - a view that corporate Toyota have also taken.
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