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Ford Explorer Mercury Mountaineer 2005 and earlier



  • masonmimasonmi Posts: 148
    The dealership didn't even run any tests on the truck or nothing? they just told you to make an appt and they'll get you in two weeks later? I would have complained especially when it comes to being a new 2002 with 500 miles on it they should have kept it and gave you a loaner, in my opinion thats risking getting yourself stranded somewhere or making the problem much worse, I suppose maybe they'll just unscrew the service engine soon light bulb and call it good when you take it back in two weeks :)
  • fiery1fiery1 Posts: 31
    Two weeks? It may not affect CURRENT driveability but what about what the problem is right now? Meaning, what if you affect the long term car "essence" by not taking care of it right away?
    Find another Ford/Mercury dealer to bring it to right away.
  • How is everyone's gas mileage?
  • a36a36 Posts: 10
    When my 2WD XLT (V6)was 6 weeks old and at 535 miles we drove it from near Ft. Worth to Park City, UT. Admittedly this is not the time that
    fuel economy should be computed, but here are the

    First of all this is not a high altitude car and
    an awful lot of these numbers are from altitudes
    of 5,000' and higher. The owners manual cautions
    you about buying the 85 octane fuel in high
    altitude locations, as a result almost all fuel
    is mid or premium grade. The 22.5 gallon tank
    makes it neccessary to buy fuel only twice a day
    on a trip like this - full at departure and one
    fill up at lunch - fillup at days end.
    677 miles on the first day (refueled in Amarillo)
    ended day at Pueblo, CO - 19.025 mpg.
    619 miles the second day (refueled in Rawlings,
    WY) refueled at intersection of I-80 and US40
    very near Park City (Park City is not a cheap
    place to buy fuel!) 20.365 mpg.
    Nearly all of this driving was at the speed limits of 65 to 75 mph. All across the plains
    of WY (elevations 6,000' to 8,000' ASL) the limit
    is 75 mph and that is what the cruise control was
    set on. For 1,312 miles (some local driving in TX was on the first tank) 66.022 gals. and an
    average 19.87 mpg.

    A recent tank fillup that encompassed only 191.9
    miles (1/3 around town and the rest going down
    hill into Salt Lake and back up the hill to P/C)
    was 10.621 gals - 18.067 mpg. The vehicle has
    over 3,000 miles now and this was all COSTCO
    91 octane fuel.

    Will write more when we return to TX at the
    begining of next month. That trip will be through the mountains of CO to intersect I-25
    south of Pueblo and will be an interesting
    comparison to the all interstate driving.
  • bordsource,

    My wife's V8 2WD with tow pack is up to 16.5 in purely city driving. With every tank the thing has improved. It's up to 3500 miles now...probably going to level off, but I can live with that.
  • fsmasekfsmasek Posts: 14
    First, the telescoping wheel. I am 6 foot one inch and find it difficult to be comfortable in many vehicles mad for people with short legs. If i move the seat back far enough, I find my arms (which are not short), may be straight out, rather than bent slightly. A telescoping wheel solves such problems.

    I have a V8 2WD Mountaineer on order and it will cost $1,200 LESS than an Explorer EB with the same equipment. Some earlier posts here alerted me to this advantage. The person who asked about the headrest diffrences probably rented a base Explorer. It seems Ford made a mistake, as the bass Explorer loks better than the XLT, EB, and Limited with their ugly lower body plastic pieces. If I had bought an Explorer, I would have removed the plastic parts and had base model bumpers painted and installed.
  • I ve recently also ordered a new Mountaineer since late JULY and still no truck. Is the truck in such demand or are they having ongoing delivery problems.

    Has anyone experienced similar problems ?
  • fsmasekfsmasek Posts: 14
    First, I regret the many typos in my previous post. I ordered my Mountaineer on June 19. Today, the dealer told me that it was being shipped from Kansas City (they are made in Louisville, KY), and would probably arrive in two weeks. Given the normal summer break, and maybe additional break time due to weak demand, the delivery time does not seem abnormal. I have ordered about half of the cars I have purchased,
  • pnewbypnewby Posts: 277
    Your Mountaineer was probably made in St Louis. I live in Lexington, Ky, but mine was shipped by rail from St. Louis. Bought it on May 31, and it took ten weeks from the order date. I couldn't figure out why it wasn't built in Louisville, but was just happy to get it.
  • rpashbyrpashby Posts: 3
    Our 2002 Mountaineer is a great vehicle. Compared to our previously owned 1990 Ford XLT and 1995 Eddie Bauer, this enhanced SUV provides more space, better gas mileage and most of all a softer ride. We have the V6 engine and live in Vermont were the roads are very hilly, yet we get excellent mileage. Seems to average 22 mpg and have got up to 25 mpg on one trip, that one was on a short trip over straight and flat terrain.

    We love it except for the harsh/firm shifting. At 3,000 miles I brought it back to the Dealer for oil/filter change and explained how it would slam into gear so hard it felt we ran over someone
    or drove over a huge speed bump (doesn't do this all the time).

    Service Mgr informed me that the transmission needs to learn how to shift and after it gets more miles on it it will get better. It's been 6,000 miles and it still hasn't learned. Brought it to another Dealer and got the same story but, they said they would contact Ford to see if there is a solution.

    Anyone having the same experience? If so, let me know if you found a Dealer that cured the problem and how they did it?

    I had read were the contol module can be re-programed but, my Dealer knows nothing about that fix.

    Thank you
  • mazman1mazman1 Posts: 229
    I find it very hard to believe you are getting 25 mpg with an Explorer/Mountaineer vehicle...LOL .. unless you are going downhill with a towtruck.... A more realistic mileage is 16-19 mpg. Just take the number of miles you drive and divide by the number of gallons of gas you buy.. dont rely on the trip computer...
  • rpashbyrpashby Posts: 3
    I must confess that the miles per gallon I reported are based on my trip computer in the car and I haven't calculated the mileage using the miles driven by the # of gallons used. However, I do know that the old 95 Eddie Bauer's trip computer never read over 21.5.

    Sorry if I excited anyone with my mpg story. I'll calculated it the conventional way on my next trip and report it here. I do know it gets better mileage than the V6 Explorer ever did.
  • Thanks for the reply on my earlier question regarding the delivery. Apparently the dealer now says the truck is closer (in Tampa) and should be here soon. I'll keep everyone informed. Still have to make the final deal.


  • pnewbypnewby Posts: 277
    I had the same problem with my 2002 EB Explorer. There is a TSB for this problem, and the dealer loaded the new program in about an hour. No problems with shifting since then.
  • a36a36 Posts: 10
    I have had several unwanted activations of the Anti Theft Alarm.

    It only occurs in this way:
    You come out of the super market and use the key
    fob to unlatch the window in the rear hatch.
    As the stuff is being loaded, my wife wants to get into the car. I used the manual unlock
    button, adjacent to the rear hatch, to unlock the
    remaining doors. When a door is opened the
    Anti Theft Alarm is activated. The rear hatch
    window is still open when this occurs.

    It does not happen every time that this same scenario takes place - just on occasion. I have
    stopped using this method to open the remaining doors and of course have not had a recurrence.

    Anybody have any ideas about why this might be happening?
  • gregb5gregb5 Posts: 82
    from the dealer after ten days down for repair. Since new, it shuddered when shifting. Kind of felt like a subtle rumble strip. Most noticeable on the 2-3 shift at approx 25 mph. It progressed and a whistling could also be heard coming from the drivetrain. The delaer found nothing obviously wrong. They called the factory and a transfer case was pulled from the line and installed. Feels better now... so far.

    Just thought I'd post this in case others are having similar problems. I'm not too upset since it appears to have been a bad part from the start, not a bad design that worked for a while then broke.

    If they could only fix the rattle in the driver's door...
  • lolaj42lolaj42 Posts: 420
    Howdy, I haven't posted here before, but I've read all previous posts and those on the ML vs. MDX vs. Explorer/Mountaineer. I'm inclined to go with the Explorer/Mountaineer, although I'm uncertain as to which. I'm looking for a 2WD, as I don't need the 4WD fuel economy penalty. In my experience, a 2WD SUV can go to 95+% of the places a comparably equipped 4WD can go. As I live in Arizona, off-road opportunities are plentiful, and SUVs provide the needed ground clearance and suspension minivans just don't offer.

    I have a 2-year old daughter that will ride in the middle position of the 2nd row, while leaving the outboard positions available for adults, as need be. The 3d row seat would be needed occasionally, and, otherwise, the cargo area is far more useful than the MDX or ML offer.

    Would anyone care to share your ownership experience to date with your Explorer or Mountaineer? Why you chose the version you did, etc.? I'm looking for something that will offer the creature comforts found in the EB/Ltd or Mountaineer trim levels, as this vehicle will by wife's primary ride (I have a '00MY Lincoln LS that I love!) but I will put plenty of miles on this vehicle as well. In all, this vehicle will be the family work horse and probably see 20K miles per year. Any help, recommendations would be appreciated.
  • fiery1fiery1 Posts: 31
    Lola, I have a 2002 Mountaineer, and I love it. I have three kids and the reasons I bought it were: style (sure looks great, yet not like all the other SUVs on the roadway), and 3rd rear seat and the V6 motor. Add to that the little extras usually found on more costly cars like heated seats, memory seats (3 positions!) and the great brushed metal style inside... and ease of entry to 3rd rear seat, it's a thumbs up for us. It was barely over $30,000 very well equipped (rear air, CD, leather, alloys, two-tone, etc) and it too is a 2wd. I love it. I also commute daily in an Echo (hey, 50 miles each way and a 42mpg car = better budgeting for certain) and it's so hard to get into the Echo on Monday mornings after using the Mountaineer all weekend. I could have bought Sequoia, but didn't want V8, all that length/size, and the cost for the SEQ with all the "goodies" was a lot higher. I think the only car that could rival Mountaineer is Explorer for value but let me also say this: I leased it for very short term because I wouldn't trust a Ford product past warranty. Been there, done that. If you plan this to be a 5-6-7 year car, look at cars like Acura MDX, Toyota Highlander or Sequoia, or wait it out for the restyled 4Runner in 2003. That's the only recommendation I have against 2002 Mountaineer. It's still a FORD.
  • lolaj42lolaj42 Posts: 420
    Thanks for your feedback. However, I do not share in your view of Ford. I'm quite pleased (ecstatic, actually) about my 2000 Lincoln LS (purchased in Sept. 99). I have also had the opportunity to meet several Lincoln managers, and Ford Engineers and am genuinely enthused and impressed with the direction of Ford, generally, and Lincoln-Mercury specifically. If I were to wait until the 2003 model year, I'd also have the Lincoln Aviator high on my shopping list. As you may or may not know, the Aviator will be Lincoln's new SUV based off the same Explorer / Mountaineer chasis. I have not yet heard how Lincoln intends to differentiate the Aviator from the existing Explorer and Mountaineer models. I think it would be safe to assume improved engine performance, but beyond that, I'm uncertain.

    What kind of fuel mileage are you getting on the V6? What's your impression of acceleration and passing power? I would appreciate it if other's would provide their feedback as well. I'm leaning toward the V8 engine for improved passing power and hill climbing (for long, 7% highway grades, as opposed to steep off-road trails).

    Has the rear lift-gate glass issue been adequately resolved? What tires choices seem to be best?
  • mrankellmrankell Posts: 21
    I am getting my 2002 Mountaineer back for the second time to fix the hard shifting problem. The dealer is re-programming the computer for the second time. They claim the re-programming does not always work on every transmission and Ford is aware of this problem. Has anyone had the transmission re-programmed and found it did not fix the problem.

    marty rankell
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