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Lookout Ford, Dodge, Chevy: Here comes T150



  • loserdex , you need to look at data before you shoot off your mouth , try 500 lb difference between the tundra and the dakota , when you're pushing equal power that 500 lbs makes a heap of difference , tindra still loses , also where i live the houses are 200 plus feet apart , i think they will hardly here my diesel wannabe and to tell you the truth i could care less , i think you spew forth your senseless dribble just to see what kind of a rise you can get , all it does is show how childish and clueless you really are , bring on your tindra , my Ram is waiting ... even with a 600 lb difference in your favor it won't be the killing you dream of ,

    by the way 600 lbs , there is a whole lot less truck in your fullsize (sic) tindra ,
  • 500lbs???? You must be including the weight of the rocks in the Dodge driver's head!!! LOL!!!!!
  • yes i must , if you go right to the new car specs on the edmunds site , they give curb weight in the specs , which i'm sure do not include driver weight , so the rocks in my head do not count ... you know pyro , there would probably be half as many posts on this thread if we would stop acting like children , i'm sure that most everyone else,is a little bored as i am fast becoming with our bickering...
  • The fun has ended. I'll quit posting to"press your buttons". Only legitimate posts from now on. I don't want to get confused with Rubluetoo!. I promise. I really think the Dakota and the Ram are nice looking trucks...they just aren't for me.
  • pomy11pomy11 Posts: 23
    Hey all Tundra fans, finished the first 600 mile road trip to granny's for t-day. What an outstanding road ride on the Tundra, remember how miserable the F-150 trip was before this Tundra run. At 4000 miles I think it's breaking in, running faster and stronger than ever. By the way, it holds all the luggage and two fantastic St. Louis pizzas, all the way home. From the window sticker "American Made Components-80%". Happy holidays.
  • afs11afs11 Posts: 87
    After reading some of the bonehead comments in this topic, I have to wonder if some people actually think?

    I have my opion, I order a 2000 Silverado LT 4WD X/C 4-dr. Is it better then the others? I don't know, but after driving the four trucks I selected the Chevy. It's the one I liked the best!

    What someone else like is up to them. I really don't give a damn what the bought. I hope that they are happy with their truck.
  • Spyro and Roadruner,
    I think you need to check out the lastest issue of Four Wheeler, (Pickup Truck of the Year). The Tundra did O.K. but had a Dodge on both sides (1st & 3rd).
    Pyro-meter (Temp gauge on the buisness side of a Diesels Turbo),
    I will have you know my neighbors do not really care for my Cummins firing up in the morning around 0530, but I have good people I live around and I am not a jerk about it. As for the wanna be 18 Wheeler, I bought my Diesel for a specific reason, to pull LARGE loads. If I want to drive a large piece of equipment I will do that a work. I think you should put 10,000 lbs. behind that Tundra and try to keep up with me (mileage & MPH). LOL!
    Did you drive the new Tundra? thoughts?
    Hope you all had a good Turkey Day.
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113
    It's not likely you can put 10000 pounds behind any truck that wins the Fourwheeler contest and get awesome towing results. You have to look at the test criteria. The Fourwheeler, Off-Road, and similar magazines are more interested in off-road performance. Good tow vehicles won't do as good. Motortrend, Car & Driver, and other similar magazines mainly test on-road performance with some mild off-road and occasionally some light towing (4,000-6,000 pounds. If it's tow performance you're looking for, you should probably be looking at some of the RV mags like Trailer Life. The magazine tests that matter the most are the ones that most closely test the criteria that you intend to use the truck to do.

    For the record, no manufacturer offers a 1/2 ton that is rated to tow 10,000 pounds. The max is a little over 8,000. Based on the 99 tow guidelines published by Trailer Life Magazine, the max tow ratings for each manufacturer for 1/2 tons are:

    Chevy - 8,200
    Ford - 8,000
    Dodge - 7,800
    Tundra - 7,200

    The list may be incomplete. It was published at the beginning of the year. It's dependent on axle ratios, engine size and options. There may be more available combos than were available at the time the guide was published. I can also say that the tow ratings change quite a bit when you move into the 3/4 and 1 ton categories. Ford has the highest tow rating with Dodge right behind (almost equal). The Chevy is quite a bit farther back, but I suspect that will be resolved when they introduce their new heavy duty line.
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Posts: 1,006 your saying that truck trend rated the much hated Tundra ahead of a 1 model of dodge and all the fords and chevs?
  • Gentlemen,
    If you read far enough back I defend the Toyota name and I really do not care what anyone buys, it is your money. I wanted people to read an article and have Pyro get off his Toyota horse and see the light, don't categorize people for choosing a Toyota, Dodge or whatever, you don't have to ride in it, I could two craps about what someone else drives I don't make their car payment, I just drive my so called wanna be 18 wheeler, as Pyro says.
  • Try reading post #499.
  • Point taken.
  • meredithmeredith Posts: 578
    In the interests of efficiency, this conference is being "split"....

    Please continue these discussions in Lookout Ford, Dodge, Chevy: Here Comes T150 - Part 2. Thanks!

    Front Porch Philosopher
    SUV, Pickups, & Aftermarket and Accessories Host
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