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Kia Sedona (2005 and Earlier)



  • Thanks for that info! As to the manual...I know that Haynes does not make one for our vehicles at the present time. I had e-mailed the company and they said that there would not be enough interest at the present time to justify a manual. :cry:
  • Vanner,
    I have a 2002 EX in which I installed a remote starter. My wife gave me the starter as a gift from Best Buy. The purchase includes installation. They guarantee the module for life. This is my second vehicle that they've installed for me and both experiences were excellent.

    Please note that they sometimes have to charge extra for a wiring interface cable. And on Ford products, they have to install a relay for the locks which is about a 24.00 charge. Fords locks use a different ground :)
  • I replaced the halogen bulb a few months back. Nothing needs to be "removed" from the van. There a rubber-like circular gasket that needs to be removed and is easily accessible when the hood is open (on the rear of the headlamp assembly). Once inside, you remove the wiring harness from the back of the bulb. After that, I believe there are two metal hooks that hold the halogen bulb in place ... they need to be handled carefully and may require contorting your hand a bit to get it to work. Once the hooks are off, the halogen bulb can be easily removed.

    When installing the new bulb, make sure that you don't touch the bulb itself or get anything on the bulb ... it will explode when turned on if there's grease or oil of any kind on it (so I'm told). You simply put the new bulb in the same way the old one came out, carefully apply the metal hooks back in so that the bulb is firmly held in place, attach the wiring harness, and replace the rubber gasket on the outside.

    All done. It took me about 15 minutes to do the first one and about 5 minutes to do the second one. Bulbs cost me about $17.50 at Strauss Discount Auto.

    Good luck.
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202
    Although Haynes doesn't make a manual, the mechanics manual that Kia has on line is very good.

    Yes, you have to pay for access now (it was free at first), but you can always pay for access, and download the whole manual to your computer.

    I've printed several tech bulletins off to take with me to the dealer, and it works great.
  • Navyair,

    What is the web-site with the manual. Is it Can you not order a hard copy from Kia? Or from the Dealer.

    Just looked at a 2006 while my 04 was in for the Seat wiring Recall. It looks very nice, with many extras now standard.

  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 974
    We also have a new 2006+ Sedona discussion here :-) :

    Kia Sedona (2006+)

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  • ernwernw Posts: 2
    Has anyone adjusted the low beam head light on 2003 Sedona?
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Wow. Just saw Kia is giving $5,000 rebate on 2005 Sedonas-- at least in my area (Michigan). Plus there's $500 owner loyalty on top of that. I'm not sure what kind of 2005 Sedona supply is still out there at dealers, but those discounts could make for some really outstanding deals.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    I thought folks might find this comparison interesting. 2 Sedonas traveling together on a mostly highway approx 300 mile round trip.

    Van 1: 2002 EX, 60,000 miles, Bridgestone Turanza LS-T tires in stock P215/70/15 size, approx 22,000 miles on tires, approx 35 psi
    Van 2: 2003 EX with rear spoiler, 40,000 miles, Michelin Symmetry tires in stock P215/70/15 size, approx 15,000 miles on tires, approx 40 psi

    Van 1 speedo showed 79mph when Van 2 speedo showed 75mph. Van 1 trip odometer showed 9 more miles on it than Van 2’s trip odo – 287 vs. 278. This is one the same route, with the vans traveling closely together.

    Van 2 is my parents’ van. They have never been able to record fuel economy as high as we get with our van, Van 1. It looks like part of this gap is because of the approx 3-5% variance in the speedometer and odometer readings between the 2 vans. When I calculate mileage on Van 1, I’m dividing a larger number of miles by the gallons used, so that skews my fuel economy calculations higher than on Van 2. Plus, when my speedo says Van 1 is doing 75mph (Van 1’s typical highway speed), Van 1’s speed is quite a bit slower than when Van 2’s speedo says it is doing 75mph. So Van 1 is using less gas at the slower speed.

    My educated guess on the speedo is Van 1 is about 2mph too high at highway speeds and Van 2 is about 2mph too low.

    On fillup, Van 1 took 0.5 gallons less than Van 2 – even though Van 1 traveled an extra 6 miles (took different route after exiting highway to see which way was quicker to the destination).

    I’ve always wondered how our van’s fuel economy was so much better than my parents’ van. Looks like some of the difference is explained by the instrumentation differences, but this explains only about half of the approximately 10% advantage our van usually has on highway fuel economy.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Our 2002 EX returned about 21.8 MPG overall on 700 miles of driving in the past couple days. Approx. 80% highway at 77 mph average highway speed, 35 degrees F, winter-blend fuel (here in Michigan), mostly flat.

    Our van continues to exceed the 20mpg EPA highway rating by a noticeable margin, which is especially surprising because most of our highway miles are in the fast-ish 75mph range.
  • Can you tell me what state you had this done! Thanks! I am looking at a timing belt and being quoted over $1,000!
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202 is the link. Look to the right side for subscriptions. Comes in a variety of lengths up to a year in length. I think that one is around $70. Yes, you can download the manual. No, I don't think they sell hard copy (a shame).

    Will look at 2006's when I take mine in next time.
  • I had the work done at Hart KIA Salem Virginia.
  • henshe07henshe07 Posts: 4
    I have a 2002 Sedona LX, can I swap out the 2nd row bench and put in two buckets instead? That's if I can get my hands on some!
  • I brought my 2002 Sedona in for a oil change and they recommended that I change the air filter I asked when was it last done they said 6 mnths ago when I bought it, they recommend every 10,000 km. I think that is a little early. What does anyone else think? Thanks, Katie
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    I'd check your owners manual. If it were a Quickie Lube place (or even the dealership) they always recommend more frequent service intervals for oil changes,coolant, air filter etc.,i.e they can charge you $25 for a $5 air filter. My Mazda MPV recommends every 2 years under normal conditions. BUT, if the filter is dirty (ask to see) then it will need to be changed.
  • temp409temp409 Posts: 55
    I love that new car smell!!! lol ALL of Kias seatbelts catch the FIRST time you jerk on them!! Unlike our rear Dodge shoulder straps which gave my little girl (shes 12) a concussion with blood coming from her eye nose and mouth when we wrecked it last week (have pics of her face next day) her face slammed the back of drivers seat cause the shoulder strap DIDN'T catch when we hit going only 35mph on a ON ramp, hit the suv in front of us that suddenly stopped. Im angry and traumatized my mom wants me to file a law suit but I dont want to. So here I am just warning ya all over the internet every forum and review place that I can find. JERK the seatbelts on your Dodge and see for yourself front catches perfect none in the Rear WONT! Durangos are the same way too. Don't learn the hard way like us! Why is Dodge putting different catching mechanisms in back that they do for front?
  • I am so sorry to hear about your little girl. I hope everything turns out ok for her. I am a little concerned regarding your mother mentioning a law suit. Of course you should get a hold of a lawyer regarding the driver of the other vehicle, I am sure the police are involved right? But on another note how is the new Kia? Is it all what they say it is? We have a 2002 one and love it.
  • temp409temp409 Posts: 55
    But then again, Ive only had it about a week, lots of scary stories on the kia problems board but I feel much safer in ANY van with catching seatbelts. All vans I tried catch on first jerk except the dodge caravans they catch perfect in front NONE in rear catch. The wreck was our fault but we didn't get a ticket we hit SUV in front of us on the On ramp they hard stopped and we skidded into them. Yes cops arrive first then firetruck then ambulance took my daughter. Shes doing better now. I have pics of her face where it slammed back of seat it was scary I thought she might die. Mom says suit over faulty seatbelts but I dont want to. Just trying to warn others about them. Durangos are the same way front catches perfect and the rear WONT. People keep saying oh just cause they dont catch when you jerk doesnt mean a thing but thats how it worked in our crash the ones in front that caught on first jerk held us perfect the ones in rear the lap belt held her in but shoulder strap didn't hold at all and her head and face slammed the handle on back of drivers seat. Seems some think I should stop posting about it like faulty belts are a dirty secret you shouldn't talk about or something, or maybe the just work for dodge-lol who knows?
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