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Kia Sedona (2005 and Earlier)



  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Hey, relax. I am very sorry to hear about the problem with your Sedona. It must have been fairly traumatic. I hope this is a fluke occurrence and is not a design defect that may be likely to occur on other Sedonas. Still, there is no reason to come on this board and say 'Kia Sedona is a death trap.' That is a silly thing to say. These sorts of things happen to vehicles of all makes and models. It is simply the rate of occurrence, which a single owner cannot determine based solely on his/her own experience, that determines the quality of the vehicle.

    navyair is a frequent contributor to the Sedona forums. He/she is not a know-it-all and is quite a helpful and even-keeled poster. His/her response to your post was a little strong, but I felt it was mostly on target, save for the part where he thought your car was in the garage when this happened.

    I do agree with you that a lawyer is probably needed in this situation. I also agree with navyair that our society has become overly litigious.
  • I too thought Navyair might have been a little strong in the reply but I will admit I also was a little irritated by the comment accusing the Kia Sedona of being a "Deathtrap".

    I have no more fear of my Sedona catching fire in my garage than I would if I had a Chrysler or GM in there.

    As I mentioned in a previous post, Had that happened to me I'd expect Kia to step up and do the right thing and not only replace my vehicle, but repair my driveway IN ADDITION to compensating me for "Loss of use".

    The only way I could imagine Kia not willingly do this is if there were modifications done that caused the failure.

    '04 Sedona EX
  • nornenorne Posts: 136

    Oh I was just trying to make a point that no car company is perfect. There will always be defective cars whether its honda or kia or whatever. I thought I would just mentioned Honda since there is a big discussion going on in the honda cr-v and has honda run out forum about cr-v's catching fire after the first oil change but no one calls them death traps.
  • If I offended anyone with my statements about the Sedona being a death trap I apologize. You have to put yourself in our shoes. We really did love the van until it burst into flames, and as a result it makes it that much harder to swallow.
    I am sure that Navyair was just trying to provide some information, but I took it the wrong way, and saw it as a personal attack. For this I apologize to Navyair as well.
    Anyway, we did finally hear from Kia Motors of America, and they rejected our claim (without even asking us any question or even viewing the police or fire report), so we are proceeding with a law suit. We have also contacted the attorney general of N.Y.S., the N.H.T.S.A. and about a dozen other consumer advocate groups. My main complaint is that Kia advertises how great their warranty is, and if this isn't a defect, than what is???? We should actually make a service appointment for warranty work at the dealership. Can you imagine the look on their faces?
    So in closing, my apologies and respect to all who have read our story, and posted their views on it.
  • Rejected your claim? On what basis? Are they saying it was not a manufacterer defect? Did a Kia rep even inspect the vehicle? Where is the vehicle now?

    '04 Sedona EX
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    I didn't like your characterization of Sedona as a 'deathtrap' but I am still with you that Kia should replace your van. What do you mean, they rejected your claim? You mean you asked them to repair the van under the factory warranty and they denied it? Did you make this attempt through your dealer, just as anyone would with a normal warranty repair? Or was this through Kia USA or what?

    I'm very curious to hear how this turns out; please keep us posted. Obviously, Kia owes you a new van and I don't see how an impartial observer could see otherwise. It seems Kia would have to prove the problem was caused by user negligence or something like that, and that does not seem to be the case.

    What vehicles are you considering as a replacement for your Sedona?
  • After doing some research online, I found 6 other Sedona's that have burst into flames, due to eletrical problems. If anyone is interested, 5 of the complaints are posted at the N.H.T.S.A. website.
    To me it makes me wonder what kind of company Kia is? If you look at the list of problems that people have had and how poorly they are compensated it is unreal. I feel like we were treated very unjustly, and it seems we are not the only ones.
    In response to bluedevils, I do not know what kind of vehicle to get at this time. We have three kids so a minivan is really convenient. The crazy thing is that we thought the Sedona was a great car. The whole family liked everything about. Trying to equip a minivan with all the options we had would cost us somewhere between 35-40k if we wanted to get something like a Honda, Nissan, or Toyota ( which have much better resale values). Is any car worth paying that much for???? I mean at this point I would have a hard time believing in any warranty. We might just go with Chrysler. At this point I just have no idea.
  • I spoke to a represntative of Kia Motors of America. Our claim was rejected because they say it is an insurance issue. I didn't know that the insurance company had a ten year 100K mile warranty on our vehicle!!! What a joke!!!

    No one inspected the car, because quite frankly they do not give a damn. Even though the fire inspectors report states it was an eletrical fire that started in the dashboard, they stated that they could not be sure that it was in fact the cause of the fire. Since they did not inspect the car how could they be sure. You would think that there would be some concern on there behalf. As I have previously stated we did find at least two other stories online that people that owned Sedona's had experienced the same kind of occurence, and Kia didn't want anything to do with their cases either and referred them to there insurance company. To me that is scary. I understand that this is only a few cars out of thousands, but don't you think that they would show some concern. I am sure if someone was injured in one of these caeses they would being singing a different song. Any opinions??

    At this point the car is still in my driveway because we were hoping Kia would take care of this, and figured they would need to inspect the vehicle. It took almost two weeks for them to even acknowledge they were reviewing our claim. It is heartbreaking to see what used to be our transportation sitting there every time we open our door. Our bank is sending an inspector over today to check out the damage, and then we are moving it to a friends yard until we have figured out what needs to be done.

     As a consumer we feel like we have no power at all, and that is why we are forced to get a lawyer. We would have dropped the whole issue if they would have replaced the vehicle.
  • andrdandrd Posts: 13
    I don`t now if this can help, but last year I was looking under the hood of my Sedona 2002 and I noticed that the main cable power supply was rubbing against a sharp end of a bolt on the driver side at the tower supporting the left strut. I advised the technical services rep. and the cable was redirect a bit lower and some tape was put around it. Promenades Kia in Gatineau was supposed to advise Kia Canada about the problem.
    Where did the fire started under the hood or in the ventilation system?.
    You can buy a base leftover Sienna 2004 that have most of the features of the Sedona for a MSRP of 3-4K more than the Kia and the Toyota has a better fuel economy; also it is a lot roomier and the ride is better on top of the better resale
    value. There is already big discount on the Caravan 2005 here in Canada and i`m sure it is the same thing over the border.
    Good luck with your negotiations with Kia.
  • Thank you for your knowledge. At this point every bit of info that I can gather helps me in this matter. In this case the fire started in between the dashboard, and the fire wall. When the car first began to smoke I popped the hood to see what was up, and there was no smoke coming from under the hood, and instead was pouring out of the drivers side vent.
    Also thank you for the advice about a new vehicle. We will certainly check into the Sienna prices.
  • Has anyone here replaced their air filter yet? Where can i buy one aside from the dealer? How much? Thanks in advance.
  • I got one a a local parts store, forget which one, for about $10. Had to try a couple of places before I found one had it.
  • My Kumho (sp?) tires need to be replaced. Mileage is about 40K and I don't want the same brand; have had a pulling problem resolved by keeping tires in place--not rotating. The front are worn but plenty of tread on rear. Anybody have the Hankook brand? Can't find any comparisons at Tire Rack for Hankook but Kumho don't look too good.
  • Jondot,

    We had the Hankook's on our '02 Sedona and also on our '04 Sedona as well. After much research in addition to my own personal experience with them I recommend them.

    Hankook and Michelin do a tremendous amount of business together. I learned that Michelin actually contracts with Hankook to make many of the Michelin tires for Michelin. This to me says alot if a leading tire company like Michelin hires Hankook to make many of their tires.

    In addition, The '02 Sedona we had drove great with the Hankook's. Our '04 had a vibration problem when new but it was the dealers incompentance and not the tire.

    Tire rack has them for something on the order of $55? In my oinion its a great value(price/quality).

    '04 Sedona EX
  • Craig, thanks for the quick reply. Pepboys Auto is advertising some Hankook Optimo Plus II for $70. I don't know who else carries them in the San Antonio TX area. Which of the Hankooks do you have and do you have any knowledge about the Optimos?

  • John,

    I dont know anything about the Optimo's. The model we have is the RAO7's that come on most Sedona's. Tire rack lists them for $58 each. If the Optimos are an 80,000 mile tire the Pep boys deal is probably pretty good.

    If I can offer a little advice......Buy tires from an outfit that has a "Roadforce" type balancer. Conventional balancers if calibrated correctly are fine but Hunter makes a Balancer than measures other irregularities in the tire and can help the installer make your car ride smooth as silk.

  • Thanks. Is it easy ton install?
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202
    "I'am sure you will be hunting Air Filters too one of these days. KIA's price for the air filter is $49.00 at the dealer. I have checked around and found Purolater air filter part # A35434 for about $24.00 at Advance Auto parts,
    I then went to NAPA auto parts and they sold me one for about $14.00 which the sales person said was a bit of a discount. NAPA's filters are made by WIX and this filter has made in Korea on it so was probably made by the original equipment maker.NAPA's part # is 2086 and WIX's number is 42086"

    My dealer wanted $35 for a stock air filter. I bought two (one and a spare) at NAPA for $18.95 each. NAPA had to order the parts, but it only took 24hrs to get them. It is a quick change...less than 5 min with a screwdriver and easy access.
  • Navy air,

    Thanks. I called a local auto parts dealer, O'Reilly, and he did mention WIX with the same part number. Cost $19.99, at least $10 less than what the local Kia dealer is asking.

    More questions if you don't mind.

    1. How about the Transmission fluid, where have you done yours? Our van is a little over 50K miles and we have plans on having another road trip very soon.

    2. Also, have you replaced your belts yet (not the timing belt)?

    Thanks in advance.
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202
    My dealer changed the transmission fluid at the 30k mileage service. I probably would have done my own service, but got pressed for time, and my wife was running the wheels off it and was going to go over the warantee period before I got to it.

    My understanding is that Kia uses its own brand of fluid, so you may have to obtain the fluid from the parts dept if you cannot locate an aftermarket source for it.

    I haven't changed my belts yet, as the van just rolled over 31k. I normally change out the belts and hoses at the same time, usually around 4 yrs. Occasionally, I've had to replace the belts on other vehicles more frequently.

    I armor all my hoses when I change the oil, which gives me a chance to look for leaks, cracks and wipe down any extra seems to make a difference in unscheduled replacement of stuff, and keeps the chance of a break down minimized.

    The Kia manual is on line if you want to take a look at how difficult those jobs are. (Shouldn't be too hard.)
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