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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • If you just blew the headgasket the internal damage won't be all that bad. Just make sure the shop that is doing the work sends the head to have it magnafluxed to make sure it isn't also cracked. Even if it's not cracked, the gasket replacement will cost quite a bit. The gasket itself isn't that much, but the labor involved is where you'll see most of the cost. Could cost around $500. They have to remove the entire top of the engine, which takes a while. If the head is also cracked, don't buy a 'new' head unless you've just got that kind of money. If the shop asks, tell them to find you a head out of a salvage yard and have it inspected. Do you have the 4.0 inline six or the V-8? On my 2000 Grand with the 4.0 it cost right over $800 total at my own Granddad's shop. The labor is what got me. I would have done it all myself, but I had to go out of town, so I just let them have it. Let us know what you find out. - dixiecrawler
  • nick39nick39 Posts: 1
    I have a 98 Grand Cherokee, runs great except....when i get down to 1/4 tank my jeep hesitates, stalls and sputters. I have tried fuel cleaners no avail. As soon as I put gas in it and get it over 1/4 tank it runs great. Any suggestions?? Think something maybe in the bottom quarter of the tank??
  • birtbirt Posts: 3
    Thanks, I checked the fuel its OK. Getting fuel, cranks but will not start (no spark), I checked the wiring from the sensors to the computer all check out. I’m checking the timing now the only way I can do this is to check the markings on the chain. If there is anyone who can give me any help that would be great.
  • davidc1davidc1 Posts: 167
    I had the same problem around 1200 miles but I don't have it anymore. If the "service 4wd" light is on, you can't shift into 4LO.
  • I have a 2001 grand cherokee and the heater and ac fan stopping working. I tested the blower with direct power and it works. If any one has had this problem and can help let me know.
  • mkrakemkrake Posts: 6
    Thanks for the post! I've got the inline 6 4.0 for the 07 Jeep Cherokee Sport. I got quoted 275 for the head gasket and 1400 for a new block. this doesn't include labor... is there anyone you know of with a good used jeep engine? The jeep is in western North Carolina at this moment. Thanks!
  • ancjeepancjeep Posts: 6
    REPLACE. ;)
  • ancjeepancjeep Posts: 6
  • alan93alan93 Posts: 4
    I have a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee and the fuse for the auxilary power outlet (always on) is blown but I can't find it to replace it.

    The owners manual on page 202 shows a passenger side kick panel for these fuses but it doesn't exist on my jeep. I found the power distribution under the hood but the manual doesn't specify anything for this power outlet fuse. ???

    Anybody know where its at?


    Or is there an accurate fuse map for this? Because my owners manual sure isn't.

  • alan93alan93 Posts: 4
    I had this same problem (1998 JGC) a few months ago and fortunately my solution was cheap but it could have been even cheaper than it was. It happened mainly when it was cold after just starting.

    I took it in to dealer thinking it was something complicated but turned out to be just a battery near the end of its life.
    It wasn't holding vital engine settings in memory every time car was shut off. So I took it to the dealer who , of course, charged me exhorbitantly for putting a new battery in (said they had to adjust all the settings blah blah, yea right) and tried to sell tons more service etc...

    so ,,,,new battery might be a solution to this.
  • Looking for information and tips for replacing the OEM radio in my new Jeep with a 3rd party aftermarket radio. How to remove the existing radio. Are the wiring harnesses (RF, Power, Audio) standard? Are the cables conductors labeled? Any assistance/information will be greatly appreciated :)
  • kev6kev6 Posts: 1
    1999 JGC, pulled in the driveway, shut it off, wont restart. no power to the dash, no power to the fuel pump, no power to the coil packs. it will crank over, cant communicate with the computer to read any blown fuses , relays and all fuses and links in the power distribution center is good. any ideas ???
  • birtbirt Posts: 3
    My 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 5.2L 318 it cranks but will not start, replaced plugs, wires, cap, roter, Cam position sensor (pick up coil), coil, and computer (pcm). (still no spark)I checked the timming by pulling the cover and it is good, can any one help before I have to take it to the dealer.
  • offroad1offroad1 Posts: 3
    hey i have a jeep cherokee and the marker lights have been on for about a week now. it has happened before and the solution was that there was a pinched wire behind the dash so if you take off the dash and jiggle some of the wires around they might shut off.
  • offroad1offroad1 Posts: 3
    hey i have a cherokee 89 and the marker lights and dash lights wont shut off it has happened before and i jiggled some wires and they shut off bu i tried that again and it isnt working if anyone has any advice please respond thanks
  • paigietpaigiet Posts: 1
    i bought my jeep in july 05 brand-new and it has 10,700 miles on it. i started noticing that it shuddered terrible while i was in drive but sitting still, as at a red light or something... i took it in (its there now) and they told me its the rotors. thats fine, if they see that the rotors were warped (which i never felt any brake problems at all--smooth sailing) then they should be dealt with. but am i nuts for thinking that its something more than the rotors? i mean, the car shouldnt shudder while stopped, right?
  • tst58tst58 Posts: 5
    I have read the advice about rotors from Auto Zone. The current set that I have on are factory rotors with 8,600 miles on them and they are shot. I am considering after market caliper assemblies since I already have the TSB upgrade calipers. My dealer is wonderful and will do anything they can to solve the problem but have not been able to solve it yet. I will be getting this done next week and will let all of you know if I have any success. Pray for me!
  • I have the exact same truck, 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4.7L V8 with Quadradrive. I put a 2" lift kit on. It consists of spacers that go on top of the coil springs. Well I am having the same problem with a "shimmy" at 50 mph since I put on this kit. Although my "shimmy" is more like a violent, hard rattling, shaking that feels like all four tires are going to fall off. I'm currently doing all I can to get to the bottom of this and when I do, I promise that I will let you know right away!
  • offroad1offroad1 Posts: 3
    i ment the 89 cherokee was a 93
  • chumpchump Posts: 6
    my 94 grande cherokee ltd. info centre says rear lamp failure. I changed a couple of bulbs now they all work fine but the rear lamp failure light will not go out. The owners manual says cycle ignition which i think means turn ignition on a off three times. I disconnected reconnected the battery and still the light stays on. Has anyone had this problem or any suggestions.Thanx for any suggestion.
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