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Let's Discuss the projected Reliability of the New 2015 Honda FIT from MEXICO.

carattorneycarattorney Posts: 51
edited February 17 in Honda

Since the Honda FIT came to the United States from Japan in 2007, all Units made and sold by Honda have been manufactured in Japan through the current model year.

Starting with the newly redesigned 2015 Honda FIT, to be delivered to US Dealers this coming spring (2014), Honda built an assembly line for US shipments in MEXICO! No longer will the US receive FITS from Japan starting in the Spring of 2014.

Honda's Statement is the following: "For North America, the brand-new Fit will be constructed in Mexico, in a plant modeled heavily on the company’s innovative brand-new Yorii manufacturing facility in Japan."

Does anyone here on Edmunds want to "weigh-in" on the reliability of vehicles manufactured in Mexico vs. Japan?

Is it safe to conclude that if Honda builds the assembly line--it really does not matter what country the FIT is manufactured in?

Are assembly lines so automated now, that workers are mere attendants and it does not matter if an automobile is manufactured in Mexico, Japan, Germany, Italy, China, or America--the car will be the same quality no matter what?

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