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2014 Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class Lease Questions

Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,026
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Welcome to Edmunds discussion dedicated to 2014 Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class leasing questions. Here you can find and discuss all the latest lease details for the 2014 GLK-Class, including cap costs, money factors, residual values, acquisition fees, etc. Please post any leasing questions you have or any details you’d like to share about your own lease deals.

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  • MSRP 52,960 offer 48.530 salesman stated the RF 58% but MF .265 because it is a diesel. I am in Va and I feel that a pmt of $848 is way too high. I would be paying back 31k over a 36 month period for 12 miles. Please give me some answers as to what the RF and MF should be on this car.
    Thanks in advance
  • 2014?

    Standard money factor (.00225) and residual of 58% for 36mo/15K/yr (60% for 12K/yr)

    Looks like they are marking up the money factor.. probably marking up the acquisition fee, too..

    You can borrow $50K for under $900/mo.... No way I would pay that much to lease it..

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  • thanks so much. I walked away they couldn't even explain it well. Thanks for info. I've contacted another dealership I will see what they say. being a women seems to be a problem for them.
  • kamkankamkan Posts: 5

    Planning to lease GLK350 msrp $56k. Please let me know what is the current RV and MF is for a 2 yr or 3 yr 10k miles lease. Thx!
  • 2014 GLK350 AWD 36mo, 10K/yr lease
    .00121 MF and 59% residual

    24 month residual is 70%


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  • gittogitto Posts: 7
    thank you for the response. the amts that you have shown no one has given me those figures.

    who sets the Rv and Mf the car that I wanted will not be in until the 2nd week of 11. I am in virginia (Richmond) and want to know when they are quoting me the right rates. I was asking 36 mos on 15mls would that change the RV and Mf?
  • Mercedes Finance and Mercedes set the MF and residual. Dealers are allowed to mark up the money factor for extra profit, and often do. Residuals can not be adjusted by the dealer.

    36mo, 15K/yr lease would have the same money factor but a 3% lower residual.

    They don't have anyone in the finance office that can quote you rates and residuals for three weeks? How do they sell cars, in the meantime? That sounds like a lie.. or, a salesperson that prefers uninformed customers.


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  • kamkankamkan Posts: 5
    Thx for the response. Any idea what is the invoice or selling price for GLK AWD? Want to to make sure prior to walking in to the dealership.
  • Here's my deal -
    2014 GLK (2 wheel drive), list price $46,425/sale price $41,546
    24 months, 12k per year
    2448 down, includes 1st payment, 2 prepaid scheduled services, acquisition fee, license)
    23 remaining payments = $499.97 (includes taxes, etc.)

    I feel stupid because after I signed the lease I discovered that included in this deal was $395 for "paint protection" which they told me was free and 1,350 for a "MB Maintenance Plan" (I think this refers to the $350 I negotiated for the two pre-paid schedule services. I'm going back to the dealer to get this straightened out!).

    Anyway, even with those bogus charges/errors how does my deal stack up?

    Lesson learned: even though I've dealt with this dealership for 20 years, you can NEVER be to careful!!!
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 203
    Use nano wax for protecting your car rather than $395 paint protection. At 24 month lease you will only need 2 services(A and B). Both should cost no more than $800-$900. If you could get money back I would. Most important is go and enjoy your vehicle.
  • kamkankamkan Posts: 5
    I went to a dealership today and the sales consultact mentioned that Mercedes does not publish the money factor and if I need to get an idea I can contact the banks that offers lease. Does Mercedes publish the MF?
  • No... It's a confidential number between Mercedes Finance and the dealer. The reason it's confidential is that the dealer can mark up the money factor for extra profit (of which Mercedes Finance gets a cut)..

    A 2014 GLK350 AWD has a 36 month money factor of .00121

    If your sales consultant says he can't give it to you, then refer to the reason above..


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  • Now looking at the GLK250 BT. Peeked at the MB sheet for residuals and 30 mo leases look like current sweet-spot - 67%/12k and 65%/15k vs 60%/12k and 58%/15k for 36 mos, but does anyone know the Oct money factor? Thx!
  • That model uses Mercedes standard money factor... I've seen anything from .00195-.00225 for that...


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  • gittogitto Posts: 7
    I will be going into dealership soon car will be in 2nd or 3rd week. What is rv for Nov. for the 350 with 24 or 36 mos .? I am trying not to put out any money if I don;t have too.,
  • November numbers aren't out yet..

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  • lordolordo Posts: 10
    Hello All,

    Could someone post the November Money factors and Residuals for a 15k and 18K lease from 24 to 36 months. Also does anyone have any info about how many Payments are being forgiven..

    Thanks in Advance,
  • Any thoughts on the quote below ??? Looks like a decent deal but I think there is room for negotiation based on earlier post, would be great to get some thoughts...

    MSRP $46,895
    Selling price $42,175

    First Payment 515.48
    Acquisition Fee 795.00
    Fees & Insurance 524.00
    Upfront Taxes 65.10
    Total Inception Fees 1,899.58

    For 36 months 10k/yr monthly including fees and taxes $515.48
  • 2014 GLK 250 BTC 36mo, 15K/yr lease
    Standard money factor and 58% residual... 24 month residual is 69%


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  • Any info for November delivery for a 2014 GLK 350 RWD? I'm looking at a 36 month lease and would like the money factor and the residuals for 10k and 12k per year. A dealer told me that the MF will be reduced from the standard by 10 points if the monthly payment is automatically deducted from a checking account. Also, it looks like the USAA discount of of the usual $2500 has gone to zero based on the web site, but the dealer told me it is still in place.
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