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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    ... simmer down! We can all enjoy diverse discussion and ignore what we don't care to read!

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  • Hi there, thanks for writing. In my first post, I shared my lessons learned on when to take the car into the dealership when faced with a major transmission rebuilt. This is because of the Maximum Care limitation and allowance on rental car reimbursement, and I also recommended the length of extended warranty and the $ deductable to buy based on my personal perception of Jeep quality. This sort of information can only be coming from someone who has had many real repair experience. You don't get the consumer insight (like what I have been sharing) from NHTSA. It is scarry when you read some of the NHTSA comments.

    This car was chosen as a 4x4 SUV of the year by many auto magazines in 1998. But the one I should have read is the Consumer Report and it listed many many years of Jeep's quality and reliability problem. Live and learn! The 5.9 has the Dana rear end and the Qudra-Trac transmission. It is fast but you paid for it with each fill up - premium gas only. This turns out to be pretty expensive like $30+ per gas station visit but I do enjoyed the amenities this car has provided so I can't complain. There was no option to choose from with everything loaded out the door.

    I appreciate people asking me how do I drive the car or the kind of gas I used or if I can afford to pay for the 5-star service..etc; but it really serves no true useful purpose for me or other readers. If a part is replaced and covered under the warranty, then it is a defect and quality problem as far as me and the public masses go. You don't have to go with any of my recommendations but at least you know the rationale and facts behind it. Let the lawyer or the big ego type sort out the nitty gritty like lemon law. In that reply I said WA State has the lemon law (which my car comes under) and the 30 month limitation (which my car does not qualify anymore, I thought that was an educational reply and yet someone has to have some witty response. That's when I tried to urge others to stick with the original theme(public or mine) discussion on Jeep problem sharing. If I want to hear a happy story or sales pitch, I can always get it from the Jeep salesman. I also own the Chrysler Town & Country mini van and I am happy with that product. Take care.

    So I want to hear 5.9 problems if there is any out there. Thank you.
  • vin_weaselvin_weasel Posts: 237
    late night last night.

    I didn't know the 5.9 took premium only. Learn something every day.
  • kkuligkkulig Posts: 150
    I guess I really don't understand what was said earlier to make your last couple of responses so defensive and worded to the point of begging for the "witty" replies you accuse some of making.

    What you fail to realize is that many of the regular posters out here have years worth of experience in owning, driving and fixing the problems they've had with their JGC's. I count myself as one of those people. I've owned four and I've successfully used the lemon law (without an attorney) to get out from under one of them. I'm happy to share my experiences out here with anyone. They (as well as you) are free to do with this info as they see fit. It's only one opinion of many out here, so read and believe whatever you want to and ignore the rest.

    Many of us are out here to learn a little more about our vehicles, find solutions to the mechanical problems and to share our experiences in general. The vast majority of posters out here are polite and respectful of one another. May I suggest that you give this a try the next time you post? You might be a little more pleased with the results.

    As anyone knows, if you post in any of these forums you're going to get a response. Some you may appreciate, some you may not. If you can't handle that then maybe you should look elsewhere. It's fairly obvious that you aren't really interested in what any one else has to say and you're just using this topic to vent. Venting's fine, but there are other more appropriate places to do this. No one "owns" this topic and it certainly isn't limited to 98 5.9L JGC's. I'm a little concerned that you think otherwise. And I'm a little surprised that one of our "hosts" hasn't found a polite way of pointing all of this out to you by now.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    And I'm a little surprised that one of our "hosts" hasn't found a polite way of pointing all of this out to you by now.

    Apparently "you" didn't read #320 above.

    SUVs; Aftermarket & Accessories
  • One of the standard feature for the 5.9 is the factory installed daylight running light. When the lights wouldn't turn off with the engine off and key in hand, I took it back to the dealer for a check up. The defective module was promptly replaced with a new one but they made me buy a new $80 Mopar battery. I bought it so not to give Chrysler-Jeep an excuse for not going along with their recommendation. A few days later, other strange electrical problems occurred. I took it back to shop again, and to my surprise. The supposedly bad module was not bad after-all, it was the Vehicle Information System that was miswired. When you open the right door, the left door indicator would be on & vice versa. A new VIS panel was ordered and replaced, under warranty of course and I did talk them out of charging me another $50 for deductible. But shortly after, my speedometer sending unit acted abnormally. Stay tuned.
  • kkuligkkulig Posts: 150
    "Apparently "you" didn't read #320 above."

    tidester... oh, but I did read it. I just found it lacking "something." Like being directed at the person who started this childishness. If I was interested in acting this way, I could always get my fill of this reading and participating in some of the other Jeep boards. So please don't chastise me for something I didn't start, or realized that I was even participating in.

    "I intended for this thread to share info on Jeep problems, so tell us & share your problems and problems only. If you have a happy story, take it to the happy Jeepster board. They love to hear from you."


    "To clarify once again for those who responded, I started the thread on 5.9 Limited - and that is the flagship of the Jeep GJC line. Just read the title line. This thread is for info sharing, no need to be defensive unless you own a 5.9 Limited then we can swap some real stories. If you need to learn about about Jeep problems, go to NHTSA website."

    tidester... I wasn't aware that this thread has now become the exclusive domain of 5.9L JGC problems, or that we now have a resident expert. Did I miss something here? Would you please go back and reread the posts from where this started, then explain to me what anyone said that justifies the above responses?

    My responses in particular weren't intended to be sarcastic or witty... if anyone mistook them for that, then I apologize. That certainly wasn't my intent. In the future, I'll refrain from responding to any of tigerwokie's posts. EOD.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    No! I wasn't chastising you! Please don't take it that way. (Though I admit to putting you in quotes because you put hosts in quotes! Hosts are real people too! :-)

    Anyway, another member claiming responsibility for "creating" a thread is little more than a misunderstanding of the terms. The topic is JGC problems (created by cavman2x, btw) and that allows for wide latitude in the kinds of problems we can discuss including the 5.9 limited.

    A given "thread" within the discussion persists only as long as there is sufficient interest in discussing it. My only concern here is that the discussion remain focussed on the topic and is conducted with civility.

    I hope that helps.

    SUVs; Aftermarket & Accessories
  • kkuligkkulig Posts: 150
    Yes, that was the only point I was trying to make, that this topic covers all JGC's (including, but not limited to the 5.9L JGC). And that the discussions remain focused and conducted with civility.

    No hard feelings... :o)
  • Dear Tidester,

    Thank you for being fair and directed your admonition appropriately.

    I am sorry for the cat fight and wasted other Town Hall reader's valuable time. But the readers will be the final judge. Not only Edmund's storage space gets wasted when my entire post was "quoted" and "analyzed" line by line and paragraph by paragraph TWICE in a 3-day period; it is distracting for me when the questions and comments are not even Jeep related.

    I shall move on to another Jeep board. This is my last post.
  • badwolfbadwolf Posts: 1
    To Tidester, I think you have done a commendable job in containing the cat fight on this board. You came through as being both fair and understanding. Although I don't know much about Jeep, heck, I don't even own one yet. But I know a little about computing. Your view of what a "thread" is (#327)is exactly the way it was envisioned in the old BBS world. You start with a top level general heading and everyone chimes in, what differentiates one msg apart from the other is the "subject line", and when a person responds, it becomes a "thread". In this sense, tigerwokie is correct about starting a 5.9 specific discussion. But he probably didn't realize this is a town hall type setting where everyone sees everything. Some system allows auto branching and builds on and thus encourages discussion exchange on an item of interest. If I see a heading/subject/title on say Jeep Cooking 101, then I would just move on. As a previous BBS board moderator, I have a few suggestions:
    1. Encourage your members to ask clarifying questions in a positive manner. No extensive QUOTTING, in fact your member conduct rules already stated that. This will for sure PO the other guy as you have said so yourself. The host needs to enforce this rule.
    2. Do not attack the person. I saw words like "childishness, politness, smart enough ..." which for sure will invite a nasty come back. This is the most difficult job for the moderator & hosts to show fairness and encourage a healthy discussion.
    3. This board is for sharing and everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. You don't have to comment on or respond to every issue. Life is too short, move on, forget it.

    In closing, tigerwokie was on the defensive but if you were to read every post from the beginning, he is the one that kept his cool. I hate to see him leave with his bad Jeep experiences as this is exactly the kind of information I was seeking. We are all mature adults to read through one's emotion.

    Sorry for the long post and hope I have not offended anyone out there.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Thank you for the kind words and insightful advice!

    I do hope tigerwokie will reconsider and stick around. No one should feel compelled to leave over a minor dispute.

    SUVs; Aftermarket & Accessories
  • jaworthjaworth Posts: 1
    I bought this thing, a 6 cyl, selec-trac model, new in July of 99. Since then it has had numerous problems which you have all seen before - window regulators 4 times, fuel pump 3 times, drive shaft, hard start followed by check engine light with weather change and, of course, warped rotors. I fixed the rotor problem (after Chrysler refused to do anything after they replaced them once at 15K miles) by installing cross drilled rotors at approx 38K. Now at 48K I had a check engine light which I diagnosed, using OBD, the shop manual and the odometer readout to be a transmission output sensor. I was going to do it myself but made the mistake of bringing to the dealer because I also have an intermittent "hard reverse" situation with the transmission which I wanted addressed via one of the TSB's issued by Daimler-Chrysler (they said they did not see the problem and therefore could do nothing about it). I was charged approximately $35 for the sensor (reasonable) and 2 hours of labor for diagnosis and replacement. I don't know how long it should take to replace the sensor but it seemed a simple job in the shop manual. All together, the bill was $216. Daimler-Chrysler not only built a piece of junk to begin with but is making a lot of money ob repairs. I will NEVER buy another Jeep. I've had several Chrysler products in the past with great success but this one is truly garbage. My other car is a 99 Maxima which is like a fine wine - it get better with age.
  • This is 2002. Dealer repair rates are about $70/hour. The dealer gave you an estimate and YOU appoved it. You didn't provide enough information in your post to determine if you are angry and frustrated because 1)you felt cheated by the dealer or 2)you felt your vehicle no longer provided comfort, utility, and reliability.

    It appears that years of frustration with your '99 JGC have taken a toll and the last incident 'broke the camel's back'. That is understandable. I had lots of troubles with my '01, too. In fact, I bought a '02.

    While nobody has all the answers, the people on this forum are mostly Jeep owners who have experienced the same problems as you. If you have a SPECIFIC problem, someone will probably have a solution. Don't give up.
  • dkrhardydkrhardy Posts: 134
    Co-worker has a very nice '93 Grand Cherokee with 90,000 miles. Has had excellent service from the car, and has done all maint to ensure the car stays nice. HOWEVER - just recently he has found water in the rear passenger floor area. He dried it carefully, parked it in the garage and checked it several days later ... wet again. The seals around the doors look like new, there is no evidence of a hole/crack in the floorpan. It is water, not coolant from a bad hose or heater core. There does not seem to be any moisture around or near the doors either, and as I said it was parked in the garage so there was no chance for rain to have done this. There must be a leak and it is pooling someplace and leaking/wicking slowly into the rear passenger area. Anyone have any ideas?
  • kkuligkkulig Posts: 150
    This is probably a plugged AC drain tube, which allows water to back-up and leak into the interior of the car. This will generally get the carpeting wet in the passenger front footwell, but people have reported finding wet carpeting in the rear passenger footwell as well. Probably from the carpet's wicking action as you mentioned.

    The AC drain tube was kind of notorious for plugging up with debris on the earlier JGC's. I know there have been 2-3 TSB's issued over the years for this problem.

    I believe the AC drain tube can be found located inside the boxed section of frame on the passenger side of the engine compartment. It can be seen, or felt for, through one of the openings in the frame section. Your dealer should be well aware of this problem and know how to get to it if you don't want to mess with it. Either way, it's not a real big deal to fix.
  • dkrhardydkrhardy Posts: 134
    I'll pass that on, thanks. I saw the floor today and it is the rear passenger side and the front carpet "feels" dry. Strange, but we/he WILL look into the A/C drain line idea. There is a raised area between the front seats and the back so I wonder how it could wick over that thing .... but what do I know? Jeez, I drive an Intrepid R/T and SUV's are very foreign to me. Keep the ideas coming and we'll get it figured out soon.
  • Just wanted to pass on Thanks for the help in diagnosing the lock up on the 98 GC Ltd. with the Quadra Trac all-time 4WD. Much appreciated (even though the v-coupler isn't cheap). How about the fast idling problem (getting stuck at 1500 rpm) or the lunging after being shifted into Park but still idling. Any ideas? The fast idling is sure a pain!! Forever having to stomp on the brakes and hold it back. Hope you/someone can help with more ideas. MANY THANKS!!
  • kkuligkkulig Posts: 150

    I know that wet carpeting in the rear sounds awfully hard to believe, but other people have mentioned this happening as the result of a plugged AC drain line. The only explanation would be the wicking action of the carpet itself. But, you'd think the front would be wet also if it can make it into the rear. Who knows? It's just one more possibility to eliminate. Sorry I couldn't offer any other suggestions.


    I had the viscous coupler go out on my 93. The symptoms are pretty apparent when that happens. The other two problems... I'm at a loss as to what to tell you. You've already replaced the only two items I could think of that would cause this. It's obviously a control problem. What does your dealer say about the vehicle computer itself?

    You could also try running a TSB search at to see if anything sounds familiar to you. I'd assume your dealer has already checked into the TSB's, but who knows? That's about the only other thing I can think of for now. Good luck!
  • I'm about to by this car. It's red w/black molding, just like the one in the movie w/Kirt Russell. It's loaded w/leather and power everything including a Premium Sound stereo system w/CD. The owner was very honest and showed me all the maintenance/service records including the recalls for the 97 models, it was all taken care of. However, it looks like this high-maintenance car needs to be on a tight service schedule to keep it reliable. Is this normal for Jeeps? The car looks very clean and the report from came out clean. I've been always been a Jeep fun although I've never owned one before. I love this particular model and I actually already put down an offer and we'll be closing the deal soon. However, after all the problems I'm reading about, especially on the 99s and 01s models I'm getting scared. Can anyone with experience with the 97 models give me some advice before making a $10K mistake... Thank you!
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