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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • yeah i got the same thing happening for my 00 JGC. Except it shakes when i press on the brake between 55-50 mph. Think its the same reason as for the shaking when accelerating?

  • Could be any number of things. Possibly a wheel out of balance, or may need front end alignment.
  • I have a 2000 JGC. When my tires need replacement, I tend to really notice a shaking from braking, especially from higher speeds. I just replaced mine again, and the problem is gone. How many miles are on your tires? Are they balanced? Did you lose a balance weight? How long since you had a front end alignment?

    Sometimes, something as simple as a tire rotation will stop it from occuring.

    Things to consider.
  • Am I suppose to have a catalytic converter on my car??? It does not have one and the check engine light is on with the code that my oxygen bank 1 sensor 2 is failing. Is is suppose to have one and could this be the reason my car gets crappy gas mileage?
  • 5213252132 Posts: 62
    All modern cars are suppose to have a catalytic converter to meet federal emissions standards. And yes there are two oxygen sensors unless you have bought your jeep in california. If you buy a haynes service manual it will show you were the catalytic converter and oxygen sensors are located. The reason you get bad MPGs is because the oxygen sensors can't tell the computer how to control the amount of fuel the cylinders receive, so the computer makes a guess and makes the fuel mixture rich (to much fuel).
  • Okay thank you -That means the idiot that had my car before me took it off and bypassed the catalytic converter. b/c there is not one there. So then the only thing I can do is take it to a muffler shop and have a catalytic converter installed correct?
    Why would they have taken the converter off in the first place?
  • I have a 2000 Cherokee, and it's been taking a few extra seconds to turn over and start lately. It's been going on for about a month now. I don't know if it's the starter or alternator, or what? Can someone help???
  • Long shot here, but wife is expecting our 3rd next week! Need to get a vehicle with 3 rows of seats. Anyone have an employee choice burning a hole in their pocket yet for 2007. Going in to lease a Chrysler on Monday and would love to use it!
  • 2003 jeep that had the coil replaced and 100 mi later the jeep went
    dead. Towed to repair- wiring harness- on passenger
    side above wheel well - rubber coating rotted/destroyed- wires exposed and all
    touching - blowing fuses etc- having towed to Jeep
    dealer. The problem is my son is with the Jeep while
    traveling with college friends in PA and we live in

    Any thoughts on the cost to replace wiring? Not sure
    how this happened - maybe an animal ?? Any possible recalls?
  • Hey friend---do not know cost----but, simply get a roll of proper size wire, electrical tape, and cut one wire at a time and splice the affected area of wire. Do this for each damaged wire. Color of wire will not matter as long as you do one at a time. Then tape a short piece of split clear plastic tubing(most Ace hardware stores carry this--you will have to split the tubing) over the group of spliced wires. Once you get
    her home you can redo the job with color coded wire if you wish--not necessary though as long as the repairs splices are solid. S Swann
  • I can smell coolant inside the jeep, is it the heater core and is there a do it yourself book that I can get..

  • Does anyone know if the 2005 JGC Limited comes with a factory option for the Up Country Suspension (1"-2" lift, stiffer springs). I noticed at the dealership there are two sets of spring part numbers for front and rear, but the dealer could not tell me why. In addition to wanting to get rid of my very mushy suspension and make it tolerable for off road bumps, I need a bit more rear spring stiffness for towing. My 1996 JGC had a very nice factory up country suspension option which I'd like to have in my 2005 model. I do not want to deviate from factory options, though. I will consider, however, an aftermarket shock absorber in addition to stiffer/longer springs. Any suggestions for a middle of the road shock absorber for light offroading?
  • naatz1naatz1 Posts: 187
    They may have removed the catalytic converter because the mfr versions are expensive and based on some engine code it was bad. You can get OEM equivalents from places like 1Aauto in the $100 range however. If you are in a state w/o inspections it may have snuck by, but I can't see why you'd want to pull one off. Take care of that engine, as I mentioned above in post #3861 it's one of the best ever offered as we had it in our 01 JGC ... started in -20F, doesn't burn a drop of oil.
  • skiboyskiboy Posts: 5
    2000 JGC with Quadra Trac II full time 4WD System; Wife said GC handling poorly in snow / ice, both rear wheels spin with no power at all to front; can put it in 4 low & have drive at all wheels, but don't want to run it in constant 4 low!! Anyone know how to trouble shoot this problem?? Any help is appreciated as soon as possible, already have 3' on the ground!


  • If everything underneath the snow is ice, the 4WD won't help much.
  • I had the same problem this weekend and assumed that my Quadra Trac is not working. Bringing it in on Friday to have it checked. I was under the impression that I only needed 4 low if I had a tow. The car seemed to fish tail on the slightest snow.
  • taffy3taffy3 Posts: 26
    To make it go faster silly! Some Aussies came over to Britain (where I lived) and hired a Rover P96 as they drove the same at home, although they called theirs a P38 (not a plane) as it was only half the car it should have been. They asked me why the British version was much faster and the answer: ours didn't have a 'cat'. So leave it off if you can - goes like hell.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 39,029
    Without a dyno there's no way to really tell if leaving off the cat helps the hp. Maybe 1 hp gain over an aftermarket cat. See Import Tuner for their testing.

    The other problem with going catless (besides polluting our air) is that it's illegal and you risk a big fine ($10k is what I heard) and possible impoundment of your car.
  • streifstreif Posts: 1
    I replaced the spark plugs on my jeep this past weekend for routine maintenance. I immediately began having a miss. I tried everything from taking out and putting back in all the spark plugs, replacing one plug because it looked a little burnt, and I am about to begin replacing the boots. I heard the coils were expensive so replacing these is my last resort. Along with the miss, since I replaced the spark plugs I get an awful shock every time I get out of my Jeep, my passengers get it too. The engine did not miss before and I did not get the shock before.

    Any idea what I might have done wrong to cause this to happen and is there an inexpensive way to fix it right?
  • I had the same problem. Thank God I purchased the extended warranty. I had about 47,000 miles when it happened to me
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