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sjk70sjk70 Posts: 3

BUYER BEWARE: DIG IN WHEN NEGOTIATING A NISSAN PURCHASE, DO NOT ACCEPT TOYO A22 TIRES UNLESS YOU WANT TO REPLACE THEM SOON. This is a formal complaint to the tires/wheels that Nissan has selected for placement on the 2012 Nissan Quest.The Toyo A22 235/55/18 tires are completely worn at 26,000 miles.We did not discover the issue with the tires until a third party inspected the vehicle.The vehicle will not pass inspection.All service has occurred at a Nissan authorized dealer at the recommended intervals.The service groups at Sheehy Nissan and Grapevine Nissan did not alert us to the dangers.I have spoken with Nissan Regional Consumer Affairs and alerted them to the concern and issues surrounding the rapid wear.It is our belief that the Nissan Quest is to heavy for the tires that were selected on the vehicle, and/or the tire is defective. Nissan Regional Consumer Affairs has decided not to intervene, or assist on our behalf.According to Nissan Employee Leslee #457231,Nissan does not have information on the Toyo A22 tire,or knowledge of weight characteristics&what constitutes abnormal wear. According to Toyo the A22 235/55/18 tire is a custom part manufactured to Nissan specs.After conducting an internet search there are many mentions of Nissan Quest tires wearing early.My belief is that the TOYO tire does not match the vehicle weight, or the tire is defective. The rapid wear experienced with these tires can jeopardize the safety of the passengers&motorists. An additional complaint to Nissan is being filed stating that the tire is not robust enough for the vehicle weight it is handling. My wife has experienced difficulty in wet conditions when handling the vehicle, I believe this is due to the abnormal tread wear (not her driving, which I originally believed). Toyo has offered a 35% wear warranty on the tires. Nissan has denied any warranty claim or assistance for the installation of the tires. This situation reminds me of the tire recalls surrounding the Ford Explorer in 2000. It is my (speculative) belief that TOYO or Nissan have not notified the NHTSA of these consumer complaints. The tires must be replaced.

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