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2014 Lexus RX 350 Lease Questions

Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,950
edited January 30 in Lexus
Welcome to Edmunds discussion dedicated to 2104 Lexus RX 350 leasing questions.

Here you can find and discuss all the latest lease details for the 2104 RX 350, including cap costs, money factors, residual values, acquisition fees, etc. Please post any leasing questions you have or any details you’d like to share about your own lease deals.

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  • AJ415AJ415 San Francisco Bay AreaPosts: 4

    Anyone have the MF & Residual for a 2014 RX350 FWD 10K, 12K, and 15K miles for 24 months? Thanks in advance.

  • 2014 RX350 FWD 24mo, 15K/yr lease

    69% residual

    Add 2% for 12K/yr, add 3% for 10K/yr


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  • cartman13cartman13 Posts: 43
    edited December 2013

    @ibleedgarnet said: Cartmam, can you post the specifics of your deal? Thank you

    MSRP: 52,649 Cost after negotiation and rebate: 46,090 Was $47,055 w/o the rebates.

    $2260 out of pocket $411+tax monthly (27 month 10k lease) MF .001 residual .7 (exactly as kyfdx provided)

    I thought it was a pretty good deal, but given no one at the dealership was frowning when i drove it off the lot, i'm sure they made plenty. LOL I posted this info on the prices paid forum as well, but hopefully it helps you out here.

  • Cartman13, what rebates did you use? The only one I'm aware of is $500 lease cash unless you are military or a college student?

  • pb007pb007 Posts: 10

    Kyfdx, can you please provide the December MF for top tier credit (800+) and residual for the RX 350 F Sport. 12k miles per year. 24 month and 36 month.


  • 2014 RX350 36mo, 12K/yr lease

    .0010 MF and 61% residual. 24 month residual is 71%


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  • pb007pb007 Posts: 10

    Hi Everyone,

    Just inked this deal today in NJ:

    2014 Rx 350 F Sport.

    Navigation, Blind Spot Monitoring, Parking Assist, Preferred Accessory Package (Cargo Mat, Cargo Net, Wheel Locks, & Key Gloves)

    MSRP: $52,390

    Sale price: $47,100 - $50 (Free customized plates through DMV) = $47050.

    12k miles, .0010 MF, 69% Residual

    Upfront Costs: $329 Doc, $700 Bank Fee, DMV, 1st month

    $494.75 per month.

    They tried some shady shite but luckily this forum has taught me well. Originally tried to charge me $520 per month until I called them on their bluff. Thanks to kyfdx & all of you...

  • pb007pb007 Posts: 10

    Actually just ran the numbers again. Looks like I got a $46,375 Sale price on this. Plus a $50 bonus on the free customized plates (because of the frustration at the dealership, too much to describe here.)

    That is the only way I can see my monthly becoming $494.75.

    Seems like a great deal to me, would love to hear comments in case I made a mistake somewhere!

  • cartman13cartman13 Posts: 43

    Your original sale price is Probably correct. Check. Your lease agreement the sale price is on there. What you are leaving out is the $500 lease cash and the 1st month payment rebate.
  • pb007pb007 Posts: 10

    Ok, so update. Picked up the car yesterday & got all the paperwork.

    Sale price on the contract is $47075.

    $1016.24 in rebates & incentives

    I still can't get the numbers to add up exactly, because at 47,075 payments should be $522.

    At 47075 - 1016.24, payments should be $484.

    I am paying $494.15 per month.

    Maybe the extra amount is the luxury tax in NJ? Thats basically an additional $200 or so.

    Any insights?

  • pukimon311pukimon311 North CarolinaPosts: 8

    I am planning to lease in late July (after I turned in my current leased vehicle to Mercedes) and do hope there'll be good incentives at that time. It will be my first leasing experience with Lexus... can't wait ;-)

  • I would like to lease an RX350 -- new on both fronts, Leasing and RX. Appreciate any help. 1. to be eligible to write off business expense do I need to buy on the company name or on my name ok? 2. what's the best price deals in Houston area?

    Appreciate any comments. -- Thanks

  • I did lease last day of december for 20014 MSRP $47,415 agreed value of the vehicle is $47,944 RX350 AWD, no navi, 33 months, 10,000 mile for $600. 65% Residual. Looks like $600 is too much for this vehicle. Is 65% correct residual value for this vehicle? If not, is there any way make correction now?

  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,881

    Just like buying a car, once the deal is done, it's done.

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • gceomergceomer Posts: 1

    I just got a quote from a dealership in SoCal:

    * RX 350 FWD.  MSRP: $45,764, agreed value $40,277.90.
    * 27 mo. lease, 10k/year.  $429/mo with tax.  $1000 down.
    * Residual value 69%, purchase price $31,577.16

    Is this a good deal? I've read on here that the residual should be 70% for this model and mileage. First time leasing, so I'm not that familiar with this stuff.

  • macar1macar1 Posts: 0
    edited January 27

    Looking for feedback on the lowest lease payment for a AWD with the lowest Nav package. The current Lexus RX350 lease deal is $399 for 27mos/10K based on MSRP of $46,915 with $3,999 down. Was wondering what the MF and Residual is with this offer and if there is a similar deal for a longer term and higher mileage (36mos/12K) and if there is generally still room for negotiation on the MSRP or is this a rock bottom deal for the lowest level option package?

  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,881

    They are using .00090 MF and 69% to calculate the 27mo, 10K/yr lease.

    Factory sponsored deals usually leave a little meat on the bone, but a lot of Lexus dealers aren't real receptive to bargain shoppers. It might take some work and competition. I don't have the 36 month numbers, but it should still be a comparable program.

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • bkmstr1bkmstr1 Posts: 3

    Hoping someone can give me an idea of whether this is a reasonable deal. Trying to negotiate a lease from out of state for my mother. Supposed to sign this tomorrow. Would very much appreciate any insight.

    2014 RX 450h AWD

    24 months/25k miles/yr (standard lease was 15k), 66% residual (paying $4,000 for additional 20,000 miles, which reduces residual by $4,000) msrp – $58,809 (original MSRP was $57,665, but added $1,144 in after-market options) Residual - based upon $57,665 MSRP is $38,058.90 minus $4,000 for extra miles = $34,058.90

    -$2,100 dealer reduction - $500 lease cash +Acq fee - $700 +Admin Doc fee - $649 +Reg fee - +1,307.42 (road use tax, per state) +Lic, Ttle - $624

    A - Cap Cost - $57,588 (without fees noted above) B - Cap Cost - $59,489 (this includes fees noted above) C - Cap Cost - $56,209 (I believe this number includes A and B + 1 pay money factor of .0005)

    Lease factor if pymts - .00150 Lease factor if 1 pay - .00050 (planning on this option)

    Trade allowance for 2012 RX 350 AWD with 48k miles - $29,250 1 payment option (money factor .0005) - $26,402.86, less trade of $29,250 Zero down option - $1,200 month (money factor .0015)

    Short form version:

    $57,665 msrp + $1,144 add ons = $58,809 - $2,100 from dealer - $500 lease cash + $700 Acq fee + $649 Admin Doc = $57,558 +$1,307.42 Reg fee +$624 Lic/Title = $59,209

  • bsmith14bsmith14 Posts: 2

    Looking to lease 2014 Lexus RX 350 AWD NAV PACKAGE MSRP $50,030

    The deal I got was: $1650 down $529/ month taxes included 10K Miles 27 Month term

    Out of pocket expense at end of lease is $15,933

    Does that seem like a good deal for the car?

  • I can't make anything out of what you state. Would you clarify your last statement-----out of pocket expense?????

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