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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a 2002 JGC Limited with ~48,000 that I am taking in to the dealership for service next week. Current problems are:

    1) Malfunction Indicator Light is on, and the code displayed is P0601- PCM Internal Controller Failure.
    2) Since 5,000, the car has displayed a message that the passenger side door is open even when it isn't. I've had this fixed 3 times (they've tightened connectors and replaced sensors) but it will just work for a week or so and then break again. Weird thing is, sometimes I'll be driving and suddenly the door will register as closed.
    3) Heated seats don't work on either side

    I've read that there is a federal 8 year/80,000 mile warranty on the PCM, but that sometimes dealerships are reluctant to replace this part. Does that code mean the PCM needs to be replaced? Also, are these problems related or independent?

    Thanks for your help-
  • PCM should be covered under emissions warranty. Heated seats have been known to fail (they quit on our 2001)due to stretched wires. There are kits to fix them (via dealer) Door open signal could be related to the faulty PCM.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    You can disarm the alarm by sticking the key in the door lock to open it.

    As to the remote, take a quarter and open the remote and remove the battery. This will prevent it from locking the doors. Good luck, and stay off of I-70
  • Owners manual has no info on this. I have a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee w/41,000 miles and the HO V8. Always had dino oil. But is it cool to use Mobil 1 in the HO V8 without fouling any sensors?
    Anyone out there who may be using this product for awhile?
    Cost for the oil is not an issue. Would like to extend the life of this engine as far as posible. Thanks in advance
  • I have a 97 JGC and my remote will not lock or unlock the driver side door but will lock and unlock all of the other doors. Any ideas as to what the problem could be and how to fix it.
  • My 1994 5.2 just did this today, I turned it on it idled smooth for about 10-15 secs and cut off. No sputtering no "stalling" just cut straight off, as if I had turned the ignition off. And it will not start back, it turns over just won't start. I haven't had a good chance to look at it yet and am just looking to find the best place to start. I believe it to be an electrical problem, be it a fuse or relay or short. Dunno yet. Any ideas?
  • Does your door switch work? Check the wires running in and through your drivers door for cracks, breaks, and abnormal bends. Has this problem been there since you acquired the Jeep? or has it happened recently?
  • There are 2 scenarios:#1 check your plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor button. You could very possibly have a few wires crossed and or not connected. My old fadota did this when I pulled the plugs off at one time and replaced them wrong. After driving for a while like this your plugs may foul, which would explain why it wont even start now. By the way did it idle smooth when it would run?
    #2 Also, check your fuel pump and/or filter. If your pump is bad or your filter clogged it will starve your engine of precious fuel and cause it to "miss". If when you would push the throttle it would cut back, this would be the problem. It would severely affect performance. Just check everything I said. I too have a 94 with the 5.2 and the fuel pump did mine that way. The way to check your fuel pump is to have some on turn your ignition to the on position with you standing in back of your jeep, even laying under your fuel tank, listening for a "whirr" or "buzz". If you don't hear anything your fuel pump is gone. If you do then check your fuel filter its on the fuel line in front of the tank. Take it off and replace it. I hope this solves your issue. BTW a fuel pump will set you back about $300.
  • I just bought the Jeep last week and I just noticed the problem. I thought it was locked and a friend opened the driver side after I had supposedly locked the Jeep with my remote. I have since noticed that when I am driving down the road and when the doors lock automatically the driver door does not lock.
  • i have a 96 grand with a 5.2.. when drove for sometime it gets a oil pressure gage problem.. if i drive for bout 25 or 30 mins at ticks sounds like lifters.. does anyone know a fix???? last year put oilpump and sending unit on it ... any help would be great thanks billy
  • jeepdtjeepdt Posts: 15
    I believe Ellen DiGenerus said it best " There was a noise coming from my car...I fixed it by buying a louder radio". What can you do when they tell you its normal? :P
  • Keep a damn close eye on your oil level. My 5.2 ticks when oil is low, 5.2s are notorious for drinking oil... and/or something may have gotten in your oil and clogged your pump screen, get some engine flush and put it in before your next oil change.
  • Someone may have gotten into it before... so, if you are slightly or moreso mechanically inclined take your door panel off and check the connections.
  • My check engine light came on about three weeks ago and I had it checked by a shop which they cleared the code and told me to drive and see if it comes up again. The check engine light just came on again giving the same code as before P0118 ECT sensor so I had it replaced and the code was cleared out. About a half a hour later the check engine light came on again and I had my heat running. I came home and turn the ignition key three times only to get the same code P0118. Don't know what I should have to get checked out now. I can't find anything related within the forum similiar to the trouble I am having with my 2001 Jeep Laredo 4.0 engine. Is it safe to drive? And for how long? Do I have to have it cleared again because it may have been done incorrectly? help.image
  • I am having the same problem Has anyone had any luck fixing this problem.
  • I no longer have my '97 but before I sold it I found information on another site that lead to cold soldering issues with the head unit on these not so great stereos. Try using for a search on your model Infinity Stereo problems. Most people just replace the system. There are voltage issues that new units cause with these Jeeps too. Log on to for the stereo units that may work with your model Jeep. Then search for best prices for that unit if you chose to replace the stereo.
    If you have the time and the problem is not in the head unit
    you need to remove the headliner from the rear to access an FM connection. I do not have the shop CD with me anymore. But I think the part that sometimes fails at this location is a modulator or something. Anyway it has something to do with receiving the FM signal along with the fender mounted antenna. The CD and perhaps a printed copy of the manual showed the location of the modulator on the passenger rear side inside the headliner.
  • front-rear differential problem getting hot at highway speeds. also noisy after driving for 20 minutes. anyone have any advice as to how i might fix it?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    Have a 2000 jgc and have used mob1 for 3 years have 155000 miles on jeep no oil use and go 7500 miles between changes

    love my jeep
  • Have a 2002 GC Ltd w/V8 and have used Mobil 1 since first oil change after buying new. No problem w/sensors, got 10% better mpg after switch along with improved power over the standard six cyc, which I have had three over the years. Change oil every 3K w/new filter and w 86K, no leaks and no internal loss. Also, K&N air filter helps over stock paper. According to Mobil One site, synthetic reduces engine operating temp about 20 degrees which also helps with extending life of electronic components. Good luck
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