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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • cleethcleeth Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 JGC, when I am idle and have to press the accelerator to go, I have a slight whine. Took it to the dealer and rode w/the tech. He didn't know what the sound was. Now they are telling me it's the valve body and it would $850 to fix. Has anyone experienced this or heard of a valve body and would it cause the whining? ANY HELP would be wonderful. :sick:
  • My 2000 JCL just start saying I need the servoce the car. I took the car for service and it still says perform service. The shop I took it to were not able to reset the computer to stop saying that.Any ideas anyone??? I really do not want to take it to the dealer because I don't want them to over price me for something I could have done myself.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    If the "perform service" light is on continuously, then what you have to do is hit the select button until you reach "miles till service". It should read 0. Then at this point push and hold the reset button. This should reset it to what mileage you specified for the computer to remember.
  • tan28tan28 Posts: 4
    I don't have an answer to the light problem but my 2001 JGC LMT had the drivers side seat heater go when it was about about 2 years old. The dealer did fix it under warranty. I asked what it would have cost me (if it happens again) they said approx. $ 300 -can't remember if that is with or plus labor. Ouch-just to keep your bum warm..but I live in PA, so it is nice to have..especially when my heater is having problems so I have no heat on the passenger side, but with the nice help of people here, I am figuring it out.
  • tan28tan28 Posts: 4
    I have a 2001 JGC LMT, Anniversary ED. It has chrome rims, or should I say chrome dipped?! I wonder if anyone else has had this problem. The chrome is FLAKING off of the rims, it looks like it was painted on. It's ugly. I did email Jeep when it was 3 years old, and they basically said, too bad. You know nothing with tires is covered. My tires kept going flat, so I took it to 2 different tires places and my Jeep dealer, who changed the stem each time, and charged me of course-all within a month. I kept thinking "Why can't any of these people find the real cause of why my tire is going flat. Finally someone at the tire places got the air to hold. When it didn't go flat in a few days, I went back to see what he had done differently than the first time I was there, he said he took the tire off the rim and cleaned the rim real good. (By the way this was a little into winter) We figured out that the SALT from the snow plows was most likely "eating" my rims and causing the tire to leak. So, basically I need to keep the rims clean in the winter. The next winter after that I had a different tire get low and I cleaned it well and filled it up.. didn't have problems again. This year I bought all new tires-so well see how long until these act up. Also, somebody took the small caps out of the middle of the rims and broke them (plastic clips held them in) then apparently used clear silicone to put them back in. Nice huh? From what I've been told, there was no reason for anyone to take them off.
  • Aside from cold start transmission slipping problems I now have malfunctioning speedometer and tachometer guages on my 1999 JGC Ltd. Recently stopped for a few minutes to get gas, then when re-starting it was hardly turning over before the engine caught. After it did start I suddendly had no tach or speedo. Is this a fuse or some sort of relay module? The battery charging shows it's within the correct range, yet re-starting after running a while the engine just barley turns over. Any help gratefully accepted.
  • mcgmacmcgmac Posts: 4
    Many thanks for the reply. I found an alternative shop willing to do it for less than half the price. They also diagnosed faulty battery which contributed to the problem. All said, the work and parts were significantly less than at the Dealer.

    Bottom line - be sure to double check prices from San Francisco Jeep Dealers!!! I can recommend another Jeep specific shop if anyone is looking.
  • Thanks alot I'll try getting to an Autozone tomorrow for the code reader!
  • Hello,went to my dealer and from the time I dropped it off till they finally called me,tells me they had a hard time finding it too.I suspect they fixed it before calling me with the problem.I was told it was the left front hub.I told them to go ahead and fix it.I picked the Jeep up but there was no old part in it.Shop was closed.So I went up first thing in the morning and got my old hub no problem.Checked it out at work,it was smooth spinning but had some in and out play between the bolt on flange and the hub itself.Do not know if that is supposed to be there.But also there was no weight on hub when checking it out at my shop.Bottom line,noise is gone.It is hard for me to trust anybody working on my stuff,but my current vehicles were bought at this dealership and I will buy another one from them.Paid too much,I know.Hub was $237.00
    found them on the internet for $99.00.But I was chasing a ghost, and I think I came out ahead.I could have started replacing stuff,and if it was still there,more of my money and time.This way if it was still there or comes back, under warr.Total was about $430.I wanted to ask you why people are having so much trouble with brakes.2001 JGC bought in 2003.I'm sure they did a brake job before seling.Put about 14,000 miles on her,includes a 1500 mile trip with a 3000 lb boat and trailer,three adults gear and two dogs.Most of driving done in city,stop and go.Pads still 3/8 thick.Rotors fine.
    Have a great weekend.
  • need to know the size transmission pan for jeep grand cherokee 1997 6 cylinder rust hole dose anyone know where to order one
  • First you need to find out which transmission you have. It's could be the 46RE. If you have to, look on the left side of the tranny case. The numbers should be stamped into the case. You could call a Jeep dealer, but be ready to pay a good bit. AutoZone might be able to get one, but you most inexpensive option would be to call a few salvage yards in your area. The parts are even cheaper if you have to take them off, but there are very few of those types of salvage yards left. I hope this helps you out a little.
  • Hi, I have a JGC Laredo 2002 in which I installed a Bulldog Remote starter. After doing that, a few days later, the engine light turned on, I have the a hand size computer to analyze why the light came on, and it says that I have a Small Emission Control Leak. Any ideas?
    Thanks, Federico
  • My 94' GC Laredo must have gremlins. It goes off for no reason (usually at night)..the lights flash until it runs the battery dead. Everyone I've talked to says there is no way to disengage the factory alarm system. I'm now forced to take it to the dealer to have them hook it to the computer. I've read a lot of your posts and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for this....they'd be greatly appreciated.
  • Trying this again in the hope I get a response. Recently stopped with my 99 JGC Ltd. to buy gas. In trying to re-start it the engine barely cranked over. After several attempts it did start however it seemed almost as though there was an electrical surcharge. Getting back on the highway I noticed ">no tach or speedo working. Has anyone else experienced this or can suggest what the problem/fix is. Thanks in advance to all who respond.
  • I am getting a check engine light I put reader in the socket and get code PO320 Which reads: Ingnition/distributor Engine speed malfuntion inidcator?
    A pack ract got into the Engine and I feel chewed wires but not sure where to look. I also smell lots of strong catalatic converter unburned fuel smell? not sure belive it is that. And the engine will restart at times after it dies if I turn off the key. After it dies on the road and barely runs. A guy could get killed on a freeway with this kind of vehical response. Feel it is the computer shutting down the engine.
    Where do I look and what should I do?
    Thanks in Advance falcon
  • Drivers side passenger carpet soaked after recent rain storms. 1.5 inches of standing water - ONLY in front drivers side. Cleaned up and dried carpeting/matting underneath - only to recur w/ next storm (this is not the A/C drain problem on passenger side posted elsewhere).

    Anyone had/resolved this problem? Assume it's something to do with door rain seals or weather stripping - as firewall is dry under pedals/carpet. If no similar problems - can anyone direct me to procedure for replacing door seals, and where to purchase aftermarket replacements? Thanks.
  • I have a Jeep 2003 Grand Cherokee as well. I am having the same power steering noise. I called the dealer because I have the 84 month/70,000 mile warranty. They told me the power steering is NOT covered but their "parts and service" partner MAY be able to help. They recommend I bring it in so they can check it out. Wonder how much this will be!!!!
  • I have a 1994 Cherokee Sport and I've noticed the same thing: that hissing, whooshing sound. Seems to be coming from under the dash. Also, the brake pedal is very spongy with engine running (stiff pedal w/o engine on). I need to pump them to build pressure. I have bled the brake lines to ensure there is no air in the lines. I'm thinking the "sound" I hear is a sign of a prob w/ the master cylinder.
    Did you solve your prob? What was the solution?
  • We have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee and we hit something in the road that bent the crossmember under the jeep that connects to the transmission. We hit something where some road work was being done, it seemed to be like a big rock or something like that. That was the only damage done that we could see.

    After that the air bag light comes on and then goes off. There really in not a pattern to the light coming on and off. Is there an air bag sensor anywhere near this crossmember. We did have the crossmember replaced and the sub frame checked and everything thing looked ok. Just need to know if there is an air bag sensor in the area that could have been damaged or any other ideas on what this problem is.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • trickstertrickster Posts: 113
    First of all i don't think it is your valve body at all.
    Check your power steering fluid to make sure it is topped up. Then take your serpintine belt off, and check all the pulleys that it runs on; tensioner,power steering, water pump,idler..ect. If any of them wiggle, then replace them. Also check when your engine is running for awhile, and warm, shut it down and check the water pump weep holes(there are two,one on top, and one on the bottom) to see if there is any coolant/water seeping out from there. If there is.. replace your water pump. One last thing to check is your altenator, see if the whine is coming from there, probably not unles your having voltage spike all the time.

    I hope this helps you, and good luck m8.
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