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2014 Jeep Cherokee transmission service message

mkrenesky1111mkrenesky1111 Posts: 3
edited April 2014 in Jeep

have new car less than 700 miles/bought 12/31/13. driving tonight an suddenly the transmission service message displays, car loses speed dropping into lower gear. actually may have shut off as I got another series of messages including one telling me to place car in P and restart the car. scary.

also get message that parking brake needs servicing, traction control turned off

anyone heard of this in a Jeep but specifically a 2014 Cherokee Latitude?


  • sorry. V6 engine

  • also. attempted to drive off highway I was on. car skipped, like transmission slipping. then seemed to find a gear and drove fine until I slowed down, then slipping again until back up to speed.

  • bruspellbruspell Posts: 6

    Hi. I had same thing happen with power loss this past Monday. I was leaving dealership after third visit in two weeks regarding the check engine light coming on. Traction control turned off, power loss was severe, barely made it back into dealer lot. This is our first Jeep (2014 Cherokee Latitude, small engine). Today I was told that transmission, engine, etc. updates were installed on the system. I am supposed to learn sometime tomorrow whether the 'fix' worked. Regardless, this is not what I expect with a new vehicle (about 10,000 miles when the problems began). Depending on what they tell me, I may well be in the market for another vehicle.

  • bruspellbruspell Posts: 6

    Update on my April 9th commentary: The vehicle was at the dealer for four days. When I picked it up on April 10th the service manager told me that a STAR case had been opened(#S1419000001). They found code P219A in system for fuel ratio imbalance. MAP sensor value was compared to another vehicle. Purge solenoid operation was found ok. O2 sensor values checked ok. Chrysler engineer supervised service tech, and installed updates to reset transmission to factory settings. I have driven vehicle just over 300 miles since the work was completed, and so far it is performing perfectly. I will update again in a month.

  • Good Morning bruspell,

    Sorry to hear you were having trouble with your 2014 Jeep Cherokee Latitude. Glad to hear the dealer was working with STAR to diagnose and repair the vehicle.

    Hope your vehicle continues to perform perfectly. If you have future concerns please do not hesitate to contact Jeep directly.

    Phone: 1-877-426-5337 or email:

    Customer Care
    Chrysler Group LLC

  • bruspellbruspell Posts: 6

    So, here's my final update to my 4/10 and 4/15 comments on our issues with the 2014 Cherokee Latitude: On the 18th the warning light again came on. The dealership had promised to 'make us happy' if the problem was not solved after the last effort. We are now driving a 2014 Cherokee Limited. While the solution to the vehicle problem remains elusive, the solution to our issue was more than satisfactory. If you track the case number that I left in my earlier post you will be able to learn what repairs were made.

  • steverstever Viva Las CrucesPosts: 46,432

    Sounds like a great resolution and a good dealer.

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  • genessgeness Posts: 3
    Looking for help here also. 2014 Limited with 25,000 mi. Had it for service two weeks ago for premature airbag deployment recall; 15 minute computer update and that is when the problems started. The next day, on interstate going 70 mph, emergency brake suddenly comes on. MIL light comes on, emergency brake light on dash comes on, screen warning "Pull over and service transmission immediately". Car seems to be in 2nd or 3rd gear, 3500 rpm at 40 mph is as fast as it will go. Pulled over, stopped engine and restarted half a dozen times. MIL is still on, emergency brake light on dash is still on (not illuminated on brake button) huge clunk when shifting from park to reverse or neutral to drive. Drive light on dash is flashing as is drive light on console. After 5 minutes of stopping and starting the problem goes away, except for the MIL. Drove 50 miles with MIL on. Got home, I scanned for codes without turning the engine off; no stored codes or freeze frames. Turned engine off and restarted, MIL goes off. Dealer doesn't have a clue what is wrong. Two weeks go by and the problem doesn't reappear until last night, same exact scenario. Twice now, 70 mph, and the emergency brake comes on.
    This is a failure that could cost you your life; I think the NTSB should know about this.
  • steverstever Viva Las CrucesPosts: 46,432
    edited April 1
    Yikes! Here's the link to report it to the feds, if you haven't already. I'd report it to Jeep too. Doesn't sound like the typical "limp" mode behavior.

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  • genessgeness Posts: 3
    Thank you. Filed a report with NTSB
  • genessgeness Posts: 3
    Update. Local Jeep dealer had car for 5 days. They called to tell me that they couldn't fix it and I had to call Chrysler to get them to figure out what was wrong. So, I have a car less than one year old, less than 25,000 miles, under warranty, with a transmission/emergency brake problem that will bring the car to a stop at 70 mph within seconds and it's my responsibility to escalate the problem to get it fixed. After 7 Chrysler products in 20 years, this may very well be my last. I can not imagine a dealer telling a customer that they don't have a clue how to fix the problem. I told the dealer to use Google, they might learn something. I sure hope the NTSB gets on board with these issues before people are killed or injured.
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