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Ford Explorer Mercury Mountaineer 2005 and earlier



  • mean1mean1 Posts: 11
    I just leased a 2002 Explorer and received a $750 and a $500 rebate for owner loyalty and for coming off a lease of a '98' Explorer and I also got a phone call from Ford offering an additional $500. And on top of that, I got a letter from Ford giving me another $400 because my son was graduating from high school. that was a total of $2150 before I even started dealing with the car dealer. I ended up getting an XLT for over $4000 below the sticker price. I leased it, I gave the dealer a total of $73 and drove off in a new Explorer with monthly payments of $384. I was pleased and so far I find the car to be an improvement over the '98', especially in the way it rides and handles. One complaint, where are the fog lights? Ford's ad campaign says 'no boundaries' unless you run into fog.
  • Guess you should'a gone with the EB or Limited, or with the Mountaineer. They come with fog lights We picked up our XLT three weeks ago, and I'm very pleased with it to this point. I hope three years from now our only complaint is the lack of fog lights...I could live with that.
  • mrankellmrankell Posts: 21
    I have a 2002 mountaineer with the leather package. I noticed that the second row middle seat has four slots when you fold the seat flat. Does anybody know if these slots are for anything.

  • mrankellmrankell Posts: 21
    When you fold down the middle seat in the second row of seats (the seat back) I have 4 slots cut out in the back of the seat(where the carpet is covering the seat back). I cannot figure out what these slots are for.

  • eweygrineweygrin Posts: 33
    I have leather in the 02 Mountaineer. The seat back of the middle seat is not carpet. It is hard plastic which can be used as a mini table.
  • mrankellmrankell Posts: 21
    I solved the mystery of ther slots.. I went to a Mercury showroom yesterday and found out that i was missing the plastic tray. The dealer will order one for me.

  • With just 600 miles on my new XLS Explorer 4WD, I have heard, and "felt", a low-speed "clunking" sound coming from the upshifting transmission on a couple occasions! Seems to occur in the 25-30 mph range. I can't say it happens all the time, but when it does, there is no mistaking that something is not right!

    I have not yet had the opportunity to discuss this situation with my dealership's service manager.

    Is anyone else having (or had) this problem with their transmission!?

    Other than this problem with the transmission, I, in general, am satisfied with my recent purchase. This being my third Explorer, I'm pretty familiar with the product and have been mostly satisfied with overall quality! I hope this isn't about to change!
  • mrankellmrankell Posts: 21
    I have around 1,000 miles on my 2002 Mountaineer and i am getting the same transmission rough shifts and clunks. I think the transmission needs to be re-programmed. I will make an appointment next week. I am also getting a rattle around the radio bezel.

  • gregb5gregb5 Posts: 82
    Ford has a service bulletin out for the transmission rough shifting problem. I understand that Explorers built before 5/21 may have this problem.
    You might find the service guys asking you to wait until at least 2000 miles before they'll touch it, however; the transmission is supposed to "learn" and they say it takes that long before it is shifting optimally.
    I've experienced the same problem on several occasions. Mine was built after 5/21, though. I'll wait before asking them to look at it.
    No other complaints so far.
  • ltbillyltbilly Posts: 1
    I just picked up my new 2002 Mountaineer. I used Edmund's "TMV" and then started my dickering. I was down to $400 over invoice ... $200 over invoice ... $100 over invoice ... and finally at invoice. I like the third row seat and the new and improved ride. I would have bought an Explorer, but couldn't find one in my choice of colors and equipment. Winter will tell how I like All Wheel Drive!
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Anyone have any suggestions?

    squeaky1339 "Exploring the Ford Explorer" Jul 3, 2001 8:23pm

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  • rte66rrte66r Posts: 2
    I ordered a '02 EB almost two months ago and still haven't got it. It was ordered with a V8 and moonroof. Why the hell is it taking so long?
  • mazman1mazman1 Posts: 229
    aren't the plants shut down for June? I recall reading that they normally shut down for the last 2 weeks of June and they were shut 2 weeks early this year because they wanted to make more tires available for the recall.

    chill out!
  • antzmanantzman Posts: 1
    I took a suggestion from a post earlier in this group about using the Ford web page to get quotes from different dealers. We have five Ford dealers in the metro Phoenix area, and I sent of identical requests to each dealer, for an EB with the 3rd seat, V6, and rear AC. It was interesting to see what each one sent back, as each response was completely different. I had one group say that for quotes from the internet, they will do $1 over dealer invoice, but of course they did not give me that invoice price! 2 other dealers came back with Explorers in their stock that were no where near what I had requested. Another came back with the highest MSRP I have seen anywhere for the vehicle that I requested, almost $2000 over what the Ford web page even had. And the fifth, I have not heard from, yet I have received emails from Ford asking me to give them my opinions on what I have received. Very interesting stuff. My main intrigue is for the dealer who claims to offer the $1 over dealer invoice.
  • We are looking at a 2002 Eddie Bauer. We don't need the third row and prefer the moonroof to the auxillary air. My dealer is telling me that even though the 3rd row seat and auxillary air are "options" on the EB, that no EB is made without these. Therefore, I am paying nearly $1400 for those features. In the meantime, since you can't have a factory installed moonroof when auxillary air is installed, he wants to charge me over $1600 for a dealer-installed moonroof, which is more than double the option price if it were factory installed. Does this sound right? Does anyone have a 2002 EB without the 3rd row and auxillary air?
  • fsmasekfsmasek Posts: 14
    barrylewis, you can order an explorer EB any way you want it. I have ordered about half of the cars I have owned. I have a 2002 Mountaineer on order. The dealer I ordered it from thought that the V8 models all had four wheel drive, but that was simply all he had seen. Ford will build what you order.
  • pnewbypnewby Posts: 277
    Find another dealer. He is telling you that he has only ordered EBs with those options. I have had a Med. Wedgewood Blue EB for a month now, and it has no 3rd row or Aux. Air. I ordered, and it took 9 1/2 weeks to arrive.
  • antzman,

    That was probably my suggestion. About two months ago we decided to order either an Explorer or the Mountaineer. I started with Autobytel. Submitted quotes for both vehicles, identically equipped. Autobytel sent me to the local "no haggle" dealer for both. I hadn't heard anything good about that dealer, so I contacted three other local dealers via the Ford website, one of which was the dealer I bought my F-150 from 4 1/2 years ago. Interestingly, I never did receive a quote from the Autobytel dealer. He contacted me several times, but never gave me a quote. The other three dealers (one was a Ford/Merc dealer) all contacted me by phone (when I sent the e-mails, I included work and home numbers). All three gave me exact quotes on the same day they called me, with the Ford/Merc dealer giving me two. The lowest was the dealer I bought the truck from...beat one by $50 and the other by $300. All three included their "processing" fee in the quote...something to keep in mind. The fee ranged from $50 to $129.

    Ended up with a 2WD XLT, V8, tow pack, 3rd seat, premium sound, and side airbags for $28K. The car was delivered 6 weeks after the order, and actually would have been quicker if not for the Memorial day holiday.

    All I can say is dealer's practices vary not only by dealer, but by geographic location. The dealer we bought ours from has a very organized and well run internet operation. It's actually somewhat surprising, as we live in Oklahoma City...not exactly the tecno capital of the world.
  • sj6sj6 Posts: 13
    Help. My '02 XLS 2WD automatic has a low frequency (like a subwoofer freq.) vibration/hum/resonance between 60 and 65 mph. It is NOT the tires/wheels. It is NOT tread noise. I believe it is somewhere in the drivetrain. Two dealers can hear it, but cannot find the source. Anyone else have this problem? Otherwise the vehicle is fine with 1900 miles on it. This noise started at about the 300 mile mark. Thanks.
  • Thanks everyone for your comments. I decided my dealer just didn't want to really try and look. He finally called back today and told me that he would do a factory order for just what I wanted and still give me the "no haggle" price. Well, 15 minutes later, another dealer called me. He had gotten my lead from Autosearch. He had found the EXACT car I wanted and less than 200 miles away. And his "no haggle" price came in $900 less than the first dealer. Plus I can pick the car up on Friday night!!!
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