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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • Keep a close check on your oil!!! If it looks milky or when you remove the oil filler cap it looks foamy, don't drive it at all! If your loosing coolant but their is no sign of external leaking, the only other kind of leak is internal, which is very, very bad! It wouldn't hurt to also keep a check on the automatic transmission fluid, because, if epuipped, there is an internal tranny cooler in the radiator. If coolant is leaking into the tranny, you'll burn it up before long, and they're not cheap to replace. Like I said before, if the oil looks funny, your coolant could be leaking through a blown head gasket or cracked head into the engine, which, pretty soon, will cause you to blow the engine! Keep a check on this and let us know what you find out! -dixiecrawler
  • Just because your Jeep is lifted and has bigger tires doesn't mean that it will ever get the death wobble, unless your lift is insanely high (which I know your's isn't) with much larger than stock tires. Your steering stabilizer does, however, help to keep it from happening.
  • about 38.9 inch
  • you should be able to take a timing belt to 150k
  • My jgc, which takes me all over the place as required is starting to be troublesome, it has stalled on me repeatedly when stopped and brake applied, if i slip it into nuetral it does not do so, just when stopped in Drive.
    Secondly(well there are many more problems but these are the two most concerning)once the engine/transmission is warmed up, that is after about five miles or so, if i am not on an interstate or toll road and the likes, the tranny has a hard time going out of 2nd into 3rd, i can be running at 50+ with the engine revs at 4000+ and still not wanting to shift, at todays prices for gas i think i am throwing many $$$$ in the drain, any one with any ideas of how i might try to resovle either or both of these major concerns, this model has some kind of adjustment for the transmission on the front and rear, or so i am informed in the book i got to help fix problems, but i do not know if these adjustments are for either of the afore mentioned problems, please does anyone have have ideas to help me out here.
    Many thanks in advance.
  • If your Grand has a full-time 4WD transfer case, then yes, you may have a serious problem. However, the NV242 is both full-time and part-time, that is, you can choose 4-Hi, 4-Lo, 2-Hi, and, I believe, 2-Lo. If this is the case that you have, then maybe you just weren't in 4-Lo. Crawl up under your truck and look for the ID plate attached to the left rear side of the case. This will tell you which t-case you have and then, if you haven't yet found your problem, let us know the model of transfer case you have and maybe someone here can help! -dixiecrawler
  • Hi Dixiecrawler, the jeep can be shifted into 4 lo, 4 hi, 2 lo and 2 hi, and as i said in my original post the thing does not want to shift up after it hits 2nd gear, does the adjustment screw have anything to do with this problem, the haynes book i have does not say what the adjusters are for, just that it has adjusters on it and how to adjust, what a book huh, not telling us what it actually adjusts. lol

  • rob1679rob1679 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Rocky Mountain Edition 4wd 4.7L V8. Recently a gap has appeared beneath the drivers side front headlight. If you are looking at the front of my car...each headlight is supposed to fit snug against the front bumper/fender. On the passenger side it certainly does. Now on the driver's side there is a gap about the thickness of a DVD case. Local Jeep dealer says all is intact and everything is ok, but this gap is annoying me on a personal and visible basis. Can anyone suggest ways to combat this gap?

  • ancjeepancjeep Posts: 6
  • latorrealatorrea Posts: 1
    I AM HAVING THE SAME EXACT PROBLEMS!!!!!! Somebody, please, HELP!
  • ronbo42ronbo42 Posts: 1
    Im new to this stuff, but I don't know where else to go.. Our 2002 JGC keeps misfiring especially between 50-65 mph. The whole car shakes. Our OBD sensor says misfire cyl 3. My husband changed all the plugs and also switched the wires between 3 and 1. Then it said misfire 1 and 3. I took it to a shop and the guy tested each cyl and said they are all working ok, but just not working together. ?? Please help.. I dont have a decent jeep dealership near me, and the shop guy said Im ruining my cat converters every time i drive it like this. My husband had had a lot of jeeps and hes stumped too.. :cry: tired of paying people to tell me misfire cyl 3!!
  • I have a 2004 jgc that I bought brand new, and I started experiencing the same thing shortly after I got it. Periodically and randomly it would be "stuck" in first and the only way I could stop the revving was to drop it into neutral and make my way over to the side of the road. After a try or 2 I'd be able to get going again. It took two trips to the dealership to get it fixed, but it has not recurred since. I'll look at my paperwork tonight and see what they say they did to correct it. The only problem I had after that (and I'm knocking wood) is that the engine wouldn't said the computer wasn't recognizing the Drive position...quick fix was to start it in neutral, finally got that fixed, too. :)
  • lagulagu Posts: 3
    I have a 1999 JGC limited V8. I got one keyless remote wich works fine. I got another remote from a co-worker and I'm trying to program it. Does anyone know how to program these remotes? I'll apreciate your input.
  • blanksterblankster Posts: 29
    The crankshaft sensor has been known to fail on the jeeps. Might want to check that.
  • bmarkrebmarkre Posts: 1
    When I make a left turn I get a vibration thru the steering column. Should the box go so quickly? Does $375 for the part sound reasonable?
  • andrewsp45andrewsp45 Posts: 7
    many thanks and looking to hear from you again, hopefully you can give me the right answer
  • deen_addeen_ad Posts: 1
    Had one burn out, it's a Sylvania 3454 tinted yellow. So far I've tried Shucks, NAPA and several local parts houses as well as Wal*Mart and none of them have it, it's not even listed in the Sylvania book or the other 4 that NAPA tried to cross reference with. Even my owners manual doesn't list the bulb, in fact there isn't even a mention of the front turn bulb in the listing of bulbs. The dealer says they have 7 of them but they're $5 each. Do I HAVE to use that bulb or can another more common one be used?
  • slegeslege Posts: 1
    I have an '02 Jeep with the dual climate zones. When my blend door broke (which is 1000+ to repair), the computer recognized that the door wasn't working and shut the a/c blower down. Trust me, I tried to make it come on and it wouldn't. If you have a Chilton manual, there is a diagonistic test you can do on the a/c system to retrieve problem codes right on the display on the a/c controller. Good luck! By the way, this same "test" at the dealer is 50-100 dollars depending on the dealer.
  • gordjeepgordjeep Posts: 1
    I have similar vibration problems on my 2000 Grand Cherokee. The vibrations occur when accelerating on the highway and the car shifts from 3rd to 4th gear (automatic transmission), especially on uphill grades. When I drop speed a bit and then accelerate slowly, the vibrations go away.
    This problem has been "fixed" several times by two different Jeep/Chrysler dealers over the past couple of years. They say it's a cylinder misfire, and repace all the spark plugs, do a "carbon blast" to clear out the engine, and the problem goes away ..... for about half a year. I'm fed up with it. One service manager said it might need a valve job at $1,000, but I figured they were just trying things out at my expense. Jeep/Chrysler service just doesn't seem to know much about this problem or how to permanently eliminate it.
    I'd appreciate hearing what solution you find on your 2002 G.C.
  • crookstercrookster Posts: 40
    My 04 wj is making squeaking sounds when I hit any bump and the noises are loud. They are coming from under the car, in the front. What could be the problem with this? Is this serious?
    Thank You
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