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2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Lease Questions



  • Overland and Summit.. two different models, with different residuals..


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  • Can I get the MF and residual on a GC Summit. I would like to know the numbers for both 12k and 15k miles and also the difference between 24/36/39 months. Thank you!
  • About to lease a 2014 JGC Limited, MSRP $43190.
    39months, 15k miles a year, $1000 down (inc. 1st payment) = $480 month.

    A lot of people here are asking about MF and Residuals? Am I wrong that each leasing company sets their own parameters? I've gone to about 5 different dealers, and everyones interest rates and residuals are different b/c they all use different lenders. (Some overlap, but each dealer also seems to have access to a few lenders that others dont)

  • "the MF and residual on a GC Summit. I would like to know the numbers for both 12k and 15k miles and also the difference between 24/36/39 months."

    24 month MF is .00010. Residual is 56% for 15K/yr, 57% for 12K/yr

    36 month MF is .00013. Residual is 46% for 15K/yr, 48% for 12K/yr

    39 month MF is .00013. Residual is 45% for 15K/yr, 47% for 12K/yr


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  • THANK YOU. My dealer has mentioned that there may be a change tomorrow with the programs? He also said it may stay exactly the same.
  • My initial reaction is that this sounds pretty good. I think others on this forum would tell you to get the MF and residual so we get further analyze and see if there's more wiggle room.
  • About the lender question. Did they give you the names of the financial institutions? I'm not that familiar with Chrysler's lease programs. I know when I leased my GM vehicle there were two financial institutions GM dealers used and the MF/Residual would vary slightly depending on which one was used. What area of the country are you getting the above mentioned deal?
  • MSRP: $43,190
    with 15,000 miles per year $1000 down you are looking at $480 a month for 39 months. (this includes lease conquest)

    The money factor is .00112 and for the residual for the 39 month lease is 49%.

    I am in the Boston, MA area...
    Every dealer is using different lenders with different MF, residuals, and rates. The common ones are Chrysler, Ally, Harbor One...
  • Can someone please post the money factors and residuals for 2014 limited and overland models for 10,000 and 12,000 miles and for 36 and 39 months. Thanks!
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,881
    2014 GC Limited 4WD
    .00017 MF and 56% residual for 36mo/12K.. add 2% for 10K/yr.. subtract 2% for 39 months..

    2014 GC Overland 4WD
    .00009 MF and 52% residual for 36mo/12K... add 2% for 10K/yr.. subtract 1% for 39 months..


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  • xulxul Posts: 6
    edited October 2013
    Got a 2014 grand Cherokee overland V6, MSRP : 47190 Sales price : 42183 36 months 10,000miles/yr $0 down payment , $610 per month tax include . Only paid DMV and first month payment now. Is this too much??? Can it be better ?
  • Seems high to me especially for 10k miles. What is the money factor and residual they quoted?
  • xulxul Posts: 6
    He didn't say. The tax is high here in NY, 8.875% . Her offer price was 649 per month . How much per mouth suppose to be ?
  • xulxul Posts: 6
    I saw here someone said the MF is 0.0009 and residual is 54% for overland 10,000/yr . Does anyone know if the sales able to mark down the bank fee ?
  • xulxul Posts: 6
    ok, now made the deal done : tried another dealer :

    NYC area

    MSRP: 47190
    cost price:40360
    MF : 0.00009
    cost at the end of the loan : 24316,
    39month ,

    Everything included: 565/month

    Paid first month, 97.5 registration fee, DMV for 2 yrs

    How's the deal ? Good or bad ?
  • fbaezfbaez Posts: 2
    If you dont mind xul can you please share the dealer, im currently looking for the same deal.
  • xulxul Posts: 6
    edited February 9
    East hills,[Phone number removed]
  • lepialepia Posts: 39
    Hi all,
    I am looking to lease a Grand Cherokee Summit 2014 with a MSRP: $52,585.00. 10K/YR, 36months.

    One dealer already quoted me $685 a month no money down. 1st sale person said the Residual was 53%. A second sales rep said it was 51%. I went to another dealer and the residual was not shared, but he gave me a MF of 0.0168. weird!.

    Neither dealer wanted to disclose discounts. -Can't do business like that.

    Can someone share his/her findings on a similar vehicle? I did my own numbers and I came up with the following figures:
    2014 Cherokee Summit MSRP: $52,585
    $658.00 a month everything included. Only pay at sign 1st month and DMV. I am basing my numbers on the following: 52% residual, MF:0.0009. CAP COST:$46,500.00

    Is this a good number? can I get a cheaper price? or Am I reaching with the amount I calculated?

    Any input will be appreciated.

  • xulxul Posts: 6
    You can make the total price to 46,000, monthly included everything should around 640 or 650 would be a really good deal. Try 39 month, u can return at the 36th month anyway. My dealer told me that they don't really do 36 anymore, so they make 36 lots more than 39
  • Congrats! It seems like all the dealers in the NE are able to give the best deals! Does anyone know if you can lease from a dealer in a different region and have them flat bed the vehicle to you? This is a quote I received yesterday... not happy... with $2,499 due at signing...

    On Jeep Overland:
    With Ally Financial Lease is where you get the extra $3,000 rebate to get the total of $5,000 + $1,000 for lease conquest
    With Ally Lease quote came out to be with 15K per year was $699 per month (Rate – 8.08% / Residual – 52%) / with 12k per year was $677 per month (Rt – 8.08% / Rs – 54%)
    With Chrysler Capital it is only $2,000 total off +$1,000 for lease conquest, but works out better for this particular vehicle being 15K per yr was $646 per mo (Mf - .00054 / Rs – 47%) / with 12K per yr was $622 per mo (Mf - .00054 / Rs – 49%)
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