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Maintenance issues with a 2008 Enclave

mujktjmujktj Posts: 1
edited February 18 in Buick

Those interested in Enclaves should exercise caution. I have a 2008 Enclave with 87,000 miles and is quickly becoming a maintenance nighmare. In the past two months I have had to replace the power steering pump/rack, cam sensors, oil sending unit, and now the service airbag light is on (bad module) and the dealer wants $700 to repair. Tally all this up and it's $3K.

It's evident there is an issue with the power steering/rack given the pending class action lawsuit on 2009-2012 models. I cannot believe there has not been a recall.

What was once my dream vehicle has become an unreliable maintence nightmare. I should have known better 5 years ago and stayed with Honda.

Most concerning is I convinced three close friends to purchase Enclave's. Based on what I am experiencing they are now questioning why I did.

Anyone else experincing the same level of issues?

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