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WARNING about buying a Kia at Kia Vancouver!!!!

shidoshshidosh Posts: 1
edited March 1 in Kia

I want to share an awful buying experience I had with purchasing a Kia Rio at Kia Vancouver on at 396 SW Marine Dr., Vancouver.

The purpose of this review is to make you aware of some of their practices that will make you think twice before purchasing a Kia from Kia Vancouver.

Before purchasing the Kia Rio from this place I shopped around quite a bit. I checked out a number of sub compacts and, while each had their pros and cons, I came to the conclusion that their was no one model that was unquestionably superior over the others. What swayed me to the Kia was the fact that they offered “free” lifetime oil changes...or so I was led to believe. Great, I thought, that will save me lots of money over a period of time so that definitely tips the scale in the decision making process towards Kia. I looked at the gas mileage and warranty so that was another factor. But, alas, that too was a deception (I will explain later).

The reality is that their “free” oil changes are not free at all. There is a string attached: you have to pay some sort of “Service Fee” for about $28.00. Oh, and then they said subsequently it will be more! How much more? All they would say is “it will be more”. If there are extra charges involved in this “free” deal YOU HAVE TO LET YOUR CUSTOMERS KNOW ABOUT THIS CHARGE BEFORE THEY BUY THE VEHICLE SO THAT THEY CAN MAKE AN INFORMED DECISION WHETHER TO BUY OR NOT BUY!!!! In my case, I was swayed by Kia with the prospect of free oil changes. They are misleading people into believing that they are getting something for free. Based on this you could say that EVERY dealership and auto repair shop on the continent is offering free oil changes. If you go to any auto repair shop (or dealer) they will change your oil and inspect your car for a sum of money. Kia Vancouver changes your oil and inspects the car for a sum of money. So where is the free?’s ridiculous and an insult to your intelligence!

When I confronted the sales manager about this issue he became very defensive and rude. I got herded into dingy little room away from the showroom floor to discuss it there so that no potential suckers would hear about it and find out about their despicable practices. After refusing to make good on their free oil changes they kicked me out and said “go sue us!” I’ve never ever in 50 years of life been treated this rudely. This is how you treat a customer who buys a $18,000 vehicle from you and pay cash? I own my own business and I could never dream of ever treating my customers in this manner.

About the warranty: If you do not pay this extortion fee your warranty is void. Also, they tell you have a 5 year bumper to bumper. It is not, some things are only one year such as radio.

I was warned by competing brands to buy anything but Kia. I didn’t listen because I thought they were just try to prop themselves up but they were right.

Be warned!!!!


  • steverstever Viva Las CrucesPosts: 41,560
    edited March 1

    It seems that Canada doesn't have as strong of consumer protections as we have in the US (not that ours are much to brag about, but I digress). That said, this sounds like something the provincial or federal government would be interested in. What you are describing sounds like false advertising, although I suppose there could be some fine print about taxes or "disposal" fees.

    Maybe try getting the attention of the Competition Bureau.

    Kia Canada may be interested too.

    Minivan fan. Feel free to message or email me -

  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,858

    Nothing is ever "free".

    I would have asked them how much they would have reduced the price of the new car if I had opted out of the so called "free" oil changes.

    Just another gimmick that unfortunately sometimes will sell a car.

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