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2014 Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • klim2011klim2011 Posts: 3

    @bayarea415 said: Here's my two cents: initially we were looking at the Corolla LE ECO and the Prius Hatchback 2 then we ended up looking at the Camry, Camry Hybrid, and the Prius Plug-in Base.

    In the end we ended up getting the 2014 Prius Plug-in Base in Pearl White color. We negotiated down to $24,600 before taxes and fees (we could have got the non-white Plug-in from as lowest offered at $23,800 to $24,100 but we were not really interested in those colors---brown, seaglass blue, navy, black). This included the $4,000 Toyota rebates with 0% APR for 60 months.

    Like Hondaman82 said above for the Plug-in you also get the $1,500 California rebates and $2,500 Federal Tax Credit. That's $4,000 in rebates!! With this $4,000 the Prius Plug-in basically costs $20,600 if you apply that rebate.

    By the way the Plug-in we got came with the Carpool Decals! Those in Cali you could drive solo in carpool lanes. Don't bother to apply for one as the 40,000 stickers have already been issued. But some dealers still carry a few that comes with the Decals.

    Here are the prices we negotiated and got offered. You guys could start from there (all are 2014 and 2014.5 for the Camry). Prices before any taxes and DMV fees. Note: white Pearl cost more:

    **Prius Hatchback 2: Lowest offered $19,700. You could easily can get one for $20,000 with little hassle

    **Prius Plug-in BASE non-Pearl white color: Lowest offered $23,800 to $24,300

    **Corolla ECO LE Plus: $16,300---it was a green color so no go

    **Camry Hybrid LE: $22,900.

    **regular Camry LE: $16,800---this was the lowest lowest ever. Down in Irvine somewhere.

    You just have to have patience and willing to sit at their dealers and negotiate. Above prices were back in late April and prices include the $4,000 Toyota rebates (on Priuses and I think Camry was $1,500 but don't recall).

    My experience larger high volume dealers are willing to entertain. Those slower foot traffic will not.

    The trick is to work with one sales guy. Go and test cars one at a time per visit. You keep coming back and seeing the same guy they know you're serious and they're willing to talk and room for you to negotiate.

  • klim2011klim2011 Posts: 3

    Hi, Bayarea415, which dealer you worked with to get the $24600 for the white plug-in ? Thanks

  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,441
    edited July 3

    @tjinva, check out Dealer Reviews and have your daughter bookmark the Live Help link. Then if she needs some advice at the dealer, she can chat or call for free help from one of our Live Advice team members.

    Call 1-855-782-4711 8am - 5pm (Pacific) 7 days a week (except most holidays).

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  • bigrinbigrin Posts: 15

    I used Truecar for the lowest pricing around. Then I plugged in my Fla. condo zip code and found prices about 4K off MSRP. Called my Mich dealers and told them if they matched i'd buy from them. It worked.

  • jimthomjimthom Posts: 1

    I am about to buy a Prius Hatchback 4. I want the 4 mainly for the electric seats, upgraded interior and upgraded sound system. I am in SoCal and using and my best offer so far is $25,104 before taxes, license, etc. The OTD price. Although I've been quoted $28,000 for that. Dealer invoice is appx $26,470.00. MSRP is $29,245.00. There is currently a $1500 rebate included in that but if I finance at 0%, it is $1000. So the above #'s would be $500 more. I am wiling to travel the state for the best deal. Any info out there? Idea.....when buying a "normal" car in CA you need a smog check every 2 years and have appropriate smog equipment on your vehicle. With the Prius, I will not. Now.....if I buy out of state, is there any equipment I'd need for smog purposes to be legal in CA? Thoughts on the offer so far?

  • an_johnsonan_johnson Posts: 1

    Hi everyone,

    My husband and I are buying our first car and have settled on the 2014 Prius Two. We went to the dealer and with nearly no negotiating, and with the salesman knowing we weren't planning on buying that day, got the OTD price to $22700. This includes TTL, my husband's military discount, and my recent grad discount.

    We are hoping to get below 20K OTD. Would this be a ridiculous expectation? Should we push for lower than that? We will be buying at the end of this month, and with cash. Any negotiating tips for new buyers?

    We are planning on trading in our 2004 Honda Accord, with KBB trade in value of 6K. Tips for getting the full 6K out of them for it?

  • roadrageeroadragee CaliforniaPosts: 70

    @an_johnson said:

    What state are you in? 20k OTD probably is impossible in California with nearly 10% tax, even if you consider $1000 cash back and additional $1000 cash back for your military and recent grad program. States with 0 sales tax, you might be able to?

  • rayrayzrayrayz Posts: 1
    edited July 19

    I got my 2014 Prius Three with extended warranty of 100k/7yrs miles for 28k (Tax & docu fee are included) Oh and 0% APR for 60mo for the first time buyer.

    Is this a good deal guys?

  • ianbatianbat Posts: 5
    edited July 22

    Should I take today's lease offer Prius 4 (MSRP 29537) $0 down 36months 12K miles annual All In $350/mo. Yesterday it was $$366/mo - will it be better tomorrow or the end of the month or end of the quarter ? Thanks in advance for informed inputs.

  • johnr26johnr26 Posts: 1

    Bought my 2014 White Prius 3 today. Not sure if i've gotten a good price or not but I think it's a fair price when compared to Costco Auto and TrueCar.

    Price: Car: $22,317 Tax(3%): 669 tag: 68 Doc fees: 0 ( dealer does not charge for doc fees) Total: 23054

    Dealer match my CUs interest rate so i took theres since i wanted to drive the car home on a Saturday. Dealer was also 3 hours away.

    I down 5k:



    18054 Loan @ 2.39 interest for 72 months... payment $269

    Final Price if I choose to pay the whole 72 months and not cash out earlier.

    269@72 = 19368 + 5000 = 24368 ( I'm happy with the deal) Got free floor mats too.

    Bought from

  • krajkraj Posts: 4

    Any experience in Seattle metro area? I am interested in buying Prius 4 or 5.

  • buster6buster6 Posts: 104


    Hoping you could help me with a rate and residual for 2 yr/15k on a Prius 4 in Phoenix. Also do you show $1500 lease cash on this model?

    Thank you!

  • MichaellMichaell ColoradoPosts: 4,804

    @buster6 said: Hi,

    Hoping you could help me with a rate and residual for 2 yr/15k on a Prius 4 in Phoenix. Also do you show $1500 lease cash on this model?

    Thank you!

    The only lease numbers we have from Toyota for August are for the Gulf States region. Toyota runs different programs in different parts of the country, so it's hard to get a handle on everything. Sorry.

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  • thromerthromer Posts: 1

    @kraj I just started looking in Seattle as well.

    @johnr26 22317 sounds very good, by my math dealer cost is 22704.70 ! But maybe my math is wrong. I came up with msrp: 25765+825=26590 invoice: 23895+825=24720, holdback=2% of base msrp=515.30, so dealer cost = 24720-515.30-1500=22704.70.

  • @thromer thanks for that break down, it helped me understood that whole "dealer cost" a little better. I followed your numbers up-till the "-1500" part, where did that 1500 come from?

  • neal_hneal_h Posts: 1

    My daughter is also moving to Dallas soon, and plans to buy a Prius when she arrives. I am looking at the Consumer Reports 'Build & Buy' web app to get a no-haggle deal. It looks like a winner. Reputable party (Consumer Reports), free with subscription (well worth it just for the Build & Buy), and it is offering pricing of about $25,000 for a $29,000 MSRP car. They offer a number of competing dealers in the Dallas area -- if you want to drive 29 miles out of town you get the best deal....

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