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2014 BMW X3 Lease Questions



  • 56% is the 36 month, 15K/yr residual for the 2014 X3 28i..

    Did you talk to him on Monday? Residuals have improved in October.


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  • Your calculations are on the money....

    Add the acquistion fee ($725 base.... dealer can add up to $200 more)
    Title and registration fees ($200-$500, depending on state)
    Dealer doc fee (extra profit... $75 in NY, $80 in CA, $250 in OH.. all capped by state law.... $189-$799 elsewhere, or whatever they can get away with)

    Some dealers will also try to mark-up the money factor.. BMWFS allows up to .0004 extra.. Don't mention the invoice price, or they will try to add advertising fees, training fees, etc, etc.. those fees are all on their invoice, but you aren't paying their invoice, you are paying a negotiated price..

    Hope that helps..


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  • Thank you so much for your help!

    I actually just responded to the dealer and dropped the cap cost to $41,500 (incl $1,000 cash and $1,000 BMW Ultimate Drive cash).

    The $43,500 cap cost is almost $1,000 over invoice which, I feel is a fair profit. Am I off base here?

    By adjusting the calculation by another $500, It took the payment to approximately $568, which includes 10% lease tax in Allegheny County, PA. Does this payment sound right given the .00125 MF and 56% residual?

    Do you feel that a Cap Cost of $43,500 is a fair price on an invoice price of $42,590?

    Also, does the BMW Ultimate Drive cash calculate literally like an additional $1,000 cash down?

    You're the best. Thanks so much!
    Matty G.
  • Your payment was exactly correct before, so I'm sure if you are adjusting it, it's fine..

    I'm not sure how the Ultimate Drive cash works... It most likely has to be used as a CAP cost reduction, rather than a reduction in the price of the vehicle (so, yes.. this means you'll pay sales tax on the higher amount)..

    That's something else to factor in from before.. any money paid upfront will be taxed, just like the monthly payment...


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  • Thanks! Would you still add 2% for a 12k lease?
  • Hello car God! I have one other question. I am going to be trading in my current vehicle. If I'm lucky, I will break even on it because I still have a payoff.

    I am in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Do you know whether a trade in for a new leased vehicle has a beneficial tax implication?

    Does it affect the answer if you have a payoff?

    Sickly, by trading my current vehicle in, even though I still have a payoff, will I be able to get a sales tax break on my monthly payment?

    Thanks So much!
    Matty G.
  • Yes... almost every BMW lease adds 2% to the residual to go from 15K/yr to 12K/yr...


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  • Your payoff shouldn't have any impact... but, generally, you don't get any sort of tax forgiveness, when trading a car in on a lease... because the lease is in the bank's name, not yours..

    Of course, that is just a general observation.... PA may be different..

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  • I feel like a tool as I forgot to say thanks for the info. The information provided helped prevent the dealer from monkeying around with the pricing.

    So, thanks!

  • You are welcome.. I just assume that everyone is thankful.. ;-)

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  • atikbatikb Posts: 2
    Hello All,

    I wanted to do a price check and see if I'm getting correct lease info.

    I'm pricing out a x28i, Deep Sea Metallic Blue and Beige Leatherette Interior, with the Drivers Assist Package and Heated Front Seats.

    I've spoke with a number of dealers, and the two quotes I have received are $36569 and $36319 for the base price. How is this price for the configuration I've requested?

    The lease information is making less sense. At a test drive we were told the money factor for a 36 Month Lease, 12k per year is .00125. The dealer we are working with is trying to charge us .00145. Any information on what the actual money factor is for October? Assuming that .00125 is correct, I arrive at a monthly payment of $419 paying the tax and fees up front. The dealer quoted us $584 for no money down, or $431 if we pay out more than $5950 up front, including $3,944 down.

    Am I missing something on the lease calculation?
  • flightnurseflightnurse at 35K feetPosts: 1,523
    I like the sales price of these X3, they must be at invoice. In regards to the monthly payments it seems they are bumping up the MF on you, you want hardly nothing out of pocket on a lease...
  • atikbatikb Posts: 2
    I agree with both points. I'm fine with the price, but not the MF they're using. Based on my calculations and using an online lease calculator, I feel that my payment should be $395 per month if we pay taxes and fees up front so they're not rolled into the financed lease price.

    We're also considering doing 7 MSDs, which would lower the price down to $365.

    Anyone know if .00125 is the correct MF for October? Is it possible to negotiate a lower level?
  • .00125 MF and 56% residual
  • Hey there. Here is a lease proposal I got for an xDrive 28i with some options that has a price of $48,375.

    have calculated lease payment on 24 months with 12,000 and 15,000 miles per year. The attached document is a typically equipped X3 that was used for the calculations.

    Standard Lease
    24 months x 12,000 miles per year: $864 per month with $2,500 due at signing
    24 months x 15,000 miles per year: $905 per month with $2,500 due at signing

    One Pay
    24 months x 12,000 miles per year: $20,429 due at signing
    24 months x 15,000 miles per year: $21,345 due at signing

    The one pay lease saves you approx $2800 over the standard lease.

    Doesnt this seem very high? Or what can I do to get it down? Sorry I am new to leasing.
  • Yeah.. it seems really high... part of that is going with the 24 month lease.. Sometimes the 24 month programs are okay, but in the case of the X3 this month, the 36 month program is a much better deal, plus your fixed costs (acquisition fee, etc) are spread over more months.

    But, it's hard to evaluate a lease deal without selling price, CAP cost and money factor used.. I'd guess they are marking up the MF and the acquisition fee... Not giving you the details makes it hard to see where the money is going... (which benefits them, not you)


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  • Thanks, I asked and the dealer agreed a 36 month lease will lower help. He is giving me a MF of .00165. Should I ask him to lower that?
  • I have been told that the current money factor of .00125 is buy rate and the rate of .00165 is our sell rate. Unfortunately, the rate is not negotiable. This is where I imagine confusion and frustration sets in.
  • Well.. that dealer may not negotiate, but that doesn't mean the rates aren't negotiable.. And, I think it's becoming apparent as to why those lease quotes are so high...

    I've leased a lot of cars, including a couple of BMWs, and I've never agreed to a marked up money factor. Sometimes, you have to introduce some competition to get the best deal.


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  • Thank you, that makes a lot of sense. I would be pretty lost without the help here, I really appreciate it. One quick question: If I want to do a one-pay type of lease for 24 or 36 months and 12k miles per year, what would a good total price be on a 50k vehicle? That would give me an idea if what I get quoted is good or bad.

    The reason I am doing the one pay thing is that I am Canadian and moving to the US on a work visa, so no credit history.
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