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2014 Audi Q5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,676
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  • I am contacting three dealers in North Jersey for 2014 Q5 2.0 Premium (with heated front seats as the only add-on option). the MSRP is $38,645 before tax, registration and doc fee, and I ask for the invoice price $36,000. All three dealers are willing to negotitate around $36K.

    I am wondering if I should further push down the price. Any purchase information you can share is helpful.
  • I got it on Long Island for 32,979 for exact same options
  • Wow 32k is probably the lowest I heard for a premium 2.0t. That's a good price.
    I should go buy from that dealer. Can you message me the dealerships name.

    I got my 2012 q5 2.0t with heated seats and sunroof for 37 in north jersey
  • Did you got the 2014 model? The price is $3000 below invoice. How did you get that price if you do not mind.
  • I ordered my 2014 2.0 Premium + paint + heated seats + towing and paid invoice with supplier discount. I could have received additional $1000 off had I qualified for Audi loyalty. Invoice was as low as I could go at 3 dealers in SE Michigan without the Supplier Plan. Going with the Supplier Plan just made it easier because I did not want to haggle over a couple hundred dollars. I am enjoying the new ride. I also got a bottle of champagne and a nice Audi Sport jacket thrown in for pain and suffering during the closing process. Oh, and free trunk mat. I am electing to purchase the maintenance program for $850 at my first service appointment. You do not have to purchase it at closing. I intend to keep the car forever so it just makes sense with the cost savings and the potential for turbo problems and or oil consumption problems.
  • Hi all,

    I just priced out a 2014 TDI Premium Plus with MMI, B&O, and side assist. MSRP of $52,795. With the supplier discount, I got a quote for $49,625. Is that a good deal?
  • Was offered the following deal--a 2014 Q5 3.0 with navigation, Bang & Olufson, metallic paint, and protection kit for the following:

    Total price of vehicle--45,790
    Tire fee--7.50
    Supp. titling fee--183.16
    Reg/Title fee--120
    doc fee--398


    Edmunds has the invoice at $47,053 and the MSRP at $50,525.

    The price of the vehicle seems pretty good but I am wondering if the extra fees are taking away much of that deal and if it is really as good as it initially appears. Also, I have a trade in that I believe they will be making money on as well.

    Any thoughts?
  • Which dealer gave you this deal? I have been trying to convince a NJ dealer to get below 6% discount, but they won't budge. (To date, I have two NJ dealers who have offered a 6% discount on Q5s, in my case, a 2.0 Premium Plus.)
  • Hi there,

    I have been quoted a price of 46,941 $ for a 2014 Q5 Premium plus 2T with NAV, Bang and olufsen, side assist, 19 inch all weather wheels ( Cuvee Silver with chestnut brown seats). Is that a good price or am I being charged more? Any input will be highly appreciated. Thanks.
  • Hello All,
    I am planning to buy my first Audi. Q5 and would appreciate some inputs to finalize my choice
    Model: Audi -Q5 2.0 Premium Plus + Nav + Sports Package

    I am currently a resident of the state of FL and will be moving to upstate NY (Buffalo / Rochester Area) starting next yr.

    Questions: Sales Tax in FL is 6% and the place I am moving to is 8%. if I buy the car in FL and move, do I have to pay the difference in Tax when I move?

    Sunroof: I read a lot about the 2012 Q5 had issues with sunroof in cold weather, is this still an issue? does the sunroof can handle the weight of snow that accumulates on the top? is there a internal temp. diff. when covered by snow

    Maintenance cost: When I visited the dealer, i was told that only the first service is covered for free? if so, what is maintenance cost. I appreciate some inputs on overall maintenance cost of this car as well over a period of 4/5 years.

    Thanks in advance for the answers
  • 2014 Q5 2.0 $37300
    Premium Plus Pkg: $3900
    Bang & olufsen: $850
    MMI: $3550
    Sports Pkg: $500
    Valcano Red Color: $500
    Side Assist: $500
    Dest. Chg: $895
    Total: $47995
    Plus: + Doc Chg: $600

    is this a good deal?
  • Hello,

    I am in process of ordering it and while researching it, for the past few weeks, there was a $1000 customer loyalty rebate. As of today, I don't see it anymore (for that car, it's still there for the 2.0 TFSI and the 3.0 gasoline). I do not remember the expiration of the rebate. My question to the experienced audience here is - what are the chances Audi would come with such rebate again?

    Thanks you!
  • milenpmilenp Posts: 8
    edited November 2013
    Ramesh, look up the For me it was well worth the money. The answers to almost all of your questions are there.

    About the sunroof, I do think that most of Audi drivers do have means to avoid this problem by keeping the car in a garage :). Yes, moving to Buffalo, this could be a valid concern ;).

    Maintenance - likely keeping that in the dealer is overrated and overpriced. If you have a trusted mechanic, you are better of sticking with him. As an Audi Care purchaser, I can say that I am greatly disappointed - $800 for 3 oil changes! That's about what they did. No wipers change even, forget about tires rotation. Just my 2 cents.

    Good luck!
  • It better still be there. I ordered a new TDI just after labor day and I expect it to be here in 3 weeks. Last I saw the owner loyalty was still there and doesn't expire until January of 2014. It references the Q5 but there is no differentiation for engine type.
  • OK, I was able to find it at Motortrend ( /rebates/) but it expires January 2, 2014. I was told that it matters if there is a rebate at the time you get the car delivered, not when you ordered. I don't know if this is correct or not :(.
  • auq5auq5 Posts: 1
    Got the following quote.. MSRP and invoice are listed, followed by final price.

    Feature: MSRP (Invoice)

    Audi Q5 2.0T: 37,300 (34,690)
    Premium Plus: 3,900 (3,628)
    Metallic Paint: 500 (467)
    MMI Navigation: 3,550 (3.301)
    Audi side assist:500 (467)
    Upgraded 19" wheels: 800 (744)
    Bang and Olufsen sound: 850 (791)
    Destination: 895 (895)
    Total MSRP: 48,295
    Total Invoice: 44,983

    Final price = 8% off of MSRP = 44,431

    Any comments on the final price? A good deal or can do better?
  • Wow, how can you get 8%? Are you trading a car in? Do you have a loyalty discount? I was told that 6% is the invoice price and that they can't go below that.
  • I just bought the same vehicle (different color) at 6% off of MSRP. 8% off is a good deal in my opinion.
  • Thats a good price, take it.
    Unless you want to wait for another 3-4 months you might not be getting a cheaper quote than that.
  • Hello to all, I am new to this forums. I had been quoted with 7 dealers in Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. I quoted Q5 2014 2.0T Ext: Ibish White, Interior: Beige, with Lightning Package. MSRP: $38,945 Edmund Invoice: $36,282 and the best I can get right now is 6% off from MSRP is $36,609 + TT & L But I am still not sastify with that offer. With my opinion is be patient. I still waiting to see that I can get any better offer. Any body can give me some advice or opinions

    Forums is sharing the opinions, and helping each other that will be a wonderful Thanks a lot.

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