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2004 Ford Expedition / White - value?

kticknorkticknor Posts: 2
edited January 2014 in Ford

Hello, I have a 2004 White Ford Expedition w/ 3rd gear issues / transmission issues. I'd like to sell it, and was wondering what you think I could sell it for or what it is worth?

Thank you Kathleen


  • steverstever Viva Las CrucesPosts: 42,372
    edited January 2014

    We have an appraisal tool.

    But does not provide estimates for damaged vehicles. To derive a value for a "Damaged" vehicle, simply take the "Average" condition and subtract the cost of restoring the vehicle to "Average" condition.

    So, assuming you have a 4WD XLS with 170,000 miles, the average value would be $1,083 trade-in, $1,742 private party sale.

    Rebuilt transmissions can run from $1,500 to over $5,000, easy.

    So, there's not much value there.

    You might try finding a mechanic who could save on the labor and see they'd buy it. Try an independent shop or put a sign up at any auto salvage yard in your area.

    And there's always craigslist - if you go that route, it'd really be best to get an estimate or two so you can include that in your ad.

    (btw, I tweaked your title so it wouldn't look like an ad in here, since we aren't set up for buying and selling on the forum).

    Minivan fan. Feel free to message or email me -

  • steverstever Viva Las CrucesPosts: 42,372

    Hm, saw your dupe post just now and plugged in 170k and edited my post. Not sure how I came up with $4,000 +/- before.

    It's hard to find any decent used car for under $5,000 (although supply is easing some), so hopefully your paint and interior are in good shape, strong AC, etc. to entice a fixer-upper to give you something for it. Good luck!

    Minivan fan. Feel free to message or email me -

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