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Lookout Ford, Dodge, Chevy: Here comes T150



  • well i have to give the toy company credit for one thing , either that or those people were very stupid to begin with , i did notice a few more domestic built full size trucks at the local toy dealer yesterday , don't know whats up with that but good luck to them , i would think though that the toy dealers would have just wholesaled them off to free up some cash , according to the toyota faithful the domestics will be on the lot for years , why would someone buy one of them if the supposed best built full size truck in the universe is on the same lot ... ok let me have it
  • i guess i owe you an apology , while scrolling back thru to find when i pissed in bmckenzies cornflakes i found your original mileage claim , i let all this lunacy of the toy being the greatest thing since sliced bread cloud my thinking somewhat , anyway keep those sheetmetal screws and innertubes well stocked in your glovebox , the next owner will need them
  • This here topic should have been:

    Look out S10 and Ranger, here comes T150

    Many here try to argue that limited be a full sizer now. Even that factory calls that tindra the full sizer. We all saw this on that T100 a few years back, and look what happened to that one! Maybe in a few years, that factory will make another new one, and call it a full size now! Maybe it might even be a full sizer. But till then, the fact is the fact on the size of them limited ones. Good luck on this one now!
  • i fail to see what your problem is , and i won't even attempt to guess , if you have read and paid any attention to any of my posts you would only see me questioning how the new toy can be the greatest truck ever just because its built by toyota , the truck has NO track record , till it does i will as i do with the first year of ANY vehicle foreign or domestic ... avoid it like the plague

    its great to see the toy dealer leave a little of the money here , but in the big picture most of the money goes overseas , they are not fooling anyone with an ounce of brains that its an american built truck , just because it assembled here with a hodge podge of parts from around the world , the bottom line is is a foreign manufacturer and the bulk of the profits go elsewhere ... , now i don't have a problem with it being foreign , i just don't have a use for it or any of them , they are small and tinny and i just refuse to own one , it may be a good truck for the yuppie that needs a truck that is nothing more than a motorized wheelbarrel , in fact we all can thank the yuppie for the prices we pay for trucks these days , but that a subject i care not to fight

    and i'm clueless , i have worked on the mighty toys , they suck , period , thats my experience , and i have been researching the cummins for a possible purchase for 5 years , i'm not claiming to be an expert , but i try to pass on what i know when it comes to problems that are similar between the gas and diesel powered dodges , as you seem to do , i will take all your posts with a grain of salt

    also in henpecked is how you chose to go thru life thats your call , i was happy before i met my wife and will find that happiness if we should go our seperate ways , maybe you should trade in that cummins for a tundra if its such a great truck , afterall it is a TOYOTA .,.. good day
  • bmcken .. now i see where i got under your skin , it was correcting you on your post in topic 919 , did it bother you that much ? i would think a dyed in the rough world traveler as yourself would just let something like that roll off your back being as tough skinned as your state , or have you softened up letting the new king (your wife) run your castle ??? happy thanksgiving
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113
    When you look at what most 1/2 ton owners use their trucks for, the Tundra should do fine. When I was in Dallas, I couldn't believe how many 2wd 1/2 tons there were, almost always running empty, being used as daily commuters. Many had the six bangers also. Most people I know who plan to tow over 5,000 pounds on a fairly regular basis usually opt for the 3/4 ton.

    This is Toyotas first step into the full-size market. They are testing the water. If the Tundra is successful, the next step will be more engine and axle ratio options, which will them give them more towing capacity. Toyota has proven that they can make good trucks. Just look at their SUVs. The Landcruiser consistently gets ranked at or near the top of every list I've seen. The Landcruiser isn't winning it's ranking by style points alone. It rates high with it's off-road performance. When it comes to luxury SUVs, the Lexus models also rank high.

    The pickup market is much more unpredictable. Besides brand loyalty, there are more pickup owners who pride themselves on their "buy American" patriotism, so it's going to be a tougher market for a foreign manufacturer to crack. Since the Big 3 can't really claim their trucks to be "all American" made and manufactured, it's really more of a perceived patriotism in my opinion. Bet you if you go to the houses of some of those die-hard "buy American" people, you will find plenty of "Made in somewhere other than US" stickers on a good chunk of what they have, such as toys, furniture, electronic equipment, household appliances, and even clothes.

    If Toyota is making a 1 ton dually 4x4 in 5-10 years when I'm shopping for my next truck, I'll take a good look.
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    pyrodex- What are you on drugs or what? All I'm hearing from the toyota owners is about (unproven) reliability and that the tundra "is to full size". On another note I'm glad you bought a truck that fits your needs.

    pyrodex and brutus- The dakota load and tow ratings are nearly identical to some of the full size trucks, so does that make it full size. I don't think so. Dodge doesn't think so. They market it as mid size. Tundra is marketed as full size. There is no definition for full size. I guess a ranger can be a full size too or at least a full size jr. Point is the tundra is a fine truck I'm sure but much more comparable to a dakota than a F150.
  • you my friend are one of the few toyota / all trucks supporters when ANY sense , but you made one mistake , the tindra is the toy's second attempt , the first being the much maligned (and for a number of reasons) T-100 , yes there are alot of people running around in 2 wheel drive pickups down south , no snow is a big reason , but alot probably do because once you have a pickup you A) wonder how i ever lived without one and B) will never not have one again , do mostly to the added expense of having to many vehicles registered , if hi insurance wasn't a concern , i would probably an SUV , like the explorer or a jeep , and a 2 wheel drive 3/4 ton diesel pickup , leave the pickup in the driveway and ride in the lap of luxury in the suv

    and about my yuppy bashing:

    i guess that one thing i can thank the yuppies for is how plushly appointed my new truck will be , but seriously i wish it wasn't , the automakers have gone with the car like ride in the pickups because of whining from yuppy types that its a rough ride ... get a car is a freakin' truck , it's a nice ride mind you but hey make it car like and as soon as you try to use it like a truck its gonna break , and i'm sure that when your lovely tundra is pulled in on the back of a ramp truck with mud to the roof pillars your lovely little warranty will probably be null and void , the service guy is gonna look at you and say , hey its a yuppy transport not an "ironman stewart wannabe" ... but i may be wrong , hit the car wash first and clean the mud out of the tailpipe ... lol
  • well yes brutus , most of my electronics come from overseas , but thats not my fault , either the american companies have them built there , or there isn't any american competition , but except for electronics , just about everything else is from a us manufacturer , i have no control where they make the stuff ...
  • I go out to do some drugs....manage to get lost ...finally hitch a ride from some Dodge guy and get back home to 14 new posts!! Even have some from Rubluetoo!!! What a day.

    Your Dakota is marketed as mid-size. However, it is noticeable smaller than my Tundra. Is Dodge lying to consumers? Your logic is ridiculous. MY Tundra will run circles around your Dodge(on road or off)...get over it!!


    How long you gonna get to stay around this time?


    Maybe you can make your next SUV the new Toyota which will be based on the Tundra platform. Are you drooling yet?
  • I go out to do some drugs....manage to get lost ...finally hitch a ride from some Dodge guy and get back home to 14 new posts!! Even have some from Rubluetoo!!! What a day.

    Your Dakota is marketed as mid-size. However, it is noticeable smaller than my Tundra. Is Dodge lying to consumers? Your logic is ridiculous. MY Tundra will run circles around your Dodge(on road or off)...get over it!!


    How long you gonna get to stay around this time?


    Maybe you can make your next SUV the new Toyota which will be based on the Tundra platform. Are you drooling yet?
  • Isn't Dodge now a German company with the profits going to Germany. They still have Chrysler in the name, but that was just to pacify the American public.
  • Hey Roadrunner,
    I was referring to your wife with whom wears the pants and skirt in your family, or vice versa. I purchased a Cummins for a purpose, and have no need for a Tundra. I am sure they are very reliable vehicles, but what I do not understand is your hang up on imported vehicles. You need to read post #487 and revisit your import thought pattern (DaimlerChrysler), not just Mopar anymore.
    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you also.
  • your logic makes no sense - read my posts before you spout such nonsense.

    You don't have to go too far back to read my post saying that Tundra fits between full size and Dakota.

    The sign of a true jerk is when you are arguing with me over a point I never even made.
  • You have no points!
  • yes bmcken she does where the pants and skirt , but when it comes to MY vehicle purchases she only gets to help me decide what COLOR to get , and even on my latest she picked the color that i wanted the last one in , which at that time she hated , so instead i got driftwood , if i gave her a choice on my toy i'd be driving a 58 vette (yuck) instead of my 69 superbee

    as far as the imports go , yes i am not happy that mopar is held by a company from DER FATHERLAND , but since i come from german descent its not that bad ... but as far as imports go they really don't impress me . my wife had an acura intregra and it was nice but the seats were sized for trolls and i was never comfortable in it , and thay all have that tin can sound when you shut the door , and i'm afraid to breath deeply near one for fear of denting one

    of course the tindra would not fit the bill if you needed to buy the MIGHTY CUMMINS POWERED RAM , you made a sound decision , just as a side note i went by a subaru dealer the other day and there was a ford f350 ,superduty ,crew cab ,4x4, dually, powerstroke brand new in their used car section , whats up with that ???

    pyroboy your sheer stupidity is shinning on your latest quote , since the dakota is SMALLER than your tundra , which makes it lighter than your tindra , powered with even a lowly 318 that dakota will EAT your tundra as a snack , you may now remove your foot and continue eating turkey , but wait isn't that cannablism in your case ???
  • i am going to test drive the tindra this weekend , rack up a few miles and beat it some to see what it is that drives you people insane , i may even drive a superduty to see if my thoughts of it being just to big are correct , but no matter the how i feel about the tundra after a ride , i still think its BUTT UGLY and since it won't fit the bill anyway i will still be awaiting my new RAM , i'll report back after the ride , maybe i'll get lucky and it'll breakdown on my test drive , oil and connecting rods all over the street
  • What's the weight difference....250 lbs. or so? A Tundra will dust Andy's Dakota on or will destroy your Ram. Hurry up and trade that thing...I'm sure your neighbors are looking forward to hearing that "semi" crank-up every morning. There is no more obnoxious sound in the truck world than a "wannabe 18-wheeler" Dodge matter how capable it is. Breaker, breaker 1-9!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!
  • We went to give one of them tindras a tryout a few months back. The salesperson refuted the testin of one while haulin Franklins Massey-Fuggerson! Seems there was a problem with the haul on that limited and the weight of that MF now. We hitched that MF back to the Silverado and hauled on out of that dealer now. That interior of that limited one is very confining too. Me and Franklin not fit to well in them cramped seats now. Go test one yourself, see what I mean on this one now. That cab be sized for small ones now. If you like them mini trucks, then that tindra may be the one your lookin for. If your use too the full size ones, then judge one for yourself now (if ya can fit that is).

    Prodex you should of got ya one of them slick litte pocket-rocket cars if you be interested in speed racing now. Trucks are for haulin don't ya know? Oh, then again maybe you did. Good luck on this one now!
  • loserdex , you need to look at data before you shoot off your mouth , try 500 lb difference between the tundra and the dakota , when you're pushing equal power that 500 lbs makes a heap of difference , tindra still loses , also where i live the houses are 200 plus feet apart , i think they will hardly here my diesel wannabe and to tell you the truth i could care less , i think you spew forth your senseless dribble just to see what kind of a rise you can get , all it does is show how childish and clueless you really are , bring on your tindra , my Ram is waiting ... even with a 600 lb difference in your favor it won't be the killing you dream of ,

    by the way 600 lbs , there is a whole lot less truck in your fullsize (sic) tindra ,
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