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Ford Explorer Mercury Mountaineer 2005 and earlier



  • afireafire Posts: 30
    Any engineer type can explain that the 'turbulence' heard/felt when a rear window is rolled down without a fast way for the air to travel outwards (other window cracked) is normal in a large, high SUV with all that rear area room.
  • shaker58shaker58 Posts: 120
    in edmunds review of the moutaineer they said the rear floor had a vibration at 70+ just want too know if anyone that has same problem
  • kurt007kurt007 Posts: 1
    I just recently purchased a 2002 XLT and have driven ~ 400 miles ...

    So far, I'm generally impressed with the improvements made versus my 2000 Limited recently turned in ... less skittishness in the rear-end, better turning radius, quieter on smooth roads, etc.

    My only complaint / issue (and to me it's a big deal) is with rear suspension harshness on anything other than smooth roads (in Michigan that's the majority of roads)! It appears to be much rougher than the 2000, sending a jarring thuds into the passenger compartment on any irregular driving surface. The best way to describe it a low frequency thud. I thought the new suspension would be much better than it appears to be ... disappointing.

    Has anyone else experienced the same response from less than ideal roads? I've checked the tire pressure at it's per the compliance label (35 psi cold on Michelins) ... which seems high, but that's the spec.

  • afireafire Posts: 30
    I have a Mountaineer 2002. I think it rides wonderfully. I had a late model (97) Explorer XLT and I think perhaps your ride is sirectly related to the weight of the car and the air in the tires. Had that checked?
  • sj6sj6 Posts: 13
    I wrote in two weeks ago or so about the vibes. No update yet other than the dealer has had it for a week waiting for, and in the progress of installing the new rear diff. and driveshaft. Should hear something this upcoming week.
  • mrankellmrankell Posts: 21
    I have around 3,000 on my 2002 mountaineer with the upgraded leather seats. i also noticed that I have major creases in the leather. it looks like the seats are 10 years old. Has anyone mentioned this to the dealer. i am sure they will do nothing and a call to Ford is the only way someone will look into this.

  • them.
  • rollierrollier Posts: 8
    Just passed 3600mi and am averaging 15.5mpg in town and 22mpg on the road. Drove Toledo,Ohio to Stratford Canada about three weeks ago with four adults and a lot of luggage. Averaged 60-65mph on the 401 (Canada's e- way) and got 3000 miles. Very pleased. Had a left outboard middle row setback rattle that the dealer fixed with new latches from Mercury and had the tranny shift points reset by the dealers computer. Boy what an improvement as to shift smoothness and speed settings. I was told that the dealer has a TSB on the tranny computer fix program, and it really works. The dual AC units are a life saver in this heat and my senior citizen riders in the back (middle seat) love their own thermostat and fan controls.... ten times better than the moon roof option if you live in the midwest. Rollier
  • cmimcmim Posts: 9
    Back in April there was a recall for the glass hatch and from earlier posts it seems that the hinges were the problem and were replaced. But more recently it seems that the pnuematic arms are now a problem. Does this seem to be the case or was the orginal recall about the pnuematic arms ?
  • shaker58shaker58 Posts: 120
    this board is dead just test drove car my wife was very happy get interst rate on lease .75% but res was also very low 46% for the price it cant be beat
  • zman3zman3 Posts: 857
    Just curious.

    I was quoted a Ford Red Carpet Lease, 3 year term. Residual was 49% and interest rate was 3.5%. Who quoted your terms?

    I agree that the depreciation is a bit steep, but you can't beat the interest portion of the payment. It makes the Explorer look unbeatbale for the price. I can get a fairly loaded XLT for roughly $450/month. Not bad in my opinion.
  • shaker58shaker58 Posts: 120
    carman on the lease board said it was a very good lease I also priced out a v6 xlt it was 440 with tax this is 484 plus tax and is a v8 and fully loaded
  • hungry2hungry2 Posts: 11
    I was also quoted interest at .75 and 46% residual, this is on a mountaineer, perhaps the explorer is different. I am in NJ, it may vary state to state.

    I am getting the mountaineer because I like the looks and it has a few more standard features. I should have shopped the explorer but since I am turning in a mountaineer I am getting a couple loyalty rebates, also, with vacations and sports and having to turn in the vehicle, we didn't have alot of time to spend shopping around. When I got the last mountaineer it came out to be a better price than the explorer because more stuff was standard that I would have had to add to the explorer. I am getting it for $423 for 36 months,(0 down, I pay 611 for 1st month and DMV fees) not tons of options, but it doesn't need much because the cd and 3rd seat and awd are standard. The dash looks pretty cool too!I had no trouble with my 98, but I am a little afraid of getting this one it in its first year of redesign.
  • shaker58shaker58 Posts: 120
    is that with tax
  • shaker58shaker58 Posts: 120
    will my kids be sweating in the back if we go for the sunroof instead of the aux air

    will you be able to gey both in near future????
  • hungry2hungry2 Posts: 11
    I think the 423is with tax, but since I am returning a mountaineer lease I get all these rebates(red carpet renewal, some other red carpet and a mercury owner loyalty). We sign tomorrow so I hope those rebates really materialize. A dealer I called in PA didn't know baout ANY rebates yet I know there is definitely a red carpet lease rebate (don't know if its for new or returning, I think maybe both)

    I forgot to mention that I am getting a sunroof and we also had a sunroof in our old one and no aux. air (was it offered then?). My kids lived but there was no 3rd seat then so they were closed to the front. I don't think it is so large inside that you need aux air. My van needs lots of air vents but the rear windows don't open and it is really much larger area inside to cool than the truck.
  • shaker58shaker58 Posts: 120
    your deal looks like you got all 3 rebates as long taxes are included in payment (AWESOME DEAL) my price is 484 no rebates plus taxes so around 520 if you bought a truck sim to mine it would be around 450-460 good luck with your new truck
    36/1750 is almost a 50 savings per mth
  • fastbuckfastbuck Posts: 11
    so far (two months and 1500 miles) we're very pleased with our 2002 4wd v-6. the best feature by far is the third row, which has eliminated sibling seating squabbles. ride and handling are leagues better than the '94 4wd pathfinder we traded in.

    mileage, on the other hand, is far worse than others in this forum have been reporting. with 50/50 city/highway driving, i've barely hit 15 mpg on a couple of refills, and mostly gotten in the 13-14 range. kind of surprising for a 21st century vehicle. by contrast, the windstar we rented on a recent vacation delivered 25 mpg in the mountains with the a/c blasting and a full load of passsengers and luggage.

    lastly, let me be the second to register the opinion that i prefer the straightforward look of the explorer to that of the mountaineer. and i'm also sort of perplexed at the opinions regularly offered here that the interior is "cheap" or unattractive. i like it, and think it fits the vehicle's personality. my other car is a 2001 bmw 5 series, so i'm familiar with what a top quality interior can be. i just think the inside of the explorer looks and feels right for an suv.
  • njdevilsrnnjdevilsrn Posts: 185
    I too, find it hard to believe that many of the 2002 owners have been getting mileage in the 23-25 mpg range. I have owned a '97, '99, and 2000 Explorer. The two older ones had the SOHC engine, I think the best tank of gas I had was in the '97, and it was about 18 mpg on a road trip where I filled up, got on the highway for almost 200 miles, and refilled later that day.

    As far as the 2000, it has the OHV, and I think I got about 18.5 on a similar trip.

    I just don't see how a vehicle which is bigger and weighs 300 pounds more (2002 models) can get 5 mpg more than my best.
  • Our '02 2WD with V8 and tow pack got exactly 16 on the last tank. This was strictly to work and back driving, although some of that is freeway. It has 2K miles on it, so I'm thinking it might get just a little better following break in. I'm guessing here, but I suspect the best it would do is maybe 20 MPG on the highway.
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