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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • richcoff1richcoff1 Posts: 3
    My JGC is the biggest piece of *#@$ I have ever owned. I have had the steering colum replaced 6 times, brake rotors replaced 3 times, and numerous electical gremlins looked at that the dealership says is normal. I have my JGC turned in for lemon law in the state of PA. Everytime the case has come up for a court date, Chrysler has postponed because they say that they need more time to explore their options. This has been going on for over a year. I am sick and tired of dealing with this piece #$%* and also with Chrysler. So much for customer service. Anyone interested in buying a JGC might want to rethink their decision before buying a piece of junk JEEP.
  • jrosasmcjrosasmc Posts: 1,704
    Did the 1st-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee (as well as the current version) use a live rear axle with coil springs as the rear suspension? I just purchased a '97 Laredo and am wondering about the rear end specs. By the way, I've put 4000 miles on this Jeep since February with no problems.
  • nuyawkrnuyawkr Posts: 13
    I've just turned 13,000 miles on my '01 2WD JGC Laredo. I've begun to notice that the steering wheel shimmies or wobbles at high speed braking? Is that the symptom every one else has experienced with regard to the brake rotor warpage? I've yet to have it looked at and just wanted some feedback for the time when I must take it in. Also, am I correct in understanding that DC will only cover the rotors for the first 12,ooo miles and since I'm over that, it will be an out of pocket expense to have them replaced? Thanks for the input.
  • billwfriendbillwfriend Posts: 44
    Just because you feel some pulsating in the break peddle and/or some wobbleing in the steering wheel doesn't mean you have to immediatly run out and replace everything! It doesn't mean your breaks are failing or are going to fail on you! All newer (97 - current) DC products seem to have those symptoms. Both of my DC vehicles have always had these issues, and have always braked fine. Yes the DC rotors are crappy and cheap, and you can find some "after market" quality rotors to replace them with, to remedy the pulsating/wobbling. But the braking performance (stopping your vehicle) is comperable either way. But don't waste your money of factory replacement rotors, they'll just do the same thing after the same amount of use. And yes, you may have to pay out of pocket since your over 12K miles. However, DC dealerships have been known to replace the crappy rotors with new crappy rotors for free. You'll find those posts if you read through these message boards. Good Luck!
  • nuyawkrnuyawkr Posts: 13
    billwfriend.....thanks for your post and information. Like you, I don't seem to have any braking problems and sometimes the trouble is in reading all these posts and what others are saying or doing about their problems. As long as the braking remains stable I can live with the wobble. Aside from that, I've experienced no problems with my JGC and I am quite pleased with my vehicle. Thanks again for your time and input.
  • kate2349kate2349 Posts: 1
    I'm posting here because I experienced what I feel was a life threatening incident while driving my 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo . I was on the freeway in the middle right lane driving at about 60 miles per hour when the traffic in that lane and the one to the right slowed to about 20 miles per hour. The Jeep pulled to the right when I applied the brakes hard (anti-lock brakes). I let off the brake pedal to straighten and regain control of the vehicle. Without re braking I steered into the left lane to avoid striking the car in front of me or the cars to the right. I was incredibly lucky to regain control, and that no one was in the left or right lane beside me at the time. I took the Jeep to the dealer and the right ball joint was replaced, work was done to both rotors, the transmissions seal was leaking and repaired, and the front end was aligned. This is on a vehicle that only has 11,000 miles on it and has yet to go off road; mostly freeway driving. I was astounded to read on the posts here that the right pull on braking is a well documented problem that DC refuses to acknowledge. I'm wondering just how many Jeep Grand Cherokee owners were not as lucky as me. How many Grand Cherokees have been in accidents attributed to the driver over-steering to the right to avoid an obstacle, when in fact the driver only was only braking hard and the vehicle pulled to the right. I hope this problem is being addressed by a consumer safety agency.
  • kkuligkkulig Posts: 150
    Check the NHTSA web site for consumer complaints about this. You can file your complaint there as well if you want to. The more complaints, the better the chance that the NHTSA will investigate the problem.
  • sickjeep1sickjeep1 Posts: 1
    I have been very unhappy with my '97 GC Lmtd, 52,000 miles. For a week now it either won't start at all, or will idle down and die when slowing or at a red light. The dealership put a new idle air control motor in and gave it a tune-up ($600) and told me they fixed the problem. It is still happening and they claim the problem isn't occurring for them so they can't diagnose it. Is anyone one else have a similar problem and if so, what was the outcome? Thank you!
  • reisdorphreisdorph Posts: 3
    i went to i was in shock all the problems with the jeeps, and yes i have a lemon law suit and just like richcoff1 they keep postponing my date also.
  • kkuligkkulig Posts: 150
    Delay's in your lemon law suit are just one of many tactics employed by the manufacturer which are designed to wear you down and either get you to settle for less than you want, or even better yet, to make you go away.

    Recognize it for the "game" it is and stick to what you want. Don't ever knuckle-under to this. Been there, done that, and I won.
  • twodogs2twodogs2 Posts: 1
    This is in response to 207. The fix could be as simple as the relay that operates the fuel pump. That is what cured my problem.
  • deloiddeloid Posts: 18
    This is my third GC...first two were acceptable but did really well off road so I continued buying them.

    This vehicle has had the following problems by 13000 miles.

    Rotars warped twice.
    Premature tire wear
    Heating elements both front seats broke
    Cannot get cool outside air through ducts
    Shimmy and noise when turning sharply
    Failure to start easily in morning
    Transmission clunks hard when changing gears at low speeds
    Delay in engaging transmission when cold..can put it in reverse and nothing happens for 5-10 seconds.
    Pull to right when hard braking
    *** three episodes where shifted into reverse and even though foot was on the brake the vehicle lurched (accelerated) requiring hard use of the brake. ****This I consider Very dangerous!!!!!
    yellow warning light intermittently goes on
    Fuel gauge innacurate
    Clock runs fast

    I am warned the rotars will warp again.. I am told that Dc is looking at a fix for the calipers.
    The number of problems I have had for this young of a car shocks me(as a three jeep owner).
    My concerns are that this is going to be an expensive vehicle to maintain without an extended warranty and that this sudden lurching will cause an accident.

  • edgargedgarg Posts: 1
    After numerous recalls, all kind of mechanical problems, and other major disappointments with my Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4WD, (with only 35,300 miles) I finally got rid of this piece and traded it for a better quality and more reliable product. My recommendation to you: DO NOT BUY JEEP. In my opinion Jeep stands for "Just Endless Engineering Problems.
  • kw_carmankw_carman Posts: 114
    I am looking at SUV's, and am very interested in the Grand Cherokee (mostly before the redesign models). Are any certain year models known to be more trouble prone than others? From what I have seen, 97's and 98's weren't too bad.
  • zonkzonk Posts: 208
    My wife was out driving yesterday when a rain storm passed through where she was driving. Anyway, she head a sharp crack, and looked over at the pasenger side of the JGC. Something had busted the mirror out. If the elctronics are ok, can the glass only be replaced, or does the whole assembly have to be replaced?
  • kimball5kimball5 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee v8 ltd, It has 58K. It continually pulls and drifts to the right, even on flat roads. I've had it aligned and all tires balanced and rotated, the tires are new. Has anybody had similar probs and/or can offer solutions? Would appreciate hearing back.
  • vin_weaselvin_weasel Posts: 237
    The same thing happened to me on a Passat. Just go to an auto glass store and get a replacement. I went to a chain called Speedy here in Canada and it cost me $15 for the mirror and they installed it for free. You don't need a new assembly.
  • zonkzonk Posts: 208
    Thanks for the help. I appreciate it!
  • kkuligkkulig Posts: 150
    I think if you check some of the archives, you'll find more complaints on the first JGC's (93-98) and then again on the 99-00's.

    Transmission failures, steering gearbox failures, transfer case viscous coupler problems, driveshaft yokes, U-joint retaining blocks, some electrical problems, water leakage, AC drain vent blockage (leaks into passenger footwell), and the infamous warped rotor problem... just to name a few.

    Don't mean to sound negative... I love the JGC. If you think these problems are numerous, go and read the recalls and/or TSB's issued for a comparable year Ford or GM SUV.

    Had a 98 JGC Ltd that went back under the lemon law for a major drivetrain vibration that the dealer couldn't find or fix. Felt like the vehicle was going to shake itself apart on the highway when the vibration would start.
  • kw_carmankw_carman Posts: 114
    Would a JGC not be a good car to take off to college?
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