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2005 Honda Accord Potential Electrical Problem/Battery Issue?

I have a 2005 Honda Accord. I have gotten the battery replaced six months ago but in the past two months after not using the car for 7 days, the car battery has lost its charge. Is it a battery issue?

Or is this electrical. The reason I ask is my radio has stopped working but every time the car is jump started the radio starts working for a brief time and then stops working.



  • hi,

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  • mayank33mayank33 Posts: 1

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  • hatkhatk Posts: 1
    hi pradeepkk90, How is your Honda doing? did you get that problem fixed? I have the same model/year and it has been a while since I am getting the same problem. I changed the battery a couple of months ago and it still runs out of it if not taken for a spin every day! and I have the same radio issue as well!
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