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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • I tried to reduce the noise by lubing the hinge on the blender door behing the glove box. It seems to have reduced the noise considerably. See WJJEEPS.COM on how to remove the glove box door.
  • 4 bolts. 2 in the front which are horizontal, then move the seat forward and there are 2 bolts in the rear that screw down. Unclip the seat controls and its out. I had a local metal shop weld mine. It's fine now and I'm on a diet!
  • If after you have your A/C blender doors replaced and the grinding noise returns you might want to try applying a bit of oil on the hinge of the blender door behind the glove box. I did it to mine and the climate control is much quieter. Lets see how long it lasts. The dealer seemed reluctant to change the blender doors again and said the noise was normal (BS). So after some investigation I decided to do something about it.
  • If someone could please help me to get in touch with the right people so that I may join the class action lawsuit (if it is still possible) I would appreciate it. I have contacted the U.S. Department of Transportation Auto safety hotline and encourage others to do so as well for safety concerns on the brakes.
  • I purchased a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee with a V6. I recently heard "tapping" from the engine. I brought the car in for the 1st service and was told that the lifters and cams need to be replaced due to a defect. The car has 3,000 miles on it!!! Dealer told me they have seen this problem in several of the '06s. Anybody have the same problem? I had been driving German cars for years and decided to try Jeep again. Obviously a big mistake....
  • Ok I see that this is a year old but let me tell you that I have a 1997 Cherokee Laredo and my problem ended up being one the the plugs that the wiring harness plugs into the computer sensor in the engine compartment was not snug and with the virbration of the engine it made the car stall and shut off or just act as if it was going to. Solution spend $1500 for new harness or Zip Ties yes I said Zip Ties around the plug to the mount on the car and it fixed it. Now I have other issues with The fuel system somewhere. Its always something.
  • Check that the plug on your wiring harness is snug to the computer my 97 was doing somethings like this and my mechanic went crazy took wverything apart and just happened to hit the wires while it was running and it shut off of all the things. Now we have a problem with something in the fuel system hopefully not the fuel pump. I only have 95,000 miles on it.
  • Ok so I have a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 95,000 miles
    I am experiencing a problem where while driving it will begin to stall as I am starting out or comeing to a stop. I have figured out that if I feather the gas it makes it kind of back fire and it will stop after a few seconds of that usually. But not sure what it is. I have replace the whole exhaust manifold, tone a tune up on it with all the bells and whistles. My fuel pump seems to be working fine. My car also feels as if it has lost some of its power. PLEASE HELP
  • Just purchased this with 150K miles. Starts OK, but after 10 minutes on the road, it begins to hesitate and 'cut-out' under acceleration.
    Further, I disconnected the battery over-night to 'reset' the computer and this morning the engine will not turn over, and there is a red light blinking under the speedometer/tach in sequence with the clock, left turn signal and a few other various interior lights.
    Any advise would be appreciated.
    Thank you.
  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    I also have just recently developed a stalling/chugging problem. The jeep either just shuts off without notice or goes into a "barely running" mode where the rpm's drop low and moving the gas pedal has no effect. It can do either at idle or while driving down the road at a good rate of speed. When it is not having it's "problem", it runs smooth as silk and has plenty of power. The crankshaft sensor has been changed but I still have the problem. The shop has now put a new coil into it to let me try for the weekend. I replaced the cap and rotor and air filter just for routine maintenance. Any other suggestions?
  • Our 1996 JGC has the sunroof stuck in the open position. My husband says it passed the limit switches when it opened. Does anyone know of a manual way that we can close the sunroof ? For now we have it parked with a tarp over the top of the vehicle.

    Thanks, bjh1225
  • dandgdandg Posts: 74
    it sounds like your alarm may be on and preventing it from starting.Try, locking and unlocking the door with the key to shut of alarm and then start the car and see if it will stay running.
  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    Well, changing the coil was not the answer since the problem continues. Problem is intermittent as while it usually happens every time I drive it to some extent, sometimes it will run perfect for a longer trip. I have also replaced the spark plug wires just because they were the original ones although I doubt they are related to the problem. Jeep has an almost new battery in it and I cleaned and tightened those connections to eliminate them as a problem area. I also removed the connections to the PCM as per vicgonzales suggestion. They were properly seated with no signs of corrosion and bumping and moving the wires and connections while the Jeep was running had no ill effect. The check engine light has never come on and when I took it to Advance Auto they picked up no error codes. All dash lights and gauges continue to operate normally. Problem usually occurs after Jeep is warmed up but it did it yesterday after sitting all night and driving no more than a mile. Still open for suggestions.
  • Thanks. That was it. Any insight with the hesitation under acceleration? When I hammer the accelerator, it comes right out of it.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 39,059
    If you still think it's electrical, check the battery connections at the other end of the cable, and any other grounds you can come up with. Some people add grounding kits but usually to try to fix different issues.
  • Is there a part for the AC called the "Bladder Doors?" Or am I confusing it for the "Blower" motor?

    Having an issue with my 99 JGC LTD where the AC is on and is blowing, however, the air is not coming out of the Vents. It is as if there is something restricting the Air flow. I hit the dash once with my fist out of frustration and all of a sudden the AC started working! And the air was cold. But the problem is unpredictable, some times it works, other times it wont. And sometimes, after a half hour of not working, for no apparent reason it will start blowing cold air.

    Any idea as to where this problem might be originating?
  • dandgdandg Posts: 74
    hi Paul,
    pleased that worked with the alarm,I wish I could disable mine I even leave the key in it and hope someone will take the POS ! :)
    mine does that hesitation a little when first starting off as well,could be lots of things,IAC,Wires,injectors dirty.I think I mine could use some wires and plugs cause it seems to be worse when damp out.Does it doe it all the time on yours?
  • I was reading some of the PCM and MAP discussions (I have a '94 JCG limited and am encountering stuttering and stalling). When I hooked up the battery again, the lights are blinking on and off. Obviously, I've done something wrong with the security/alarm. Any ideas of what I've done and how to remedy? (you should know that we have had problems with the key remote before (doesn't work) and if the Jeep was locked and you opened the passenger side before the driver's side (with the key), the alarm would go off. Now the alarm isn't going off, but clearly it's got something to do with it because the word security is flashing in the dash).

    Thanks in advance.
  • Okay, so I'm a goofball! I didn't read the earlier post correctly about the key in the door (locking, then unlocking). That worked. Sure, it's still running rough, but at least it's running. Now I really have to go back and check the forum details around the MAP. I think that is more the problem then my PCM.

    Thanks to everyone who make this forum work. I almost caved-in and took it to a dealer, who wanted me to have him tow it to his shop. This forum just saved me hundreds of dollars. I'm not saying there's not value in a shop, because there is, I'm just saying that my "little" set of fixes are saving me a ton right now, as I'm between jobs.

    Thanks again!
  • I am having the same problem, Do I have to replace the transfer case? :(
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