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Toyota Sienna Clicking sound over 60 miles/hour

yongyong Posts: 2
edited February 5 in Toyota


I have 2012 Sienna LE. My current mileage is 29, 102. I've heard a kind of clicking sound when I drove over 60 miles/hour for couple of hours on the highway several times since last summer. I recorded the sound on Feb 2, 2014. I was trying to attach an mp3 file here, but this site won't allow. Here's a dropbox link:

You can hear it at 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 10, 12 and in almost every 1-2 seconds after that throughout the whole audio. A headphone may work better.

Hope this helps you understand what I meant by clicking sound.

It seems this happens after we drive over 60 miles per hour for a while since it happened only on Saturday evening. It didn't happen on the highway in the morning, although i drove more than 60 miles per hour for quite a long time in the morning. I guess this clicking sound may be related with some heat and speed.

The Toyota dealer shop just told me to stop by when it happens but it only happens after a long distance at night on weekends when the dealer shop is closed.

I would appreciate any advice.


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