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2014 BMW 5-Series Lease Questions



  • Wow then that is a SICK deal you got then for only $499, the sales tax for your deal is around $35-40 a month if financed into the lease. Did you explore trade in value at all? I've never sold a car privately.
  • Just heard that Dec incentives have started today. Do you have more details on that?
  • Haven't heard anything about new incentives....

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  • Great deal on 2014 AH5 your BiL got - thx for your clear update.

    2013 Active Hybrid 5 - leased 36 months 36000 miles $629 (zero - zero - zero - zero)

    MSRP: $67200 (61200 base MSRP + about 6000 options including Destination) -- Purchase price $52300
    Plus $1329 Tires and Wheels Protection 3-years package (T+W at cost; MSRP $1629)
    Plus $329 Dent 3-years protection (at cost; MSRP $449)

    Zero - Zero - Zero - Zero (except $4200 refundable MSDs to reduce Money factor; Sales Tax WAIVED by BMWFS too ! First-month payment + $300 DMV fees paid at signing).

    With MSDs, $45/month saved;

    Monthly payment: $629 (TX sales tax waived, using BMWFS tax credits)
    Cap reduction: $0
    Doc fee: $199
    Buy rate MF used and then reduced further by using 7 MSDs -- 0.0076 (Total MSD Security Deposits: $4200; technically it should be $4550, got an extra break here; somehow the each deposit of $600 (rounded up to next $50 multiple based on $581 payment prior to adding the TW+dent packages at finance manager's office)

    Dealer was is BMW of Dallas (Autonation franchise owned)
    CreditScore: Equifax: 846 Trans: 850 Exp: 850-860)

    Thought we got a killer deal of $540 on 2013 Mercedes Bezn E-350 4Matic ($62K MSRP) - in late June, end of model year; (zero - zero - zero - zero; truely zero security deposit, ie No MSDs used ! )

    But this 2013 AH 5 (with MSRP $67200) -- seems to better the above Benz deal! Lovin both !!
  • What are the rates for Dec for '14 535 xDrive for best term with 12k or 15k?

  • Glad my post helped. Congrats! E350 and AH5 are both very good cars if the technology and drive appeal to you. I would not recommend anyone to buy a AH5 since the tech is not well established yet but leasing is cool.

    Congrats again!
  • saranrsaranr Posts: 17
    Hello Lars, What was your starting offer on this car? With BMW loyalty credit it appears invoice -$3500 might be doable...
  • Oh wow that is a sick deal on the E350, did you have a MB lease back or a true zero zero zero what dealer? I am in NJ, my father in law just got one $63K for $615, with 10K off sticker for 15K 36 mo and around $4K due upfront which included around $1900 in NJ & luxury tax
  • gericogerico Posts: 21
    Helping a friend lease a 2014 550i xDrive
    Looking for the current RV and MF's for a 10k, 12k and 15k lease.
    Also, what incentives are being offered this month ?
    He will be using the MSD's to get the lowest MF.

    Thanks in advance !
  • A Michigan dealer just offered me a 2014 535i xDrive with the following:
    - $MSRP of $70,125
    - Actual Price of $66,000
    - $1,100 down for first month pmt, taxes, fees
    - $786 Per Month
    - 10K Miles Per Year
    - I qualify for loyalty cash

    Decent deal for a 2014? Any help or thoughts are much appreciated.

  • " please post 15K residuals for 535i & 550i & M5"

    60%, 58% and 56%, respectively

    $1500 Holiday cash and $1000 lease loyalty


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  • "What are the rates for Dec for '14 535 xDrive "

    36mo, 15K/yr lease
    .00125 MF and 60% residual
    Add 2% for 12K/yr


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  • 2014 550i xDrive 36mo, 15K/yr lease
    .00125 MF and 58% residual
    $1500 Holiday cash and $1000 lease loyalty
    Add 2% for 12K/yr or 3% for 10K/yr


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  • I'm on the market for a 2014 528i that I would like to lease. I definitely need the M Sport Package, Premium Package, & Drivers Assistance Package. The one problem I have been having is finding the option to add the Cinnamon Brown Interior when building it online. Have they taken it out of the M Sports Package? Or do I need the dealer to do it for me?

    In addition, I've been doing a lot of research with leasing from BMW. From what i understand, many stores right now are offering 60% residual value and a MF of 0.00125 on the 2014 528i with 15,000 miles/yr option for 36mths. Are those figures honored nationwide by BMW? If not, how do I negotiate to get it to around 3%?

    Also, I've learned about the option of using Multiple Security Deposits (up to 7) which will allow me to reduce the MF to a max of 0.00049.

    So basically if the sticker price is about 55,000 and I put down approx $5,000 in MSD's, plus another 4,000 as a regular deposit, in addition to reducing the sticker price with holiday & other incentives, my calculations are looking to pay approx $380-$420/month for the lease (I ultimately want to pay <$450/mth).

    Please let me know if my information is wrong in any way, or if there is any other incentives/tactics I should use before I go into negotiate.

    Jason B.
  • Jason, not sure what you meant by "3%"? also the MF and residual are set by BMW bank. but i am not sure if certain region in the USA is different than other due to market competition. doing the MSD is very wise, imho. I am comparing the 528/535 with MB E350. though BMW is not as aggressive on selling price as the MB. if you can get the MF so low, why put down another $4k as a reg drive off? as far as negotiation, just get several dealers quote via email and go from there. I just checked, 528 is going for ~$7k off msrp due to $4k incentive. I prefer the 535i but the incentive is only 1500.

  • konacougkonacoug Kailua-KonaPosts: 165

    Pretty hard to tell, without all the info...what is the MSRP, the Invoice price, the selling price? What also matters you really want to keep your 3 year old car, that is entirely up to you. What would your old car be worth in 3 more years after you pay about 35K for it?

  • konacougkonacoug Kailua-KonaPosts: 165

    jasonb_88 U agree with the above is always a bad idea to de cap the lease. All you are doing is paying the lease fee upfront, which leaves you vulnerable to loss of all the down payment money due to accident or theft. The MSD's are based on the monthly payment, ie, $450 equals 1 MSD. Finally, you really are not providing all of the info about the car, MSRP, Invoice, selling price and incentives. Always work from invoice as a base, not from payments, otherwise you are setting yourself up to be screwed.

  • Thank you for your feedback and comments. Here is the info for the 2014 535xi, navigation, heated seats, leather, rear view camera, parking sensors.
    Test drove it...smoother car, nice navi display, rear camera, parking sensors. MSRP: $62025 Sale price: $58500 all included (4% tax, tags, fees,etc...) 36 months lease / 36k miles $0 down, $679/ month

    As for the 2011 535xi, edmunds projects $20000 value in 3 years! with $8000+/- in maintenance & repairs. Taking into consideration the difference in monthly payments, keeping it saves about $2000 after 3 years. Meh...I will just get the new one and get an all electric car in 3 years...maybe tesla or some other manufacturer would have a nice one for around $50k.

  • if anyone in socal/LA looking for a BMW, def look up George R at BMW Monrovia, internet mgr. I shopped over one week, got over 10 quotes, George was/is the best in every category, and came home in the car within 1.5 hr, including sign and detail. this is on a 2014 535i rwd.

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