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Low Oil Level Light On Between Oil Changes

03matrixr03matrixr Posts: 5
edited February 11 in Subaru

I bought a brand new 2013 Subaru Legacy base in Nov. 2012 and have since changed the oil about four times. I did all the recommended oil changes. However, the past two times, I noticed that the Low Oil Level Light keeps turning on intermittently between my oil changes. My car is due for an oil change in one month and still is a good 1000 miles from the recommended oil change date on the sticker. When this happened last time, I brought the car into the Subaru dealership and they told me that such occurrence was normal as the Legacy typically consumes oil.

Now my question is whether or not they were telling me the truth. On some forums, I see that it is normal while other owners say it's abnormal. The general belief is that no brand new car should have oil consumption and something is wrong. Is there anything I can do (e.g., change oil type, escalate the problem beyond the dealership to Subaru, etc.)? How do I determine what's normal levels and how much oil my car consumed?

This problem sucks because the stress of having to continuously monitor my oil levels and potentially frying my engine is a bit too much to bear.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.


  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,185

    @03matrixr said:

    The general belief is that no brand new car should have oil consumption and something is wrong.

    Any recommendations would be appreciated.

    There are a lot of people that live in a dream world and think NO new car should consume oil. Some always will, the question is whether its excessive and beyond what is considered normal (or more then manufactures guidlines).

    I don't have a Subi but on my GM vehicles I believe the current guildlines are a quart every 2000 miles is acceptable.

    Number one I would check the level very often , fill when needed, and not let it go to were the light comes on.

    Then perhaps as dealer to do a oil comsumpton test if your adding say more then 2 quarts between oil changes ( and take it to dealer to add when needed during this time, again don't let it get low)

  • jfljfl Posts: 1,334

    Although the following article is about the Impreza, Some of the comments may apply to the Legacy.

    One comment in particular pertaining to fuel economy: "• Low-tension piston rings, lower piston weight and connecting-rod weight, roller rocker arms, and chain-driven valve system – all of which reduce friction"

    My old 2000 Legacy didn't need additional oil in its first 220,000 miles. In its last 50,000 miles, I added about a quart between oil changes.

    My new 2013 Impreza seems to need about a quart between oil changes from the beginning. I was wondering if the "Low-tension piston rings" allow more oil consumption than the old style piston rings.

    In any case, I'm getting 5 mpg better with the Impreza so the trade-off is worth it to me.

    Kinda like the old days when you checked the oil at every fill-up. (But I'll probably check every third fill-up.)

  • typesixtypesix Posts: 314

    The 4 cyl FB25 engine in your Legacy was introduced in the 2011 Forester and some owners have noted a tendency to consume oil. Some have gone as little as 1K miles before needing to add a quart of oil. Some, like me, will go 5-6K miles before the oil level is down 1 quart.

  • sepcsepc Posts: 2

    Had the same problem on my 2013 Legacy. One day at about 10000 miles the oil light just came on. I called the dealer and brought it over to them. I was told that this was a newly designed engine that used very thin synthetic oil and while this was not the plan there were beginning to be reports of cars with similar problems. I was also told that the problem should go away at about 20000 miles. I have not had an issue since then and am almost at 20000 miles

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