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2014 Nissan Altima Whistling Noise

I just got a Nissan Altima 2014 on Friday and noticed today that theres some type of whistling or whirling noise it makes with the heat and fans off when you drive slowly and stop. Does anyone know if the whistling or whirling type noise is normal?


  • My 2014 Altima SV has a noisy A/C Blower fan when set in the last 3 highest settings. I took it to the dealer and the mechanic took out the blower and clean it out. He said he found debrie that would cause the noise. It was working for one day and the next day the noise started again.
    A/C Fan on High settings is noisy. Maybe the A/C Fans are low quality and they are noisy in many of them? I will take it back again and discuss it with the service advisor. Lucky for me it is a Lease. I would be very unhappy to have bought something that cannot be fixed.

  • Hi, I also just leased a new 2014 Altima (havent even had it a week) and I am currently having/hearing the same abnormally loud whistling, whining noise from my steering wheel column it sounds like? It is making the noise when I am at speeds of maybe 30MPH or less and while stopped or at 15MPH it is noticably louder and when I turn the wheel side to side it sounds like i'm driving a plane...its cutting through my radio volume and is very annoying and just doesnt sound normal. I have an appointment to get it looked at this Tuesday. I understand cabin noise but this doesnt seem right and I didnt have this noise in my 2012 Altima. If the dealership says it is "normal" I am going to ask them to let me test drive another 2014 new Altima to find out if it really is normal. I am paying a pretty penny for the vehicle and this is not a noise I feel like hearing for the next 3 years. Just wondering if anyone is still having this issue with their current vehicle or what if anything has been found out about it? Thank you!
  • I too have a whistling 2014 Altima purchased new. I just wish it would whistle "Dixie" but other than that am more than pleased with the car. It is a 3.5 V6. Very powerful and a pleasure to drive. .
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    My 2013 Altima also has a whistle. The service dept said its the power steering, a manufacturing issue, and can't be repaired.  So i contacted Nissan Corp & they wont do anything either. I think it's BS and should be repaired or car replaced.  
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